Angie Police Department

  • Agency: Angie Police Department
  • Address: 64475 Cherry St, Angie, 70426 LA
  • Chief: Gilbert Hartzog Jr (Chief of Police)
Phone: 985-986-2444
Fax: 985-986-2889

Angie Police Department is located at 64475 Cherry St, Angie, 70426 LA. The Chief of Police of the department is Gilbert Hartzog Jr. The Angie Police Department phone number is 985-986-2444.

Angie Police Department News

Ok folks we have talked about this before, but let’s talk of it again. If you have an emergency, call 9-1-1 first. This will active the entire EMS services (Police, Fire, Ambulance etc). Angie PD Officers usually monitor their radio 24/7. After contacting the 911 office, then try to call one of us on our cell phones, so that you can give info that the dispatcher won’t have time to hear in some cases. For routine traffic that requires an immediate response, but does not rise to the level of an emergency call, contact the WPSO at 839-3434. Same system applies as above. When to call the APD/City Hall number? This is for non-emergent service; ie. you locked your keys in the car. We want you to call us, but let the 911 System do it’s job too. Please note that we are not manned 24/7 and are dispatched by WPSO when we are on duty. WE WANT TO HELP YOU, WE ARE ALL VOLUNTEERS, but we need your help too. Use the 911 System so we can better help you. PS: If you have not visited your new Village Hall- stop by for some coffee and have a look around. Thanks

Community friends. There has been a brash of burglaries around the Angie community in August. We are currently investigating several cases along with the Washington Parish Sheriff's Office. The thieves are stealing items such as copper tubing from outside air conditioner units, window units and tools. These items are usually easy to access. Please take proper precautions and secure your perimeter so your are not a victim of these opportunistic criminals. APD

The sign at the north entrance of the Bonnie Cemetery in Angie once again stands strong thanks to the efforts of several concerned individuals. Thanks so much for your generous gift of time and talent in its restoration.

Please come and join us!

UPDATE!!!! WPSO Detectives, Tom Anderson, Kody Glyn, and Corbet Hunt have solved the burglary that occurred at Stuart's Cafe on or about May 17,2018. Due to some tedious and time consuming investigative work a break in the case was developed that resulted in a confession. More details will be provided by the Sheriff's Office later. Please visit their Facebook page for more details. Well done once again WPSO!!!!

A cell phone was turned into the Police Department on May 28, 2018. The phone was found on BJ Carter Rd. Please stop by city hall if you lost your phone.

May 25, 1908 the Village of Angie was formally established. 110 years and still going strong.

Citizens of Angie. There is an increased presence of criminal activity in our area. Unfortunately, a local business was burglarized last night and the cowardess thief got away with cash from the register. This might be an isolated event, however, be sure to secure your home and automobile. Please be vigilant and report any suspicious activity you see to APD and/or other local authorities by calling 9-1-1. Be safe!

HOLD THE PRESSES. Back to the first date: Wrong date for the Grand Opening. Correct Date is: July 28, 2018 from 10AM-2PM. Sorry about that folks. SORRY FOR THE CONFUSION!!!!!!! Angie2

FINAL UPDATE WITH CORRECT DATE: We will have a grand opening of our new Village Hall on July 28, 2018 from 10 AM to 2 PM. The public is welcome. More details to follow. SO SORRY FOR THE CONFUSION!

Stay off the roads unless it is a emergency water is already settled in the road.

Here are a few pictures of our work in progress. Everyone has pitched in and it will be truly great when we’re done.

First meeting in our new Village of Angie building was a success. Very thankful for this up-to-date facility. Next, new library coming soon to our little town.

First meeting in our new Village of Angie building tonight was a success.

John was a good friend and loved by all who knew him. Rest In Peace Brother.

Close to home. Be vigilant. If something does not look right, call someone. So sorry for the clerk.

Freeze duration update as of 12/31/2017. Be safe and warm as you bring in 2018. Happy New Year from the Village of Angie and the Angie Police Department.