Bristol County Sheriff's Office

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  • Address: 400 Faunce Corner Road, North Dartmouth, 2747 MA
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Phone: 508-995-1311
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Bristol County Sheriff's Office is located at 400 Faunce Corner Road, North Dartmouth, 2747 MA. The Bristol County Sheriff's Office phone number is 508-995-1311.

Bristol County Sheriff's Office News

Lt. Paul Douglas, his partner K9 Rony, and Deputy Joao Santos wanted to thank the family at the Christian Fellowship Center in New Bedford for being so welcoming during the K9 demo at Awards Night on Wednesday.

IN THE NEWS: Community Emergency Response Team students lauded at GNB Voc-Tech NEW BEDFORD - GNB Voc-Tech students smiled, posed for pictures and proudly held their Community Emergency Response Team graduation certificates following Wednesday’s ceremony at the school. But a certificate hardly does justice to the skills these CERT graduates bring to their neighborhoods, towns and communities. “It’s not just a piece of paper,” GNB Voc-Tech Superintendent James O’Brien told them. “All of you have great lives ahead of you.” Wednesday’s ceremony marked the conclusion of the CERT program, offered this year to sophomore students in the Legal and Protective Services concentration. The program is taught by Col. David Gavigan, the director of homeland security at the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office. The program focuses on disaster preparedness for hazards and disaster response skills such as fire safety, search and rescue, teamwork and medical operations. All graduates received a backpack full of supplies that would prove valuable in case of an emergency, such as a flash light, hard hat, batteries, gloves, etc. New Bedford Emergency Management Director Brian Nobrega was on hand to welcome the graduates to the safety community. “When emergencies happen, often times people panic or are scared and are looking for someone to keep them calm,” Bristol County Sheriff Thomas M. Hodgson told the graduates, other GNB Voc-Tech students as well as the family, friends and staff who attended on Wednesday morning. “You are the leaders who will step up in times of need. “This isn’t about the skills you’ve learned,” Sheriff Hodgson continued. “It’s about you and your leadership. Thank you for your commitment to your community.” The CERT program is one of many examples of the partnership between the Sheriff’s Office and GNB Voc-Tech, which began more than a decade ago. Student interns from Legal and Protective Services work with BCSO K9 teams to learn about law enforcement operations during the school year. Students have also worked with the BCSO programs team for public education programs in the community. “We really enjoy this partnership,” Sheriff Hodgson said. “The students from GNB Voc-Tech are smart, professional, respectful, engaged and focused on learning valuable skills while participating in real-world experiences. We can’t say enough good things about the students, Superintendent O’Brien, Instructor Kellie Martin or the dedicated staff.” The sophomore CERT graduates are Olimpia Andrade, Aaliyah Andrade, Zyre Andrade, Kaitlin Aurelio, Kelsey Botelho, Kameron Branco, Tianna Bulgar, Tameron Carter, Piper Crooks, Paul DeMoranville, Janell Dias, Marcus DosSantos, Gabriella Duarte, Tricia Fernandes, Jazmin Ferreira, Chloe Frenette, Madyson Gilbert, Hailey Harrison, Jathan Lopes, Destiny Mendonca, Kendall Miranda, Jennifer Nava, Alyssa Pinarreta, Ethan Rego, Brennen Rosa, Joycemar Rullan, Austin Shorrock, Daniela Sousa, Cole Terceira, Wendy Tomin and Hein Vong.

Happy Memorial Day everyone, and please take a minute to remember or say a prayer for those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Sheriff Hodgson and the BCSO have been to Memorial Day events across the county this weekend. We’ll share pictures from the weekend; like this one of our Honor Guard that led the parade in North Attleboro.

The Bristol County K9 and Bike Patrol teams had a blast Friday morning at Holy Family Holy Name school in New Bedford. Joined by our friends from the City of Fall River Police Department, Col. Robert Sylvia, Lt. Paul Douglas and Officers Brennan Bulgar and Kenny Almeida told the students all about the bike patrol and the ins and outs of the BCSO K9 program. Thanks to Principal Felix for the invitation; it was a great time and we hope all the students have a safe, happy summer vacation.

Sheriff Hodgson wanted to thank Principal Rose Schwartz and the team at the Chamberlain Elementary School in Taunton for inviting him to take part in the annual Career Day on Friday morning. Joined by Taunton Police Department, Taunton Fire Department, Mayor Tom Hoye and others from photographers to electricians to martial arts instructors and everything in between, Sheriff Hodgson and the others chatted with third- and fourth-graders about different careers. A great group of youngsters and a great school team made for a great time at the event.

Sheriff Hodgson, Superintendent Souza and Dr. Jorge Velize wrapped up taping of the latest episode of the "Just in Time" community television show, which focuses on mental health and suicides in the world of corrections. When the show's ready, we'll post the link here and send it to the local cable access stations to broadcast. In the meantime, head over to our Vimeo page to watch other Sheriff's Office programs at Kudos to Media Specialist Jeremy Corriveau, who always does an amazing job on our productions.

His Corrections Officer brothers and sisters joke that Sgt. Scott Lopes has a squirrel or a racoon growing on his head, but he has a very good reason for growing his hair out: Sgt. Lopes is taking part in the Buzz Off for Kids with Cancer event at Gillette Stadium in June. "I heard about it on the radio," Sgt. Lopes said on Wednesday afternoon. "It's for kids with cancer, a good cause, so I just figured I'd do it." Sgt. Lopes has raised about $500 so far to help kids fight cancer, and there is still more than a week left before the big buzz if anyone else wants to make a pledge. Check out his fundraising page at:

Bristol County is the only Sheriff's Office in Massachusetts that has a management accountability program in which we track more than 250 operational indicators every day to make sure our operation is as fiscally efficient as possible. The results are clear: Bristol has the lowest cost per inmate in the Commonwealth.

Sheriff Hodgson administers the oath as he swears in the newest Deputy Sheriffs in Bristol County. Congratulations to Tina Marie LePage, Justine Morel, Paul Coronella, James Amaral, Emmanuel Matias, Jason Araujo and Christopher Medeiros.

Seen Around Dartmouth Jail: Lt. Nelson Curral helps a photographer from The Boston Globe who wanted to take a shot from inside a cell on Tuesday afternoon.

K9 Officer Mike Bettencourt and his four-legged partner Ryker had a blast at the Macomber Scholarship Fund Touch-a-Truck event this weekend.

Sheriff Hodgson had a great time in Washington Wednesday for a panel discussion on Immigration And Customs Enforcement (ICE)’s 287(g) program. He joined Jackson County Sheriff AJ Lauderback and Frederick County Maryland Sheriff Chuck Jenkins on the panel and the three shared their experiences with the program.

Good evening from Washington DC, where Sheriff Hodgson is preparing for a panel/media event at the The United States Department of Justice. Tuesday morning, he met with National Sheriffs' Association Executive Director Jonathan Thompson about some illegal immigration issues facing law enforcement, and Wednesday morning, Sheriff Hodgson will join Jackson County Sheriff's Office Sheriff AJ Lauderback and Frederick County Sheriff's Office, MD Sheriff Chuck Jenkins for a panel on Immigration And Customs Enforcement (ICE)'s 287(g) enforcement program. Sheriff Hodgson became the first Sheriff in New England to enter the ICE program back in early 2017. The event can be streamed live online at the link below starting at 10 a.m. on Wednesday.

Great to see Barnstable County Sheriff's Office Sheriff Cummings, Berkshire County Sheriff's Office Sheriff Bowler, Suffolk County Sheriff's Department - Boston, MA Sheriff Tompkins, Plymouth County Sheriff's Department Sheriff McDonald and Middlesex Sheriff's Office Sheriff Koutojian at CO Awards in Boston on Monday.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone. Moms, grandmas, nanas, memeres, avos, vovos, every mom, grandmother, great-grandmother, etc. is a treasure. Big hugs to all of them.

Our K9 team had a blast last week with the Legal and Protective Studies students at GNB Voc-Tech in New Bedford. Along with our friends at City of Fall River Police Department, we did a K9 demo for the students who are studying criminal justice. We have several of these students learn on the job with us as interns throughout the year. It's a great partnership with students who have a future as bright as the sun.

WORKING TOGETHER FOR TAUNTON SENIORS: The Sheriff's Office partnered with Taunton Police Department and Taunton Fire Department last week to bring some smiles to a great group of seniors. The Taunton TRIAD, a three-way partnership between the Sheriff's Office, seniors and police/fire, hosted its annual Spring Fashion Show last week, and there were plenty of escorts to help the beautiful ladies up on the stage. Thanks to Jaime Selgado, Bobby Bettencourt and Eric Cardoso of our investigations team for joining the police officers and firefightes as escorts, as well as Lt. Queila Raposo and Programs Manager Tina Marie LePage for helping the seniors model some fashion. It was a great time by all and strengthens the bond between seniors and public safety.

Sheriff Hodgson is live on WBZ with WBZ NightSide With Dan Rea.

Tune in tonight at 8pm to WBZ NewsRadio as Sheriff Hodgson talks illegal immigration on WBZ NightSide With Dan Rea.

Corrections never sleeps. Our officers and their families know this all too well: Nights, weekends, holidays, birthdays, etc. During National #CorrectionsWk, we served a special appreciation luncheon on all thirdd shifts at each facility, so late Wednesday night into early Thursday morning, Sheriff Hodgson and other BCSO leadership and volunteers were at the jail in Dartmouth serving food to those on third shift. The least we could do to say "thank you" to these awesome officers.

We wanted to share this cool project that was recently completed by our female inmates at the Dartmouth jail facility in conjunction with the Women's Center in New Bedford. April was Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and Jennifer Canario, who serves as an incarcerated victims specialist and is a domestic violence and sexual assault counselor at The Women’s Center, led group discussions with all of our female inmates about assault and the dangers, stresses, stigmas and emotions that come along with it. “This project brought about many emotions,” Canario said. “It was nice to see them get up and talk about their experiences in front of their peers. One would share, then another would get up and talk about her incident. Seeing them encourage one another was nice, and great for their self-esteem.” After group discussion about sexual assault, Canario led them in an art therapy exercise in connection with Denim Day, a movement to raise awareness about sexual violence and rape in the wake of an Italian court case in which a rapist had his conviction overturned because a judge ruled the victim’s jeans were so tight she must have helped him take them off. The case was covered extensively in the New York Times and other international media. Inmates here in Dartmouth decorated denim patches with their thoughts on assault and the #MeToo movement and proudly displayed them on the walls. It’s just the latest project coming from BCSO’s partnership with The Women’s Center. Canario spends more than 20 hours each week at the jail meeting with inmates and leading programs. “We want them to make better choices and feel better about themselves,” she said. “Even if a program or a discussion gives them one ounce of hope, that’s one more than they had when they came in. If that happens, I feel like I’ve done my job.”

Congratulations to our BCSO Scholarship winner Candace Gagne. The Westport High School honors student, pictured with her family and Sheriff Hodgson, will study elementary education at Bridgewater State University in the fall. Congrats Candace and good luck!

Congratulations to our security Employee of the Year: Capt. Derek Reis. "I'm really proud to see him grow into his leadership role," Sheriff Hodgson said. "He's a great listener ... Someone over the years who's gained a lot of respect from his peers." Congrats Capt. Reis!

Congratulations to our civilian Employee of the Year: Charles Moniz. "He's a great leader," Sheriff Hodgson said while intorducing him. "The people you work with respect you. ... He's one of the most genuine people I know." Congrats Chuckie!