Deerfield Police Department

  • Agency: Deerfield Police Department
  • Address: Deerfield Municipal Building, 8 Conway Street, South Deerfield, 01373 MA
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: 413-665-2606
Fax: 413-665-2269

Deerfield Police Department is located at Deerfield Municipal Building, 8 Conway Street, South Deerfield, 01373 MA. The Deerfield Police Department phone number is 413-665-2606.

Deerfield Police Department News

Sgt Ruddock and Detective Sokoloski attended this wonderful training.

Just before noon today a car hit this barn owl. The owl was in flight and hit the cars windshield. Officer Ravish and Auxiliary Officer Burniske picked up the owl and brought it up to Tom Ricardi for observation. Hopefully the owl makes a full recovery.

Deerfield is working on preparing for flooding along the Deerfield and Connecticut Rivers. Representatives of the Police Department, Selectboard, South Deerfield Fire Department, Deerfield Fire Department, South County EMS, Deerfield DPW, Emergency Management Director, South Deerfield Water District, Bement, and Eaglebrook attended a table top exercise hosted by WRHSAC and FRCOG. The intention of this exercise was to discuss and prepare for severe flooding which could impact our community. We want to encourage residents to sign up for CodeRed on the Deerfield town website to stay informed of any future emergency notifications.

Thank You! Clarkdale Fruit Farm, for the apples and cider. LTS Tools, for the glow sticks. Yankee Candle Company, for the candy. Crowley Farm Bar-way Farm Galenski Farm S.D. Taylor Farm Kolakoski Farm Knownacki Farm South Deerfield Fire Department South County EMS Lions Club We are thinking of ways to improve things or change them for next year please comment and or message us any ideas.

We look forward to this wonderful community event every year!

A resident of Deerfield said they had a similar call but no one showed up.

Thankfully no one was hurt this morning! The operator of the white truck will be summons to court on a number of charges including using his cell phone while driving. The white truck was traveling south on North Main Street near the Tilton Library when it crossed into on coming traffic then struck a parked car. The truck continued down the side walk and through the grass stopping by Joshs Detailing service. The operator admitted to Officer Sibilia that he was using his phone not paying attention to the road.

We need your help ! We need to find out who this young man is, we need to talk to him about a theft. Please call us at 413-665-2606 Thank you!

Update: Greenfield Road is open. Greenfield Road is closed from Mill Village to Old Main Street for a truck fire, and related clean up. Greenfield Road will be closed for several hours. It was not a crash, the driver is not injured.

Turn around don’t drown ! Luckily this motorist made it out safely, unfortunately the vehicle did not! Wapping Road by Greenfield Road is closed.

The Story of Tigger On August 9, 2018, Tigger was abandoned in near 100 degree heat near Hillside Road in Deerfield. Tigger was in poor health, starving, covered with flees, and nearly scratched off all his rear end hair and skin. Many calls to Deerfield Police Department were taken, and Tigger was eventually caught by a volunteer of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Regional Dog Shelter. Tigger has been under their care since, seeing multiple vets. Tigger has been very well cared for by the staff at the shelter. Tigger is now back to a normal healthy weight and he has been deemed adoptable. The investigation into what happened to Tigger, prior to him being found in Deerfield, was assigned to Detective Adam Sokoloski. Through the course of the investigation interviews were conducted and records were obtained. Based on the facts and circumstances discovered though the investigation, the owner of Tigger was arraigned at Greenfield District Court on September 13, 2018 on one count of Animal Neglect, which is a felony. Tigger will remain in the care and custody of the shelter during the justice process. The costs associated with the care of Tigger have been extensive. Donations are accepted by check made payable to “Friends of FCSO Dog Shelter.” They can be mailed to: Franklin County Regional Dog Shelter 10 Sandy Lane Turners Falls MA 01376 Thank you to Deputy Sheriff and Shelter Director Leslee Colucci and her staff at the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Regional Dog Shelter. They do great work each and every day caring for dogs that are in need. *Tigger was the name assigned to him*

Stolen Motor Vehicle and Motor Vehicle Break In overnight. Officers are investigating a motor vehicle theft from a residence overnight on North Hillside Road. Additionally, an unlocked vehicle was entered and change stolen from a Stage Road driveway. A photo of a similar vehicle, not the exact vehicle stolen, is shown. If anyone saw or heard anything please give us a call 413-665-2606. Please remember to lock your vehicles.

Motorist Education ! The Deerfield Police Department remains committed to traffic and pedestrian safety. Sgt Harry Ruddock obtained a grant through the Executive Office of Public Safety. The grant had two components - one was enforcement; the grant paid for many extra patrols that started in May. As result of those patrols many motor vehicle stops were made, for speed, distracted driving, impaired driving, and other offenses. After we met the conditions of part one, we were awarded money to use for traffic safety equipment. We invested in these two educational solar powered signs. We have also invested in crosswalk signs. Please Drive Safe!

Missing part of the family? This young male yellow lab was found on Greenfield Road in Old Deerfield near 594. Officer Rosnick would love to take him home, to his owners .. maybe even his house! If he’s is yours please call us 413-665-2606

Officer Ravish is excited for school to begin Thursday!! Officer Ravish ordered some new signs to warn motorists approaching cross walks. The signs are sending us a message that it’s still summer and they aren’t ready for school to start yet. We will be working to get them right side up before Thursday. Enjoy your Monday 😂

The Deerfield Police Department is committed to doing everything we can for the animals in our community! On Thursday August 9, 2018 Deerfield Officers were alerted to a dog running around Hillside Road. The dog looked starved. Our Animal Control Officer is out of service. Three Deerfield Police Officers, including School Resourse Officer Ravish and Chief Paciorek, whom used his entire bag of beef jerky attempting to get the dog close enough to capture, were unsuccessful. We stayed in the area until we were told that two people that volunteered at a local animal shelter were going to try and capture the dog and care for it. The dog was captured by the Good Samaritan, whom called the Deerfield Police Department about who would pay for its care. Our office administrator advised them to go to a local vet and the Deerfield Police Department authorized payment for an evaluation and an estimate of what it would cost to make a determination on the best care for the dog. The Good Samaritan brought the dog to Sunderland Animal Hospital who treated the dog. The town of Deerfield is happy to pay the bill and it is now being processed. The dog is now being rehabilitated at the Franklin County Regional Dog Shelter. The animal control officer will follow up with the Franklin County Reginal Dog Shelter and work with our police department, or any police department that may have jurisdiction over what happened to the dog before it was dumped. We are putting this information out because a number of residents have contacted us because they had seen negative comments and posts on Facebook that included statements that are simply not true. We wish the best and a speedy recovery to the dog, and we are hopeful it will find a new home.

Greenfield Road is down to one lane by house number 700. Crews from MassDot and Berkshire Gas are working to secure a gas line. Heavy Rains have washed away the embankment.

Keets Road is closed because a culvert washed out. Heavy Rain has taken its toll! DPW is working on it. Enjoy your Sunday. 12:30 PM Update Road is now open with a temporary fix.

ROAD CLOSED FOR PAVING On Wednesday August 8, 2018 from 6:AM to 4:PM South Main Street and Thayer Street will be closed. Residents will be able to leave and get back home but may experience delays or be unable to cross the fresh pavement for some time while it cools off. Please feel free to ask officers or the paving crew if it’s ok to go on the new pavement. Thank you!

Reminder the on ramp to Rt 91 North on Conway Road will be closed for paving starting at 0600 on Aug 7.