Mansfield Police Department

  • Agency: Mansfield Police Department
  • Address: 50 West Street, Mansfield, 02048 MA
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: (508) 261-7301
Fax: (508) 339-1031

Mansfield Police Department is located at 50 West Street, Mansfield, 02048 MA. The Mansfield Police Department phone number is (508) 261-7301.

Mansfield Police Department News

More information for residents of 287 Chauncy St. Copeland Crossing. As you return to your homes, be advised that access to the complex is limited to the Copeland Dr. entrance. Parking will also be limited to the spaces near building C. We've made arrangements with Advanced Auto Parts and they have been gracious enough to allow Copeland Crossing residents to park in the store lot. We will have a fluorescent-coated officer there to help you cross 106 safely. Residents of buildings A & C are permitted back into their homes (with the parking restrictions), however, residents of building B may be displaced until 10pm this evening. Management has been actively trying to contact all Building B residents. If you are a resident who has not been contacted and you need assistance, contact us at 508-261-7300 and we will put you in touch with Mansfield Emergency Management Agency and American Red Cross of Massachusetts personnel who are on scene assisting. Town of Mansfield Fire Department

Just after 12:30 this afternoon, MPD officers responded along with our public safety partners at Town of Mansfield Fire Department to a fire alarm activation at 287 Chauncy St. Building B. Responding MFD units encountered a small fire in a bedroom of one of the units. MFD quickly contained and extinguished the fire, and, after confirming the area was safe, turned the scene over to MPD and State Fire Marshall investigators. Currently, the American Red Cross of Massachusetts has been working with the building owner to accommodate displaced residents and the investigation at the scene continues. There is no danger to the public and we will be releasing more information regarding the incident at a later time.

We've got a busy day on Friday! Battle of the Badges Blood Drive during the afternoon and then Copz 4 Kidz 2018 picking up right after the blood drive at 6pm! We wouldn't have it any other way. If you're not checking our Facebook Events on a regular basis, you're missing out. We're ending September with these two great events and following it up in October with the Truck Pull and another special surprise we're REALLY excited about. It's SCARY how excited we are... Come down to MHS on Friday night and cheer on the 2-1 Hornets as they take on the King Philip Regional School District Warriors. Students in grades K-5 who stop by our table between MHS/QMS from 6p-7p will receive a free t-shirt and food voucher. Then, at halftime, the kids get to sprint down the field with our officers. It's a fun night and if the Facebook weather people know what they're talking about, we're looking at a beautiful evening for the event. Mansfield Public Schools

This week is 'Rail Safety and Awareness' week. Early this morning, the Mansfield Police and Town of Mansfield Fire Dept, in partnership with Keolis and the MBTA Transit Police, set up shop at the Mansfield train station to share information and promote the importance of staying safe around the tracks. We were happy to be able to share a cup of coffee with a lot of great people! Remember, "See Tracks, Think Train". #RailSafetyWeek Pictured Below: MBTA Officer Dana Nye, Chris Harrington, Field Safety Manager for Keolis, Cynthia Delaney, Director of MBTA Safety, MPD Officer Patrick Pennie, James Puleo, Deputy Fire Chief Mansfield Fire, Frank W. Archer, Jr., Lieutenant Mansfield Police

Battle of the Badges Blood Drive is coming up quick! This Friday afternoon at the Holiday Inn Mansfield-Foxboro Area. We've already had the American Red Cross of Massachusetts bump up our number of available appointments and we're hoping to REALLY stretch them thin and max out this donation. If you're able to donate blood, you'll only be saving the lives of up to three people. Not a bad way to spend a Friday afternoon. Go to to schedule your appointment. If you can't donate but would like to help, we can always use a few volunteers to help the ARC efficiency check-in donors and oversee the post-donation snack table. Town of Mansfield Fire Department Mansfield Firefighters Local 1820 #redcrossblood #blooddrive #policeandfire #onehouseonemission #mansfieldma Mansfield MA American Red Cross

Lt. Archer prepares for his undercover assignment for tonight’s Outlaw Music Festival featuring Willie Nelson at the Xfinity Center. #undercoveroperation Enjoy your weekend!

When Meg Birnie found out about the Apple Races in the Roland Green Red room today, she made sure to stop by and show off the skills that made her back-to-back Apple Race Champion in ‘95 and ‘96*. Look at that counterbalance with the left hand! Unbelievable concentration. We always have fun visiting our little friends at Roland Green. 😊 Mansfield Public Schools #community *The ‘96 race was mired in controversy...some former classmates allege Meg used a slap bracelet stabilizer to keep the shovel handle steady.

Officer Mike Fitzgerald found the appropriate parking spot up in Andover today. MPD personnel, along with other area departments, have been assisting in the Merrimack Valley since Thursday night. We may be visiting, but the hospitality of the folks up there has made it feel like home. #happytohelp #merrimackvalley Andover MA Police Department Lawrence Police Department North Andover Police Department

Impressed by the reverence shown by these two young men at the Heroes’ Corner dedication last night. They listened intently to Mr. Monti speak of his son Jared’s bravery and sacrifice #jaredmonti #medalofhonor #hero #soldier #sacrifice #heroescorner #respect #community

#Blackhawk #flyover Certainly an exclamation point on the dedication of the Heroes’ Corner!

#happeningnow Dedication of the Heroes’ Corner at Alumni Field. MPD/MFDHonor Guard was proud to participate. #thankaveteran #thankyouforyourservice #freedomisntfree #army #navy #marinecorps #coastguard #airforce #miapow #oldglory Town of Mansfield Fire Department

Check it out! We’ve already received some great donations for the Edgewood Church of Christ Hurricane Florence relief effort! Volunteers from the church will be headed down south either Saturday night or Sunday morning (depending on the storm). We’ll be accepting donations 24/7 on their behalf until at least Saturday night. The church is asking that donated items be limited to only these items that will be most necessary in the 48 hours after the storm. Please only bring these items: - gas money/gas cards - gas cans - cases of water bottles/gallon jugs - non-perishable food (cans, pasta, soup, etc. - clorox wipes, baby wipes, etc. - baby diapers and formula - feminine hygiene products Remember, if you’re willing to loan a chainsaw or small generator, they will be put to use! Thank you! #hurricane #hurricaneflorence #hurricanerelief

Those were some crazy downpours we saw the last few days, huh‽ Well, it’s nothing compared to what they’re expecting in the southeastern states thanks to Hurricane Florence! Fortunately, our friends at Edgewood Church of Christ are planning another hurricane relief mission. The church volunteers are planning to head down and deliver crucial supplies in the immediate aftermath of the storm. If you would like to donate, we are accepting donations 24/7 at the police station. Members of the church have reached out to their contacts in the area of the storm and they are limiting donations to only these items that will be most necessary in the 48 hours after the storm. Please only bring these items: - gas money/gas cards - gas cans - cases of water bottles/gallon jugs - non-perishable food (cans, pasta, soup, etc. - clorox wipes, baby wipes, etc. - baby diapers and formula - feminine hygiene products Additionally, if you’re willing to loan a chainsaw or small generator, they will be put to use! Thank you! #hurricane #hurricaneflorence #hurricanerelief

Why is Tony smiling? No, it’s not because we’re two-time Mansfield March Madness champs (#beatthestatechamps). He’s just warming up his grin for Laughing with Lenny Clarke. Tony just picked up his VIP tickets to the Mansfield High School All-Sports Boosters fundraiser this Saturday night. We know the boosters will be using the money to make a concession area by Alumni Field and upgrade the trophy case at MHS and we’re thinking we might need an upgrade too 🤔#championproblems #wehearyaMHS You can buy your tickets at our website, or come down to the station during the day this week. Need a ticket delivery? Send us a message and we’ll drop them off!

Dispatch has received multiple calls regarding phone calls claiming to be IRS. Please be aware it is a scam.

MPD officers working over in Foxborough today saw plenty of fans anxious to get the season started this morning! #letsgo #patriots #newenglandpatriots Enjoy the game!

One week from today! Officers Andrew Kelley and Patrick Pennie, joined by Officers Danielle Titus and Nikki Newport, are starting up another R.A.D. class next week and we’re looking for a few more ladies to round out the class. This is a 12-hour, hands-on course designed to empower women aged 15 and older with defensive techniques and awareness. We’ve broken up the class into four three-hour sessions starting Saturday 9/15 through 10/6 from 10:30-1:30 each Saturday. Go to Book an Appointment with Mansfield Police Department and click “Book Class” to reserve your seat! #rad #rapeaggressiondefense #defensivetechniques #awareness #selfdefense #selfdefenseforwomen #empoweringwomen

We could use your help! Ofc. Ellender and Sgt Crosman are looking to go back in time to just after five o’clock yesterday evening (September 6th). Josh responded over to the area of the DPW (500 East St) for a crash and one of the vehicles took off! We’re hoping someone witnessed the crash and would be able to describe the vehicles involved. If you were there and are willing to share your info, send Josh an email at Kind of a long shot but if we don’t have any witnesses and someone has a DeLorean kicking around, we’d like to “borrow” it for a know what, we’ll just bring it back to before we used it so you won’t even know it was missing. #timetravelwin

Check this out! We’ve closed down Stearns Ave between Erick and Colonial in real life AND on Waze due to a water main break by #82 Stearns. Follow signs if you’re passing through the area. We’ve detoured traffic through the neighboring residential neighborhood. Watch out for our sneaky day shift officers running speed enforcement through the detour area too. We know a detour stinks, but we can’t have you speeding through the neighborhoods. Also of note, my 100% battery. #thatneverhappens Drive safe’

Dedication of the Heroes’ Corner is just over a week away! Come honor the men and women of our military next Friday night September 14th before the Hornets take on Everett. We hear it’s going to be quite the evening. Can’t make it Friday night? How about a night of laughs to support a great cause? The Mansfield High School All-Sports Boosters are hosting “Laughing with Lenny Clarke” Saturday, September 15th at the Xfinity Center. We’re helping them sell tickets, so if you’re interested, you can go to our FB shop to buy online or send us a PM and We’ll coordinate with you to get the tickets to you. General admission is $25 Alumni Tickets with some perks are $30. Mansfield Public Schools #heroscorner #honoringourveterans

Have you heard about our RAD class? (Facebook flair on RAD isn't really what we mean, but definitely appropriate when describing the awesomeness of this class). We still have "seats" available for the next session starting up on Saturday 9/15. We says "seats" because this practical self-defense course will have you up and moving. Check out the pictures from our last class and the comments on our previous posts... it is not to be missed. **Apparently the flying thumbs up that Facebook added for "RAD" didn't come through to the post... but you can imagine them** if you're a woman aged 15 or older, sign up by clicking this link. Questions? Email Danielle at or send us a PM!

SRO McCune is all packed up and ready for the #firstdayofschool ! Both Derek and SRO Ken Wright are there to help parents and students with any questions or concerns about the schools, not just things that are police-related. If you ever need help getting in touch with them, send us a message! #schoolresourceofficer #sro #community #mansfieldma #mansfieldpublicschools #theygrowupsofast #brownbagginit Mansfield Public Schools

Chief Sellon and Mansfield Public Schools Superintendent Theresa Murphy got together to make school School Resource Officer Derek McCune gets off to school tomorrow without a hitch. They're also giving out some helpful tips and reminders for EVERYONE now that the school zone will be abuzz with Hornets headed back to the hive. #firstdayofschool #backtoschool #schoolresourceofficer Mansfield MA

Be Advised- Water Dept is working on a water main break in front of 218 Franklin St. Water service will be shut off on Franklin St from Darby Dr to Winter St. Surrounding area may have brown water from this. There will be Water Dept trucks in the roadway fro approximately 6-7 hours.

Anyone missing a bird??? This one was found at 718 North Main St It has a green bracelet. Looks like he broke out of house arrest