New Bedford Police Department

  • Agency: New Bedford Police Department
  • Address: 871 Rockdale Ave, New Bedford, 02740 MA
  • Chief: David A Provencher (Chief of Police)
Phone: 508-991-6300

New Bedford Police Department is located at 871 Rockdale Ave, New Bedford, 02740 MA. The Chief of Police of the department is David A Provencher. The New Bedford Police Department phone number is 508-991-6300.

New Bedford Police Department News

Veterans Day parade was a wonderful celebration of our veterans, living and passed. This year's grand marshal, Octavio "Tacky'' Pragana, our retired NBPD officer and World War II and Korean conflict veteran, made the day extra special for us.

Monday Nov. 12 is the official observation of Veterans Day. As a result, government agencies, courts and the postal service will be closed. But NBPD never closes. We are always here to serve you. Have a happy and safe day!

Because of Veterans Day, which is observed Monday Nov. 12, there is no trash collection on that day. All trash, recycling and yard waste routes will be delayed by one day this week as a result. Commercial collection and cardboard routes will run on schedule.

Here are more of our retirees who served their country and their city. Lieutenant Jesse, John: ~ U.S. Army Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Lieutenant Mello, Eddie: ~ U.S. Army Veteran W.W. 2 ~ ~ D ~ Lieutenant Netinho, Richard: ~ U.S.M.C. ~ Lieutenant Ortega, Manny: ~ U.S. Army/Navy Veteran ~ Lieutenant Powers, Joseph: ~ U.S. Airforce W.W. 2 Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Lieutenant Vincent, Joseph: ~ U.S. Army Korea Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Lieutenant Wotton, Melvin A.: ~ U.S. Air Force Vietnam Veteran ~ Sergeant Andrade, Robert: ~ U.S. Army Veteran ~ Sergeant Baptiste, Tony: ~ U.S. Army W.W. 2 Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Sergeant Brightman, Tom: ~ U.S. Army Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Sergeant Chevalier, Roger ~ Veteran ~ Sergeant Faber, Alan: ~ U.S. Air Force Vietnam Veteran ~ Sgt. Ferreira, Michael: ~ U.S. Army, Vietnam Veteran ~ Sergeant Ferreira, Richard: ~ U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran ~ Sergeant Gauthier, Tobey: ~ U.S. Navy Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Sergeant Gioiosa, Ralph: ~ U.S. Air Force Korean Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Sergeant Goodman, Gilbert: ~ U.S. Navy Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Sergeant Gormley, Kenneth: ~ U.S. Navy Veteran ~ Sergeant Hinchliffe, Joseph: ~ U.S. Navy Vietnam Veteran ~ Sergeant Mendes, Tony: ~ U.S.M.C. & Air Force Veteran ~ Sergeant Oliveira, Stephen: ~ U.S. Air Force Vietnam Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Sergeant Pacheco, Albert J.: ~ Veteran ~ Sergeant Rainville, Charles: ~ U.S. Army Medic Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Sergeant Rhodes, William: ~ England WWII ~ ~ D ~ Sergeant Rodriques, Francisco (Frank): ~ U.S. Army Veteran ~ Sergeant Rogers, Jerrold: ~ U.S. Navy Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Sergeant Stykowski, Frank: ~ U.S. Navy WW 2 Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Detective Aguiar, Robert: ~ U.S. Navy Vietnam Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Detective Alfonse, Ronald: ~ U.S.M.C. Veteran ~ Detective Barboza, Benny: ~ U.S. Army W.W. 2 ~ ~ D ~ Detective Bielawa, Richard: ~ U.S. Air Force Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Detective Correia, Arnold: ~ U.S. Army Korea Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Detective Frechette, Ernest: ~ U.S. Air Force Veteran ~ Detective Garcelon, Pauline M: ~U.S.Army Nat.Guard Veteran Widow~ Detective Garcia, Gordon : ~ U.S.M.C. Veteran ~ Detective Gentili, Mariano "Muddy": ~U.S.N. WWII Vet/USCG Spec. Int.~ ~ D ~ Detective Goulart, Arthur: ~ U.S. Army Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Detective Greany, Gardner: ~ U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran ~ Detective Leclair, Paul: ~ U.S.M.C. Vietnam Veteran ~ Detective Leduc, Ned: ~ U.S. Navy-Army-Coast Guard Vietnam Era Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Detective Moniz, (Dick) Richard J: ~U.S. Coast Guard Disable Veteran~ Detective Ouellette, Roger: ~ U.S.M.C. Vietnam Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Detective Simmons, Bradford J: ~ U.S. Air Force Vietnam Veteran ~ Officer Ambra, George: ~ U.S. Army Veteran ~ Officer Bastarache, Bob: ~ U.S.Army Vietnam Veteran ~ Officer Boucher, Kevin: ~ U.S.M.C. Veteran ~ Officer Braz, Richard: ~ U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran ~ Officer Cabral, Gilbert: ~ U.S. Army WW 2 Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Officer Camara, Joseph: ~ U.S. Army Irag Veteran "KIA" ~ ~ D ~ Officer Doyon, Ronald M: ~ U.S.M.C. Vietnam Vet.<>Purple Heart ~ Officer Ferguson, Roland: ~ U.S.M.C., U.S. Army Nat. Guard Vet ~ Officer Gaj, Walter: ~ U.S.M.C. Veteran W.W. 2 ~ ~ D ~ Officer Gearhart, Robert: ~ U.S. Coast Guard Veteran ~ Officer Gilbert, Carl T: ~ U.S.M.C. Veteran ~ Officer Gonsalves, Ricardo (Rick): ~ U.S.M.C. Vietnam Veteran ~ Officer Guzaj, Frank : ~ U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Officer Hebert, Steve: ~ U.S. Navy Veteran ~ Officer Henriques, Dennis: ~ U.S.M.C ~ Officer Herbert, Ron: ~ U.S. Army National Guard Vietnam Veteran ~ Officer Houghton, James L: ~ U.S. Army Veteran<>Purple Heart ~ Officer Jackson, Henry: ~ U.S.M.C.<>USCG Vietnam Veteran ~ Officer Lapre, William: ~ U.S. Army W.W. 2 Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Officer Lopes, Joseph J: ~ U.S. Marine Vietnam Veteran ~ Officer Luiz, Robert: ~ U.S. Army Disable Veteran ~ Officer Luiz Jr, Louie J: ~ U.S. Air Force Veteran ~ Officer Medeiros, Norman: ~ U.S. Air Force Veteran ~ Officer Mello, Russell: ~ U.S.M.C. Vietnam Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Officer Mendes, Kenneth: ~ U.S. Army ~ D ~ Officer Mills, Allen: ~ U.S. Navy Veteran ~ Officer Moniz, Joseph ~ U.S. Navy Veteran ~ Officer Motta, Leonard ~ U.S.M.C. Veteran ~ Officer Newsham, Edward M: ~ U.S. National Guard ~ Officer Novia, Martin (Marty): ~ U.S. Army Veteran ~ Officer Pacheco, Ronald, Marine Corps, Vietnam, 1967-1971, D Officer Paiva, Bradford E: ~ U.S. Navy Seabees MCB71 Veteran ~ Officer Patla, Joseph: ~ U.S. Army World War 2 Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Officer Payant, Albert M: ~ U.S. Army W.W.2 Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Officer Petitjean, George: ~ U.S. Navy W.W. 2 Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Officer Picard, Paul G: ~ U.S. Coast Guard Veteran ~ Officer Pragana, Octavio, "Tacky'': ~ U.S. Navy W.W. 2 Veteran ~ Officer Ramos, Elias: ~ U.S.M.C. Veteran ~ Officer Rock, Raymond: ~ U.S. Navy Veteran ~ Officer Roy, Norman: ~ U.S. Navy W.W. 2 Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Officer Santos, Sylvester: (Syl): ~ Veteran ~ Officer Silva, John: ~ U.S. Army W.W. 2 Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Officer Soucy, Paul: ~ U.S. Army WW 2 Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Officer Tavares, Kenneth: U.S. Air Force Veteran ~ Traffic Clerk Braz, Robert: ~U.S. Army Veteran~ Gang enforcement prevention, McPherson, Robert, US Navy veteran

On Veterans Day, as we remember and thank all who have served, we offer a special salute to our forever family, our retirees, living and gone, who served the country as they served the city: With honor and distinction. We have so many terrific veterans on the roll that we will list them in three separate posts. Salute! Chief Benoit, Richard: ~ U.S. Army Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Chief Durfee, Gifford L (Tex): ~ U.S. Army W.W. 2 Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Chief Pelletier, Joseph A: ~ U.S. Navy W.W. 2 Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Chief Provencher, David: ~ U.S. Army Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Deputy Chief Flood, Thomas F., Jr.: ~ U.S.Army W.W. 2 Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Deputy Chief Hegarty, Kevin: ~ U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran ~ Deputy Chief Oliveira, Arthur: ~ U.S. Navy W.W. 2 Veteran ~ Captain Anselmo, Albert: ~ U.S. Army Medic W.W.2 Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Captain Eugenio, Raymond: ~ U.S.M.C. Veteran ~ Captain Gonsalves, Antero: ~ W.W.2 Veteran ~ Captain Hebert, Dennis: ~ US Air Force ~ Captain Holodinski, Michael: ~ U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran ~ Captain Horn, Richard: ~ U.S. Navy Veteran ~ Captain Kenyon, Harry: ~ U.S. Army W.W. 2 Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Captain Oliveira, Guy: ~ U.S. Army Veteran ~ Captain Soares,Tony: ~ U.S. Army Aviation Veteran ~ Captain Spirlet, Richard: ~ U.S. Coast Guard Veteran ~ Captain Wiley, Edward: ~ U.S.M.C. Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Lieutenant Anselmo, Fred: ~ U.S. Navy Vietnam Era Veteran ~ Lieutenant Blouin, Lester: ~ U.S. Army Paratrooper Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Lieutenant Boutin, Rene: ~ U.S. Army WW 2 Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Lieutenant. Croteau, Maurice: ~ U.S. Navy W.W. 2 Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Lieutenant Forand, Edward: ~ U.S. Army Korea Veteran ~ ~ D ~ Lieutenant Gifford, Kenneth: ~ U.S.M.C. Vietnam Veteran ~ Lieutenant Hirst, Leonard: ~ U.S. Air Force Veteran ~ ~ D ~

Is everyone ready for the Veterans Day parade featuring our own NBPD retiree Tacky Pragana as grand marshal. The parade steps off at 11 a.m. (the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month) at Buttonwood Park and ends at the library. Hope to see you there to salute Tacky and all our wonderful veterans!

As we celebrate Veterans Day, we thank all our veterans, past and present, for their service. A special thank you to our officers who have served their country honorably, as they service our city. Officer Samuel Algarin-Mojica US Army Reserve, 7 years of service, E5 Sgt. Officer Adam Amaro Serving in the Rhode Island Air National Guard 10 years of service, 2 deployments to Afghanistan and Kuwait Officer Gary Beaudoin National Guard military police, 1987-1993, Persian Gulf War Officer Peter Beauregard US Navy, 1986-1990 Officer Brandon D. Cabral Serving in Massachusetts Army National Guard 12 years of service, Operation Iraqi Freedom Sgt. Emanuel Cabral US Marine Corps, 1990-1994, Gulf War era Sgt. Michael Cassidy US Marine Corps, six years, Operation Desert Storm, Operation Desert Shield Officer Willie Coates US Army National Guard 30 years, still active Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom Officer Christopher Cotter Army National Guard, 1986-1994 Operation Desert Shield/Operation Desert Storm Officer Jakub Cwiek US Coast Guard Reserve, 2008-2015 Officer Roberto DaCunha US Navy, 1996-2003, deployed to Iraq Ann-Marie DaSilva, civilian dispatcher US Navy, Master-at-Arms, five years Officer Scott D. DeCosta US Marine Corps, Gulf War Era Veteran 1993-1998 Sgt. Greg Demers US Marine Corps, four years Lt. Paul M. Demers US Navy, 1988-1992 Officer Anthony Esteves US Army, three years, served in Gulf War one year Det. James Estrella US Air Force, 1992-1995, Desert Storm, Desert Shield Officer David Figueiredo US Marine Corps, two years Officer Leanne Fisher US Army, 1999-2002; Army National Guard, 2002-2005 Officer Allann Fonseca 26 years of service, still active in the Air Force Reserves, E7/master sergeant Officer Gene Fortes US Marine Corps, 1989-1993, Desert Storm, Desert Shield Officer Jarrod Gracia US Marine Corps active duty 1995-1999 Officer Christian J. Gomes US Marine Corps Reserve, 1992-1998 Sgt. Jason Gomes US Coast Guard, four years, four months Officer Robert Gomes US Marine Corps, 1984-1988 Officer Gerry Harris Jr. US Army four years Officer Sabrina Hinchey Massachusetts Army National Guard, six years, deployed to Qatar, one year Det. Tyrone Jones US Marine Corps Officer Dean Lawrence US Army. 21 years Served in Operation Desert Shield/ Desert Storm 1900/1991 Peace Keeping Mission Bosnia 200/2001, Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003/2004. Det. Jared D. Lizotte Marine Corps, six years, Operation Enduring Freedom Det Jared Lucas US Army, deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan Us army 8 years of service Officer Julio R. Martinez US Army, eight years, one tour of duty in Iraq Sgt. Victor Mendes US Army and Reserves, July 1982-July 1988 Officer Yesenia Miranda-Santiago US Army Military Police, 8 years, served in Operation Iraqi Freedom Officer Dennis M. Morris Massachusetts Army National Guard 1983-1986 (reserves) Marine Corps 1987-1993 (active) Sgt. Scott Morton US Army, 1987-1992 Officer Bruce Nicely III Massachusetts Army National Guard, 13 years Officer Jessica Nicoli Sergeant in the Army Reserve for 7 years, deployment to Saudi Arabia Officer Robert Perry Six years, Air National Guard, deployed to Qatar Officer Nathan Pimentel US Navy, 2003-2008, three deployments to Iraq Sgt. Shain Ramos US Marine Corps Officer Victor Ramos US Air Force, eight years Officer Edward Rene US Army and Air Force, 15 years Officer David Rose Army National Guard, going into sixth year of service Officer David Roy Sgt. U.S. Air Force, 1985-1988 Det. Dominique Sherburne US Army, nine years, one tour of duty in Iraq Officer Alberto Silva US Navy, three years active, then reserves, Operation Desert Storm, Operation Desert Shield Officer Trevor Sylvia US Navy, November 1995- June 2001 Det. Stephen Taylor US Air Force, 1988-1990 Officer Donald Williams US Army, deployed to Iraq Image courtesy

A fund-raiser sponsored by Crossfit and N.B. Fire will be held at 9 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 17 at CrossFit New Bedford, 140 Rogers St., South Dartmouth. The basic 25-minute crossfit workout will include turnout coat, pants and helmet (gear optional.) A $25 donation includes the entry for the workout, a t-shirt and lunch. Proceeds benefit Muscular Dystrophy Association. Call 401-743-7224 or 508-889-1917 for more information.

Although Veterans Day is set aside to honor living veterans, we couldn't let the observance pass without remembering New Bedford Police Officer Joseph Camara, a Staff Sgt. assigned to the 115th Military Police Company, U.S. Army National Guard, Cranston, Rhode Island. Officer Camara was one of two soldiers who were killed when their vehicle was struck by an improvised explosive device on Main Supply Route Tampa, south of Baghdad on Sept. 1, 2003. He was, is and will forever be our hero. #Allgavesomesomegaveall

Halloween could have been terrifying for a young woman with disabilities who was lost on one of the scariest nights of the year. A group of youngsters out trick or treating noticed the young woman, who they could tell was confused. The young woman told them the street she lived on and the four teens broke away from their holiday to walk her to the street, where she was able to get back home safely. These four young teens are typical of so many good kids today who don't get the credit they deserve. Alerted by Officer David Roy of the teen's good deeds, New Bedford Police School Resource Officers Leann Fisher, Willie Coates, Patrick Reedy and Ryan Bland congratulated the youngsters on their kind deed. Congratulations to Damon Gray, Keith Middle School; Da'mia Gray and Razaya Greene, New Bedford Vocational Technical High School; and Amari Sorrell and Ke'arni McCoy, New Bedford High School. They did their families, schools, city and most of all themselves proud! Clockwise from left, Da'mia Gray; Damon Gray; Amari Sorrell, left, and Ke'arni McCoy; and Razaya Greene. Great job!

Have a ball at the 129th annual Policeman's Ball. The annual event will be held Saturday, Nov. 17 at at Century House, 107 So. Main St., Acushnet. Cocktails will be served from 6-7 p.m., followed by a ceremony at 7-7:30 p.m. and dinner and dancing from 7:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. Entertainment by Felix Brown Band, DJ Roy Barboza and Boston Police Gaelic Column of Pipes and Drums. Tickets are $30 and can be requested via Hope to see you there!

Our sympathies to the family, friends and brothers and sisters in law enforcement of Sheriff's Sgt. Ron Helus, who was killed in the mass shooting Wednesday night at Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, Calif. As officers do, he went in to save lives and, tragically, lost his own. Our hearts are heavy for all 12 people killed in the tragedy. #RonHelus #Borderline #RIP Image courtesy CNN.

#ThrowbackThursday Officer Albert M. Payant was 33 years old in this photo, taken by his wife in 1957. He dropped by his house on Perry Street to pick up fudge his wife had made earlier in the evening. His son Romain was excited to see his dad and happy to jump into Car 9 and visit with the man he still calls his hero. Car 9 was a 1957 Ford with a combination Siren/Blue Light on the roof with a blue lens in front, and a small red bullet lens at the rear of the unit, that would blink on and off when switched on. Romain Payant carried on the family legacy of law enforcement service, working as a cadet in the New Bedford Police Department and eventually serving as a high-ranking officer in the sheriff's office before his retirement. We love this photo because it reminds us that the department is a family. RIP officer Payant and thanks to Romain Payant for sharing this.

Veterans Day is always special but this year's events are especially significant for us at the NBPD. Our beloved retired officer Octavio "Tacky'' Pragana will be the grand marshal of the Veterans Day parade. He is pictured circa 1943 and today. The members of New Bedford’s Veterans Advisory Board extend an invitation to area residents to attend New Bedford’s Veterans Day ceremonies, including a service in memory of World War I veterans of the National Guard’s 26th Yankee Division 102nd Field Artillery, Battery D of New Bedford. The New Bedford based unit lost 22 young men from the city during World War I. The Battery D service will be held at National Guard Artillery Square, where the monument erected to Battery D stands, at the corner of Kempton and North streets, on Saturday, November 10 at 1:00 p.m. Refreshments will follow at the Waldron Barrack, 1092 Kempton Street. The “doughboy” statue at the square was modeled after Warren M. Frank, city resident and Battery D veteran, and was originally dedicated on May 30, 1924. The Veterans Day Parade will be held on Sunday, November 11, beginning at 11 a.m. It is presented by the City of New Bedford Veterans Advisory Board Veterans Day Parade Committee. At 11 a.m., marking the signing of the Armistice of 11 November 1918, bells will toll across the country including the bell in front of the New Bedford Main Library at 613 Pleasant Street. City Veteran’s Agent Chris Gomes said the organizers are extending an open invitation to all area veterans to march in the New Bedford parade, whether they are a post member or not. “Our local veterans’ groups welcome all veterans to march with their organizations, and we hope they will be able to join us in the parade rather than as observers,” said Gomes. Parade participants will gather at the intersection of Rockdale Avenue and Union Street (Buttonwood Park) at approximately 10:30 a.m. and the parade will step off at 11:00 a.m. sharp. The parade route has changed this year due to ongoing roadwork in the City. The parade will march east on Union Street, then turn north onto County Street, and then turn east onto William Street to the reviewing stand located in front of the New Bedford Main Library on the corner of Pleasant Street and William Street. A Veterans Day service will be held at the reviewing stand at the conclusion of the parade and all participants and parade attendees are encouraged to attend. Seating will be reserved for elderly and disabled veterans near the reviewing stand. Parade organizers have announced that World War II and Korean Conflict veteran Octavio “Tacky” Pragana will serve as the Grand Marshal of the 2018 parade. About Octavio “Tacky” Pragana The New Bedford Veterans Board proudly announces that Octavio "Tacky'' Pragana, a Navy veteran in World War II and Korea and a retired New Bedford police officer, has been named the grand marshal of the annual New Bedford Veterans Day parade. Mr. Pragana is 92. He was born March 12, 1926 in New Bedford as Octavio Pragana. He joined the service as a young man, enlisting in the United States Navy in 1943 during World War II. On Oct. 13, 1944 he was aboard the USS Canberra, 90 miles off Formosa, now known as Taiwan. The ship was struck by an aerial torpedo, killing 23 crew members instantly. He was uninjured and stayed on the ship, which was repaired and traveled on her own power via the Panama Canal to Boston. Before the Canberra was struck, Pragana earned seven battle stars in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater and two battle stars for liberation of the Philippines. He later served in the Korean conflict era on the Seventh Fleet of the U.S. Navy from 1950-1952, and was honorably discharged from the military in 1952. He eventually became a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary in 1982, and is a member of the auxiliary to this day. When his full-time military service ended, Pragana returned to New Bedford and eventually became a New Bedford Police officer. Through the years, he worked for the department in a variety of roles, including detective, motorcycle officer and firearms instructor. Pragana retired in 1988, but he never really left. Nearly every day, he grabs a cup of coffee and heads to police headquarters. He chats with officers, volunteers at events and works out at the gym in the basement of Station Three, at 781 Ashley Blvd. in the North End. He is such a familiar and beloved figure doing his workouts that the New Bedford Police Union named the gym in his honor.

Eric Caron's dad, the late New Bedford Police Officer Edmond Caron, would be so proud. Eric is a retired federal agent who is now teaching an intriguing-sounding class at Greater New Bedford Regional Voc-Tech.

Sgt. Josh Fernandes gave a safety talk recently to children at Holy Family Holy Name Elementary School.

We are sorry to report that retired New Bedford Police Sgt. Ralph Gioiosa, Jr., 87, of Fairhaven died November 4, 2018 unexpectedly at St. Luke's Hospital. He was the husband of Dolores E. (Medeiros) Gioiosa, with whom he shared 58 years of marriage. Born in New Bedford, son of the late Ralph and Julia (Camaioni) Gioiosa, he lived in New Bedford most of his life before moving to Fairhaven 2 years ago. Mr. Gioiosa was a communicant of Holy Name of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish. He served as a police officer with the New Bedford Police Department for 39 years before retiring as sergeant and he was known as "Sergeant G." In retirement, he was a courier for New Bedford medical and a van driver for Brandon Woods Nursing Home and Community Connections. Mr. Gioiosa enjoyed practicing hypnotism. He served in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War. Survivors include his wife; a son, David Gioiosa and his wife Karen of Sutton, MA; a daughter, Susan Bissonnette and her husband Brian of Lakeville; a sister, Celia LeClair of Fairhaven; 3 grandchildren, Michael Gioiosa, Matthew Pittsley and Celeste Bissonnette; 3 great-grandchildren; many nieces and nephews. He was the brother of the late Mary Olassen, Theresa Kester and Elinor Curran. His visiting hours will be held on Friday, November 9th from 4-8 PM in the the Saunders-Dwyer Home For Funerals, 495 Park St. New Bedford. His Funeral Mass and burial will be private. Rest in peace Sgt. G.

Don't forget to vote tomorrow! And while you're at the polls, be sure to say hello to our officers, who will be overseeing every polling place. NBPD plays a big role on election day. Our officers oversee every polling place, and then, when the polls close, they bring the ballot boxes to City Hall. Members of our traffic division then oversee the ballot count and, when complete, sign off on the results that are then placed in a vault. Vote for the candidate of your choice and don't forget those questions. For us, though, there is no question: New Bedford police are at the top of our ballot for ensuring a smooth and safe election day. Waiting for the final results on primary night were, from left, Officer Paul Pires; Sgt. Scott Liberty, the unit supervisor; Officer J.R. Ribeiro; Officer Bryan Dos Anjos and Cadet Mike Chicca.

In a fire, time can be a fatal enemy. Which is why New Bedford Fire Chief Michael Gomes and State Fire Marshal Peter Ostroskey remind everyone to check your smoke alarms when you turn back your clocks early Sunday, Nov. 4. “This weekend as you change your clocks, check your alarms,” said State Fire Marshal Ostroskey. “Prevent that annoying chirp of a dying smoke alarm battery by replacing the alkaline batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms now, unless you have newer alarms with 10-year sealed batteries. Check the age of your alarms. Smoke alarms need to be replaced after ten years usually, and carbon monoxide alarms usually after 5-7.” Time is your enemy in a fire and working smoke alarms give you precious time to use your home escape plan before poisonous gases and heat make escape impossible.

Chief Joseph Cordeiro took newly named UMass Dartmouth chancellor Robert Johnson on a ridealong to introduce him to the city. They took a photo break at Hazelwood Park.

If some of our officers look less than clean-shaven this month, don't be surprised. They're paying for the privilege with donations to help military veterans and their families. Thirty-four New Bedford police officers are participating in No-Shave November in support of Home Base, a Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Program. They are permitted to grow beards and goatees when they donate or fundraise $100 for Home Base and support its mission to help veterans and military families heal from invisible wounds of war— such as post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury — regardless of their financial means or discharge status. “I am proud of our officers for supporting this incredible cause,” said New Bedford Chief of Police Joseph C. Cordeiro. “Home Base provides essential services to veterans and we are honored to continue to help fulfill its mission.” The No-Shave November movement is spearheaded by MBTA Transit officer, Army veteran and Purple Heart recipient Kurt Power who sought care at Home Base. “The only wish I have is that we give the gift of hope to all the veterans who don’t believe reintegration is possible. Hope to the approximately 20 veterans a day that may give up tomorrow,” said Power. “If I can convince just one person who needs help to listen to me and put their trust in the treatment at Home Base, this will all be worth it.” Power and his fellow first responders at the New Bedford Police Department will go beyond the badge to not only help raise money for Home Base, a program that is widely recognized for changing the lives of veterans and their families, but to spark conversation, raise awareness and break the stigma associated with mental health care. To date, the first responder No-Shave November campaign has raised over $200,000 for Home Base. The New Bedford Police Department is asking community members, business owners, family and friends to join the cause and donate. To support New Bedford Police Department’s No-Shave November fundraising efforts, visit For more information about Home Base and No-Shave November, visit Officers participating are: Lt. Nathaniel Rodriguez, Lt. Evan Bielski, Officer Nathan Avelar, Officer Bryant Capello, Sgt. Michael Cassidy, Officer Andrew Parker, Lt. Candido Trinidad, Officer Michael Paiva, Officer Paul Patota, Officer Alan Lord, Officer Lorenzo Gonzalez III, Officer Terrel Parent, Officer Drew Frenette, Officer Russell Marques, Officer Jared Lizotte, Officer Robinson Ubri, Officer Jaime Wotton, Officer Daniel Sweeney, Jr., Officer Sean Nichols, Officer Michael Doyle, Officer Stephen Gwozdz, Officer James Marinelli, Officer Matthew Desrosiers, Sgt. Bryan Safioleas, Officer Ricardo Gomes, Officer Shawn McGuire, Officer Jordan Ferreira, Officer Daniel Victoria, Officer Pedro Moco, Officer Christopher Clements, Sgt. Scott Morton and Officer Al Harrell. Pictured from left: Officer Ricardo Gomes, Lt. Nathaniel Rodriguez and Officer Christopher Clements. Second photo: Officer Michael Paiva.

Officer Christian Gomes leads the Young Marines, who had a booth last Saturday at the veterans expo held at Fort Taber.

#ThrowbackThursday Female New Bedford Police Officers, from left, Kelly Almeida, Annemarie LeFever, Barbara Lipsett, Carol O'Shea and Marge Clayton are all smiles in this May 2000 photo. #Girlpower

It's almost the bewitching hour! Remember to keep an eye out for the little ghosts and goblins as they head out for Halloween!

The Tifereth Israel Community will support the victims of the Tree of Life synagogue attack in Pittsburgh Squirrel with a memorial service along with the interfaith community at 5:45 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 1. Our prayers are with the victims of this terrible tragedy and their families.