Westfield Police Department

  • Agency: Westfield Police Department
  • Address: 15 Washington Street, Westfield, 01085 MA
  • Chief: John A Camerota (Chief of Police)
Phone: 413-562-5411
Fax: (413) 572-6551

Westfield Police Department is located at 15 Washington Street, Westfield, 01085 MA. The Chief of Police of the department is John A Camerota. The Westfield Police Department phone number is 413-562-5411.

Westfield Police Department News

For a great cause!

Traffic Advisory - Route 187 (Little River and Feeding Hills Roads) construction Contractors will be conducting work on Route 187 between (Little River Road and Feeding Hills Road) beginning Monday October 29, 2018. Work will be performed from approximately 7am to 5pm. Construction will be taking place near the intersection of Feeding Hills and Pontoosic Roads. Significant delays are expected as traffic will be restricted to 1 lane alternating throughout the construction day. Motorists and heavy commercial vehicles are STRONGLY encouraged to seek an alternate route. It is expected that a full road closure will be required on Thursday 11/1/18 and Friday 11/2/18. Additional details regarding this closure will be released by the end of business on Monday 10/29. Facebook Opens in new window Twitter Opens in new window Google Plus Opens in new window Email Opens in new window

Denise Caez has been locate and is safe. Thank you to everyone who viewed and shared that post.

Landlords and property managers don’t miss this Thursday’s meeting of the Crime Free Multi Housing Group at Shaker Farms Country Club at 6:00 pm. This month we will feature guest speaker John B. Stewart, Esq. of Counsel, Murphy & Manitsas, LLP, Springfield, MA Adjunct Professor of Law at Western New England University Law School who concentrates his practice in defending Landlords/Owners when tenants file counterclaims. The topic this month will be "Mold, Bed Bugs, Lead Paint —What’s Your Exposure?" Attendance is free unless you would like to purchase dinner for $19.00. For more information click the link below or contact Officer Steve Gonglik at s.gonglik@cityofwestfield.org, or 413-579-7003. http://www.westfieldpolice.org/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=880

Our neighbors in West Springfield, are looking for some help identifying the two individuals shown below:

Tomorrow night! Landlords, come hear from Hyman G. Darling, Esq., partner at Bacon/Wilson P.C. and Chairman of the Estate Planning and Elder Law Department who will talk about protecting your assets with his presentation, "Estate Planning 101". DON'T LOSE YOUR ASSETS BECAUSE OF POOR PLANNING! Shaker Farms Country Club, 6:00 pm. http://www.westfieldpolice.org/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=862


**Construction Advisory - Washington Street Area** Wednesday September 19, 2018 subcontractors for Westfield Gas & Electric will begin the installation of a gas main on Washington Street. Contractors are set to begin at the intersection of Washington & Franklin Streets and continue southbound. The construction will take place in the northbound lane of Washington Street close to the center line resulting in 1 lane being open. Southbound traffic on Washington Street will be limited to emergency vehicles, buses, and large tractor trailer units traveling westbound on Franklin Street. Eastbound traffic on Franklin Street will be directed to use Elm Street to continue south. Northbound traffic will flow in the open lane of Washington Street. Construction on Washington Street is expected to last at least a number of weeks starting with installing the main gas line, hooking up residential services and other improvements.

****Update**** The vehicle was located by WPD patrol units abandoned in a parking lot this evening. Anyone with information regarding the theft is still asked to contact the department. ***** During the early morning hours on September 12, Oleksak Lumber on Cabot Rd was broken into. Numerous items were taken, including a truck. The truck is a red 2003 Ford F550 with a dump body. The vehicle has the company logo shown in the photo on it in numerous places. The vehicle was possibly spotted in Ludlow and Springfield on September 12 and 13. Anyone with information is asked to contact Sergeant Phelon at 642-9387. Anyone who sees the stolen vehicle is asked to contact the local police in the jurisdiction where the vehicle is located.

We are trying to identify this man. These photos are of him after he used several credit cards that were stolen earlier this week during a series of car breaks in the Holyoke Road/ Springdale Road area. If you happen to know who this is, please contact Detective Freeman at 413-642-9388 or send a private message to this page. Thanks in advance.

*** EDIT*** This female party has been identified. Thank you for all of the information. The Westfield Police Department is looking for assistance in identifying the female shown in the below pictures. We can't comment on the nature of the investigation at the moment, but we are looking to speak with her. She may live or frequent the Union Street, Powder-Mill village area and has a tattoo on her upper right back/shoulder area. Anyone with information can contact Det. Rick Mazza @ r.mazza@cityofwestfield.org, call 413-642-9390 or message this page. As usual, you will remain confidential. Please, share away!

The Westfield Police Department apparently has a safe in storage. Who knew? Research shows the safe is a Mosler Safe built in 1911 or so. I would like to know if anyone in cyberspace recognizes it or has the skills to open it without damaging it. I know there are several punch lines out there, but I really am looking for serious responses. My best, Captain Michael McCabe

We need you to help us find Araya Moreau. She is 14 years old, 5'1" and about 150 pounds. She has purple hair and may be wearing glasses. She was last seen yesterday afternoon. If you know where she is please call Detective Cekovsky at 413-642-9386 or our Dispatch at 413-562-5411 ext 0. Thank you very much Update: Araya was located early this morning. Thank you to all who viewed and shared this post.

The Westfield Police Department is looking for your assistance. The female shown below, entered the Country Mart on Little River Road and passed a counterfeit $100 bill. She was the passenger in the black, late model Volvo SUV, pictured. Anybody with any information, can email: r.mazza@cityofwestfield.org, 413-642-9390 or send a PM to this page. As usual, you will remain anonymous. Thank you and please, share, share, share!

*******UPDATE****** John has been located and is safe ***************** The Westfield Police Department is once again seeking your assistance. We are attempting to locate 16 year old John Dyer. He was last seen on the morning of April 20th before he left his foster home. John is described to be approximately 5'03" tall and weighs about 130 pounds. He was last seen wearing ripped jeans, a jean jacket, a grey sweatshirt and a blue shirt. If you see John, or know his whereabouts, please contact Det. Mejias at (413)572-6400 or our Dispatch Center at (413)562-5411.

Update...... Bonnie has been located Thank you We are trying to locate Bonnie Voisine. She is 14 years old, about 5 feet 5 inches tall and has brown hair. She was last seen by her parents yesterday. If you have information about where she may be, please call the Westfield Police Department at 413-562-5411

In addition to the recent post by the Detective Bureau regarding victimization using on-line on rental properties, there are a couple of tell tale signs to look for when you are making a decision to select a rental property on-line or anything on-line for that matter. These are not absolutes, but as someone who has read every fraud report for the last 20 years or so, these are things to look for: 1. Is the rentor local? You can usually figure that out by checking the zip code of the return contact number. A flag. 2. Is the person receiving the money the same as the original rentor? A flag. 3. Is the name of the original rentor very English? This is not in anyway meant to be prejudicial. It is based on experience. Many people in the con game use very English names in order to allay the fears of the rentee, i.e., Tom Smith, Luke Scott, Dan Jones. It is probably the most common trick scammers use and for good reason. It is successful. A flag. 4. If the original rentor then asks you to send the money other than to themselves is the new name appears as if they could be from a foreign country? A flag. While none of these indicators are absolutes, they can certainly serve as a guidepost to your decision making processes and can go a long long way in reducing your exposure to being a victim of fraud. Captain Michael A. McCabe

*** PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT*** The Westfield Police Department is seeing an ongoing trend of victims who have been scammed out of money after sending funds for apartments and/or houses for rent, online. In almost all cases, the suspect(s) are not located in the United States and it is impossible to capture and prosecute them for the theft. The suspects comb through various legitimate sites and take the pictures and info from those ads, then re-post them with their contact information. They do this so that when a victim "googles" the property, they see the ad on the legitimate site and think that the ad is in fact legit. Once most scams get going, the suspect tells you, in some way, to send money to an account and they will mail you the key. It should go without saying, that this is extraordinarily suspicious however, people continue to blindly send them their money. Once a scam is successful, which they have been in Westfield, the area is flooded with scam ads and we start to see more and more victims. If you are looking online for an apartment or house to rent in Westfield (or anywhere for that matter), DO NOT, under any circumstances, EVER, send money to a person or bank account, without being able to meet with someone in person, at the property in question, for a walk through of said property, no matter how legitimate the ad or person you are dealing with online seems. In one incident, a picture of a driver's license was sent to the victim as if to verify that the person was legitimate but the license was fake and so was the information it contained. Don't be a victim and stay vigilant to where your money is going. Thank you all and as usual, please share, share, share!

04/02/18 This woman shown below has been identified, thank you to everyone who shared and commented on this post. Guess who makes small purchases with fake $100 bills to get real money as change, has poor taste in candy dishes and did not know that the Westfield Salvation Army (yes the Salvation Army) has a good camera system. She is described as short with blonde hair, wears a furry vest and may be carrying a used zebra striped purse. If you know who she is, please contact Detective Edwards at 413-642-9389 or send a private message to this page. Additionally, if someone hands you a $100 bill that looks like the bills in the photos shown below, it would be best if you did not accept it.

Good afternoon, Recently there was an incident at Papermill School where the school was evacuated and both the police and fire departments were on hand to do an assessment of the threat. After an assessment the threat was deemed to be not credible based on the nature of the threat. The Westfield Police Department's policy on releasing information to the public is that as long is there is an ongoing investigation the particulars of the investigation will not be released until there is a credible threat or an arrest has been made or someone is criminally charged. Springfield's policy states "the department will not release statements about such school threats unless the threat is determined to be credible and/or an arrest has been made." Since the police department is not notified of "robo" calls by the school department, we have no way of knowing what was said during those calls. We are working to change that. This particular instance was no different. It is my understanding that a "robo" call was generated and it was sent after the children were sent home. Unfortunately because of the late hour, by the time people heard the call and tried to contact the school department it had already closed. They then started calling the police department and were frustrated that they did not receive the information they were looking for. Matters that occur in the schools are the purview of the school department and it is up to them to release the information they deem fit. The exception would be if there was an immediate risk to public safety. In this instance it was deemed not to be for a variety of reasons. I can assure you we will do everything possible to protect your children from harm. My office was in contact with the police department throughout the evening, and I was also monitoring social media as well. Granted, we are living in difficult times, but common sense assessments still have to rule the day. Respectfully, Captain Michael McCabe

Don't forget, this Thursday night at 6:00 pm, at Shaker Farms Country Club is the free meeting of the Crime Free Multi Housing Group for Landlords and Property Managers. Again, this is a free meeting for property owners and managers that will focus this month on the eviction process with special guest speaker Laura J. Fenn Assistant Clerk Magistrate of the Western Division Housing Court. For more information click the link below. http://www.westfieldpolice.org/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=764

It is not every day cops and bikers get together, but in this case it was pretty cool. The Crippled Old Busted Bikers (C.O.B.B.) of River Valley paid us a visit to drop off a gift to the Westfield Police Department Domestic Violence program in the amount of $6,179.60. Their president, Paul Sporbert, and member, Kim Valles, contacted our Domestic Violence Coordinator, Delia Liquori, and asked how we assisted victims who needed help immediately. Delia explained it was difficult because there are no funds readily available to help because city programs are not allowed to raise funds. That was all Paul and Kim needed to hear. They set up and hosted a comedy night at East Mountain Country Club, featuring Bucky Lewis, and raised more than $6,000 to donate to people in need of shelter and clothing in domestic situations. We are grateful for their gift and will put it to good use. We hope the wind is always at their backs and their bikes are always upright. Humbly, Captain Michael A. McCabe

We are trying to identify the person shown in this video. He appears to be about 5'8", brown hair and wears glasses. He is shown here making sure the coast is clear before stealing a basket full of razors. If you happen to know who he is please call Detective Freeman at 413-642-9388 or message this page privately.

West Springfield Police are seeking information on these two parties for their involvement in a multiple victim shooting. Please share away!

With tax season again upon us, I wanted to re-share our post from 2016 addressing IRS related scams. The following link should also take you to the most recent IRS page regarding scams. https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/tax-scams-consumer-alerts