Pearl River Police Department

  • Agency: Pearl River Police Department
  • Address: 39470 Willis Alley, Pearl River , 70452 LA
  • Chief: Bennie Raynor (Chief of Police)
Phone: 985-863-5711

Pearl River Police Department is located at 39470 Willis Alley, Pearl River , 70452 LA. The Chief of Police of the department is Bennie Raynor. The Pearl River Police Department phone number is 985-863-5711.

Pearl River Police Department News

Coffee with a cop is live baby! Pass by the McDonald’s in Pearl River and hang out with a cop and meet the original McGruff the Crime Dog!

Chief Jennings would like to remind everyone to come out for Coffee with a Cop tomorrow Saturday Nov. 3rd 8:00am -10:00am at the Pearl River McDonald's for their Grand Re-opening, Chief Jennings will have a Special Guest, Mr. Winston Cavendish, The original McGruff the Crime Dog. McGruff will be there to meet everyone.

Chief Jennings would like to report that we had a safe Halloween night in the Town of Pearl River. There were only three incidents to report related to the Halloween festivities in town and Chief Jennings is happy to announce that all three were handled immediately. (A lost/found cellphone, a 10 year old who ran away from the group but was immediately found and a minor vehicle accident in the parking lot of the high school) Chief Jennings would like to thank everyone who drove through the high trick or treating areas for slowing down, driving safe and watching out for all the trick or treaters. Chief Jennings would also like to thank Mayor McQueen and the town crew for working with the police department to get all the “no parking” signs out on Hudson St. and for getting the barricades delivered to the assigned positions for the street closures. We hope everyone will join us and McGruff the Crime Dog, this Saturday at McDonald’s for the grand re-opening and coffee with a cop!

Make sure to stop by the station and get some candy from the Pearl River Police dispatchers tonight!

Chief Jennings and the Pearl River Police Department would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween tonight! If you are trick or treating tonight around Town, please remember to bring a flashlight or something to illuminate your group in dark areas and watch out for vehicles. If you are driving around Town tonight, please make sure you drive slowly and watch for the trick or treaters. Starting at 5:30 tonight Oak St. will be a one way, from the area of Town Hall towards the area of Pearl River High School. The side streets around the High School will be closed and there will be no parking on Peach St. between Oak St. and Pine St. Taylor St. Will remain a two way street, however Elm St. Will be a one way going towards Josephine St. The Sawmill Creek subdivision will be a one way through the entire subdivision and will remain open unless the traffic gets too heavy, at which point it will be temporarily closed until the traffic is cleared. There will be no parking on Hudson St. Members of the Pearl River Police Department will be stationed throughout the above listed areas. If you have any problems please find one of these officers or please call the station at 985-863-5711. If you have an emergency please dial 911! Be safe and have a wonderful night.

Chief Jennings and the Pearl River Police Department have been working hard to combat the drug problem in the Town of Pearl River. Over 250 arrests have been made over the past few years. Here are just the drug arrests made in the last four months: Heather Barsanti 10/2/1985 Chaze Bateman 11/20/1990 Brody Boudreaux 10/29/1985 Phylandus Doughty 1/4/1982 Kenneth Easton 8/21/1982 Robert Freas 11/27/1968 Albert Galley 10/31/1986 Roy Howell 6/12/1967 Brandy Jones 6/8/1977 Michaela Lewis 1/26/1996 Benjamin Nasca 10/2/1985 Christopher Oliver 11/23/1991 Joseph Penton 2/2/1970 Felicia Polk 5/23/1983 Jean Saucier 12/25/1994 Andrea Stermer 8/29/1981 Robyn Trouten 5/24/1989 Michael Tucker 11/27/1973 Amanda Walker 3/24/1990 Crystal Wilt 9/22/1983 Elizabeth Zanco 5/12/1992 If you have information on any criminal activity, please notify the police department and someone will contact you. You can remain anonymous.

Today, Chief Jennings and the Pearl River Police Department executed an arrest warrant on Urban Craddock Jr. (05/11/1974) for an incident that occurred in July on Nelson Road. While in the process of arresting Craddock, Officers observed a Mossberg shotgun in plain view. Officers were aware that Craddock had been convicted of certain felonies and was not allowed to possess a firearm, so they secured the residence and requested a search warrant from a Judge. Once the warrant was signed by the Judge, Officers searched the residence and discovered 3 more firearms and a large amount of various ammunition. Craddock was arrested for aggravated battery, domestic abuse battery, aggravated criminal damage to property and hit and run driving, which were charges related to the incident that occurred in July. Craddock was additionally charged with possession of a firearm by a person convicted of certain felonies. Chasity Alphonse (02/04/1974) was in the residence at the time of Craddock’s arrest. Alphonse had been advised on several occasions that Craddock had an active felony warrant for his arrest and that he needed to turn himself in. Alphonse refused to provide law enforcement with Craddock’s location and assisted him in evading arrest by hindrance, delay or prevention of communication to law enforcement of information relating to the potential arrest of Craddock; therefore Alphonse was arrested for obstruction of justice. EDIT: Alphonse was not charged with obstruction of justice. Her correct and only charge is L.R.S. 14:25, relative to accessories after the fact.

At last nights Town Hall meeting, Chief Jennings recognized community members for their donations to the National Child Safety Council. Chief Jennings presented each one with a framed certificate of appreciation on behalf of the Police Department and the National Child Safety Council. For those that don’t know, the NCSC is a not-for-profit charitable, federally tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the safety of children. Their mission at NCSC is to prevent needless accidents and to help save lives by providing local law enforcement departments with meaningful safety educational materials and programs for children, adults, and seniors. For more information visit

The Pearl River Police Department will not have coffee with a cop this month. We are replacing it with DEA National RX TAKEBACK! This will be held at the Police Department, located at 39470 Willis Alley, on October 27, 2018 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Visit for more information.

The Ochsner Flight Crew has arrived for our Night Out Against Crime! Come on out and bring the kids! We have lots of fun activities!

Join us tonight in front of the Police Department and Town Hall! The fun starts at 6:00PM! Hope to see you all there!

When the school year started in August, Pearl River Police Officers assigned to Little Pearl Elementary School as School Resource Officers realized that the toy cars the kids were playing with were old and breaking. The Officers and staff attempted to fix them, but the needed parts were discontinued by the manufacturer. Because of this, the school was forced to throw most of the cars away. That’s when Chief Jennings and the Pearl River Police Department decided to take action. The Pearl River Police Department partnered with Walmart on Northshore Boulevard and are happy to announce the donation of five brand new toy cars to Little Pearl Elementary School.

On September 28, 2018, members of the Pearl River Police Department teamed up again with Louisiana Probation & Parole and conducted an early morning operation at Twin Oaks Mobile Manor, located at 64371 LA 3081, Pearl River, Louisiana. Probation and Parole Agents had an active warrant for Anthony Fricke (W/M 12/03/1996) and were attempting to locate him. Agents, with assistance from the Pearl River Police Department, began conducting compliance checks on addresses that active probation and parole offenders have listed on file with Louisiana Probation and Parole, as required by state law. During the operation, Agents and Officers arrested: Michael Tucker (W/M 11/27/1973) for drug law violations and a probation violation, Crystal Galiano (W/F 8/24/1983) for a fugitive drug law violation warrant and Anthony Fricke for a probation violation. All three subjects were booked at the Pearl River Police Department and will be transported to St. Tammany Parish jail later today.

Don't forget.. Tomorrow September 15th Coffee with a Cop. Come on out & bring the kids.

This Saturday, September 15, 2018 at 8:00AM, coffee with a cop will be at McDonald’s located at 64121 LA-1090 in Pearl River! Bring the kids and come hang out with local Law Enforcement. Hope to see you there!

Chief Jennings and the Pearl River Police Department are proud to announce the successful apprehension of Chaze Bateman 11/20/1990. Mr. Bateman has had multiple active felony warrants from the Pearl River Police Department, St. Tammany Parish Sheriffs Office and Louisiana Probation & Parole for the past few months and has fled from police on multiple occasions during that time. Today Officers and Agents with the Pearl River Police Department and Louisiana Probation & Parole teamed up and were able to locate and successfully apprehend Mr. Bateman, putting an end to the havoc he has been causing in the Town of Pearl River. Mr. Bateman was apprehended during the early morning hours of Friday, September 7, 2018 inside of a residence on Highway 41 Spur. Mr. Bateman was charged with various felony narcotics violations as well as warrants from the Pearl River Police Department, multiple felony narcotics warrants from St. Tammany Parish Sheriffs Office and a felony warrant from Louisiana Probation & Parole.

We have been receiving a lot of requests for information regarding sandbags, and since we haven’t received any information from the Mayor or Town Hall we have reached out and found that sandbags are being distributed out, 25 bags per car, on Military near I59 exit 3. EDIT: Chief Jennings just spoke to the Mayor and was advised that the Town will be distributing sandbags tomorrow morning, near the park, behind the Town Hall and the Police Department.

To the residents of the Town of Pearl River, Chief Jennings wants everyone to be aware that the Pearl River Police Department is keeping a close eye on the approaching storm. All Officers are currently on standby and all furlough has been canceled until the storm passes. Any information about street closures will come from our department and will be posted on our Facebook page. Any information about sandbags will come from Town Hall. We will try our best to relay any and all information that we receive from Town Hall.

Chief Jennings was talking about this to a few people just last week!

Here are a couple more photos from yesterday’s coffee with a cop. September 15 will be the next one. Hope to see you there!