St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 500 Main Street, 4th Floor, Franklin, 70538 LA
  • Chief:
Phone: 337-828-1960

St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office is located at 500 Main Street, 4th Floor, Franklin, 70538 LA. The St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office phone number is 337-828-1960.

St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office News

The Administrative Offices of the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office will be closed on Monday, November 12, in observance of Veterans Day.

We would like to extend our gratitude to all who have served our nation in the United States Military. Thank you for your service! Have a great Veterans Day!

The United States Marine Corps was established 243 years ago and has served this nation well. We are very thankful for the dedicated service of the Marines to this nation. Semper Fidelis!

***UPDATE*** The scene is clear and lanes are open. *** TRAFFIC ADVISORY*** Deputies are working a vehicle crash in Bayou Vista The westbound lanes of Highway 90 are shut down starting at Delmar Street in Bayou Vista. Motorists are advised to avoid the area until it is clear.

Clubs Day. It happens at Central Catholic Elementary School 4 times each school year. According to teacher Maggie Bagwell, the students select from a variety of different types of clubs. Her club is a unique learning experience. It is the “When I Grow Up” club. “This club explores different career fields,” explains Bagwell. “They get to meet community speakers and hear about the jobs they perform. It’s great for community involvement as well.” The students met Captain Stephanie Duhon and Lieutenant Mat Moore and heard about the different sections of the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office. During the question and answer time, the students peppered Cpt. Duhon and Lt. Moore with questions covering a wide variety of law enforcement topics. The students got to tour Lt. Moore’s vehicle and then went back to class for a project assignment on law enforcement. Each student got fingerprinted and filled out a “Suspect Rap Sheet” on a fictional character of their choice. “We want children to understand that they can approach us as law enforcement officers without fear,” explains Cpt. Duhon. “Participating in presentations at local schools gives us the opportunity to establish that rapport with children.” Public Information Officer St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office

Arrest Report- November 9, 2018

Arrest Report- November 8, 2018

As the D.A.R.E. officer for the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office, Landen Pillaro has the role of meeting children and teens on a daily basis. He teaches safety issues and good decision-making skills to students while making a positive contact with them as a law enforcement officer. It is a job that fosters positive relationships in the community starting early in a person’s life. Landen Pillaro’s understanding of the value of community policing and reaching out to children is more than just training, it’s personal. It was back in his pre-K days at St. John Elementary School in Franklin when his dad, Jody Pillaro, came to speak to his class and brought an Acadian Ambulance for the class to see. “He came and was able to show us the ambulance and what he did when he was with Acadia Ambulance when we were learning about first responders,” explained Pillaro. “Now I’m excited that I get to do the same for Daxx when his pre-K class is learning about first responders.” After receiving Mia Vaccarella’s invitation to visit her class, Pillaro reached out to his friend, Officer Corey Cudd and K9 Dalley with the Franklin Police Department to come and join the instruction with Ms. Vaccarella’s class. Pillaro and Cudd showed the students their police vehicles, talked to them about 911, and took photos with the children. The smiles, laughter, and attention the students gave to the officers is an indication that they, too, will remember the day they learned about first responders for years to come. Landen Pillaro and the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office would like to thank Corey Cudd and the Franklin Police Department for their participation. Public Information Officer St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office 985-384-1622

*** TRAFFIC ADVISORY *** We have flooding on Irish Bend Road near St. Joseph Lane in St. Joseph. Deputies are monitoring traffic and advise that motorists should avoid the area as to not create unnecessary wakes in the standing water.

Arrest Report- November 7, 2018

On Our Watch: Patrol Section This video is dedicated to our men and women who put themselves in harm's way every day on the job to keep us safe. Thank you so much for what you do!

The Administrative Offices of the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office will be closed on Tuesday, November 6, for Election Day.

**** UPDATE**** The roadway is clear and open again. ***ROAD ADVISORY*** The Intersection of Chatsworth and Iberia in Franklin is shut down due to a broken vehicle trailer. Motorists should avoid the intersection at this time.

Arrest Report-November 5, 2018

Hunter Education Field Day Scheduled for November 18 Sunday, November 18, 2018, is the date for the next Hunter Education Field Day sponsored by the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office. The classroom portion of the course will be held from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon at the Patterson Civic Center and will finish up at the Sheriff’s range during the afternoon. Detective Buddy Rogers will instruct the class. Det. Rogers’ patient style of instruction combined with his law enforcement experience and years of service as a DARE officer teaching and interacting with students make him uniquely equipped as a Hunter Education Instructor. Anyone interested in the field day can go online to and follow the links to sign up. (NOTE: There is an online class that would have to be completed before coming to the field day! That information is also found on the website listed.) Public Information Officer St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office 985-384-1622

Arrest Report- November 2, 2018

Retired Marshal David McCoy of the Magnolia State Peace Officer Association Acadiana Chapter understands the need for students to have the necessary school supplies in order to be successful in the classroom. McCoy helped to organize a school supply drive through the Magnolia State Peace Officer Association as a way to make sure that students in all the schools in St. Mary Parish would have the classroom tools they need during the 2018-19 school year. “This is done for all the students in St. Mary Parish, regardless of what school they attend,” McCoy said as he helped fill boxes with pens, pencils, crayons, glue, and other supplies donated by people during the drive. The drive was set up through the Walmart in Franklin, LA. McCoy said some people opted to donate money to the drive. “We went into Walmart and spent all of it on school supplies, too,” he added. “The managers of the Walmart locations in both Franklin and Bayou Vista have been helpful in events like this,” said Sheriff Scott Anslum, underscoring the community involvement of the businesses. According to McCoy and Sheriff Anslum, several agencies came out to help in the school supply drive. Magnolia State Peace Officer Association President Terrance Moore, member Allen Brooks, Sheriff Scott Anslum with the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office, Franklin Fire Chief Chuck Bourgeois, Franklin Police Chief Tina Thibodeaux, Third Warden Marshal Carla Weidenboerner, and Charenton Fire Chief Billy Moore, and Rose McCoy were among the personnel spearheading the drive. The school supplies were boxed up to be distributed to the schools for students in need of them.

We would like to take this opportunity to spotlight so many people across St. Mary Parish who took the time to invest into the children of our communities yesterday. First responders, medical personnel, law enforcement officers, parents, educators, and so many others put together safe opportunities for children to have some Halloween fun. Sheriff Scott Anslum and the employees of the St. Mary Sheriff's Office were glad to join those in our community to support our children and provide those safe Halloween events. The Sheriff's Office personnel attended the events at Teche Action Clinic in Franklin, J.S. Aucoin Elementary School in Amelia, and Bayou Vista Elementary School in Bayou Vista. The children were appreciative of the candy, requested to take pics with deputies, took candy from our robot, and wanted hugs from McGruff the Crime Dog.

The Administrative Offices of the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office will be closed on Thursday, November 1, in observance of All-Saints Day.

Sheriff Scott Anslum and the employees of the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office would like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween. We started our work day off with a little costume fun at the Courthouse! We would also like to remind motorists tonight to slow down and be extra alert to pedestrians who will be out during the Parish-wide Trick or Treating hours of 6 pm- 8 pm. For those walking during these hours, make sure you can be clearly seen. Bright colored clothing and flashlights will aid in motorists being able to see pedestrians.

Arrest Report- October 31, 2018

Arrest Report- October 30, 2018

“The future is bright when you’re doing things right.” That simple message was repeated over and over during the assemblies that were presented in elementary schools last week across St. Mary Parish. The St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office School Resource Officers joined with Gidget Everitt, Red Ribbon Coordinator for the St. Mary Parish School Board, other law enforcement officials, and McGruff the Crime Dog to instruct elementary school students in making good decisions in life. The Sheriff’s Office School Resource Officers, Oscar West and Walter Shepherd, are dedicated to not only keeping our students safe in St. Mary Parish, but also to be a positive influence on their young lives. One of the favorite parts of the presentation for the students was the K9 officer demonstrations, showing how the dogs are trained and how they follow commands. Sgt. Oscar West used the dog demonstrations as a teaching point with the students. “I used how the dogs were focused on following commands in trying to earn play time with their toy and compared that to how the students need to focus on their school work and on doing things right,” explained Sgt. West. “The students have a lot of distractions in their young lives and we want them to focus on the positive things like getting their education and making good decisions.” Cpl. Walter Shepherd, a former educator himself, explained the value of the assemblies in the schools. “We are able to see the kids face to face and tell them how important it is to be drug-free,” said Cpl. Walter Shepherd. “I can share personal experiences and stories, and hope they will take it from there.” Also making a special appearance at the schools was McGruff the Crime Dog. McGruff has been on the job campaigning with anti-drug and anti-bullying messages on television since 1980. When asked about his participation in the Red Ribbon Campaign, McGruff replied, “Meeting these youngsters and telling them about being drug-free is a great way to get them involved in taking a bite outta crime!”