Webster Parish Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Webster Parish Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 410 Main Street, Minden, 71058 LA
  • Chief:
Phone: (318) 377-1515

Webster Parish Sheriff's Office is located at 410 Main Street, Minden, 71058 LA. The Webster Parish Sheriff's Office phone number is (318) 377-1515.

Webster Parish Sheriff's Office News

The Webster Parish legal update on recent law changes was held at the Minden Community House. Thank you Judge Harmon and Jean Drew, ADA Tammy Gantt Jump and Judge Jeff Cox for sharing your knowledge and teaching our Webster Parish Law Enforcement Officers every year. Also thank you to Sheriff Gary Sexton and DA Schuyler Marvin for providing the awesome food!


The burn ban has been lifted for Webster


Join us in welcoming our latest employee Deputy Jason Parker. Jason brings over 25 1/2 years of law enforcement experience with the Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office, Louisiana State Police and the DEA Drug Task Force. Welcome aboard!

Join us in welcoming our latest employee Kaylee Sanders. Kaylee is assigned to our Communications Division. Kaylee brings 3 years of 911 / Sheriff’s Office dispatch experience.

Awesome day raising money for St. Jude!

We are testing the Sibley tornado alarm, this is just a test!!

Tornado activity is out of Webster, wind and rain now

Appears moving into Claiborne Parish now

tornado east of sarepta moving towards haynesville

Possible tornado between Cotton Valley and Sarepta.

Be sure to get your helicopter golf ball drop tickets before the tournament next week! All proceeds benefit St. Jude!

There will be a mock car crash on the Lakeside campus Friday, March 9th. The state police and many Webster Parish agencies are coordinating the event. If you drive by the school, you will notice a heavy presence of rescue vehicles and emergency personnel on our campus. It is only a drill and a learning experience for the students.

Hwy 164 is OPEN!! Sibley to Doyline

With Lake Bistineau approaching 145’, where it’s expected to be for several days, the parish has filed a declaration of emergency and issued a NO WAKE ORDER for the lake. PLEASE minimize your traffic on the water and be respectful of property owners by adhering to this NO WAKE ORDER, enforceable by law enforcement. Thank you!

Hwy 164 between Sibley and Doyline is closed due to high water.

WEATHER RECAP, FORECAST & CRESTS: - We received between 4-6" of rainfall over the past two days parish-wide. - TOMORROW we will see severe weather. Expect the threat of high winds, rain, and the potential for tornadoes. - Flash Flooding: Because of the amount of rainfall we have received, we are under a flash flood watch. It will not take much rainfall tomorrow for us to see flash flooding. - Waterway Flooding: DORCHEAT BAYOU - As of now, Dorcheat is expected to rise and crest at 18.5' by Monday. This is 1.5' under moderate flood stage. BISTINEAU - As of now, Bistineau is expected to rise and crest at 143.1' by Tuesday. This is 1' below moderate flood stage, and 2' below major flood stage (when we issue no wake orders and begin seeing a few homes with encroaching water.) ** It is important to note that while these forecasts are the Quantified Precipitation Forecasts, taking into account the local and northern rainfall amounts that have fallen as of now, the rain expected to fall locally and north of us tomorrow will be calculated in and could increase these predictions, to what degree we don't yet know. ** ** We were at 141.3' prior to the recent rainfall. This gives us a simplified idea of what rain it can take in certain areas, both locally and north of us, to produce a 2' rise. Northern areas along I-30 in Arkansas received 6-8" of rainfall over the past 48 hours. ** ** Regarding the floodgates-- THIS IS IMPORTANT TO READ AND UNDERSTAND, PLEASE. Water is currently and successfully flowing over the spillway at Lake Bistineau at the highest possible rates. The gates are drain gates, yes, but THEY DO NOT INCREASE THE OUTFLOW OF WATER WHEN WATER IS FLOWING OVER THE SPILLWAY. They are not designed to do this, as they are only engineered to slowly drain the lake for drawdowns when the water drops below the spillway. Opening the gates during a flooding event does not improve the outflow, but it does damage the dam because it allows erosion to occur in areas of the dam that are not designed for such high-pressure outflow. This was proven in 2016's flood when the gates were opened to see if it sped up the outflow. The damages to our dam were just repaired. Opening the gates would only cause further damage and over time, such damages could lead to losing our lake as we know it. OPENING THE GATES WILL NOT SAVE YOUR PROPERTY DURING MAJOR FLOODING, BUT WILL ONLY DAMAGE THE DAM. ** - Estimated Outlook: > Tomorrow (Saturday) - Severe weather, risk of tornadoes > Sunday-Tuesday - Break in the rain > Monday/Tuesday - Crest on Dorcheat and Bistineau (stay tuned for updates on the crest levels) > Tuesday-Thursday - More rain (stay tuned) - SANDBAGS: Dorcheat and Bistineau property owners: Pick up/self load filled bags at either Parish Barn (Crichton Rd, Sibley or Hwy 2, Sarepta) from 7:00am-3:30pm M-F.

Weather Update: - We have a brief break from rain tomorrow before we can expect 2-3 more inches of rainfall Tuesday through Thursday, with the potential for severe weather on Wednesday. - Lake Bistineau is currently forecasted to rise to 143.8’ (1’ under major flood stage) by Thursday; and Dorcheat at 80 to rise to 19’ (1’ under moderate flood stage) by Wednesday. *Keep in mind, though, that the rain coming has not yet been included in this forecast. - For those living on the lake or Dorcheat, it is very possible that within the next several weeks, the water could reach levels that will encroach upon low lying properties. It’s advised that you follow along, pay attention to forecasts, and be prepared to take precautions to mitigate damages. We will continue to update as new forecasts become available. - Sandbags are available at both parish barns from 7:30-3:00 M-F.

The entire Four State Region is at risk for severe weather today and into tonight. The greatest risk is across Southwest & Southern Arkansas and portions of East Texas and Northern Louisiana. Tornadoes, damaging straight-line winds, and large hail are possible. Heavy rainfall could also lead to a threat for flash flooding.

Wylie Rd and Newsom Rd are both reported to be under water at this time. Shongaloo

** IMPORTANT WEATHER UPDATE ** We are likely to be added to the flash flood watch later today. It’s possible that areas of the parish could receive 3-5” of rain in a very short period of time around 6am tomorrow morning. For FLASH FLOOD PRONE RESIDENTS, self service filled sand bags will be available at both parish barns (Hwy 2, Sarepta and Crichton Rd, Sibley) at 5am tomorrow morning. While we don’t expect major impacts, houses prone to flash flooding could have minor issues. Looking forward, Dorcheat and Bistineau will rise slowly over the next several days. After the system passes through, we will have a better idea on forecasted levels. However, it’s very likely we will see impacts at Hwy 80 and potentially in the low lying areas of Lake Bistineau. Stay tuned for updates over the coming days.

Does anyone know who this dog belongs to?? Doyline area. Please contact Webster Sheriff Dept. Dispatch 377-1515 ext 0