Malden Police Department

  • Agency: Malden Police Department
  • Address: 800 Eastern Ave, Malden, 02148 MA
  • Chief: Kenneth Coye (Chief of Police)
Phone: 781-397-7171
Fax: 781-397-0296

Malden Police Department is located at 800 Eastern Ave, Malden, 02148 MA. The Chief of Police of the department is Kenneth Coye. The Malden Police Department phone number is 781-397-7171.

Malden Police Department News

Malden PD will be joining first responders across Red Sox Nation for the @Home Base, a Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Program’s First Responder #NoShaveNovember campaign. Officers from the department will be donating $100.00 each to Home Base to support their mission to heal the invisible wounds for Veterans, Service Members, and their Family Members. Support our efforts below

drug take back day Malden PD tomorrow at 10am-2pm

Coming Today to most American cellphones: a presidential text alert. The Federal Emergency Management Agency plans its first test of a system for sending nationwide wireless messages to U.S. cellphones and some smartwatches. The drill is scheduled to start at 2:18 p.m. ET, followed two minutes later by a similar message sent through television and radio broadcasts. Some wireless alerts could be delayed by as much as 30 minutes.

Geanni Ordonez has been located safe. Please disregard the post from 09/11/18.

The following link highlights many of the current scams. The do not call registry prevents many calls from being received, but scammers are always trying to work around and calls do get through often.

Once again scams are plaguing more and more victims in the area. The newest scam involves a call claiming to be an Amazon representative telling the target he/she can work for amazon and make 20-30 dollars an hour. They sometimes ask for personal info, but will require a 200-300 startup fee for the "welcome start up kit." Amazon confirms it will never ask a person for money, and this is fraud. In addition, the IRS and other telephone scams are still actively occurring. You should NEVER disclose personal info or send money, wire transfers, green dot or google gift cards to an individual as its almost always a fraudulent scam. Also remember spoof phone numbers can be used, making it appear on your caller ID the phone is being placed from a police or government agency.

National Preparedness Month (NPM), recognized each September, provides an opportunity to remind us that we all must prepare ourselves and our families now and throughout the year. This NPM will focus on planning, with an overarching theme: Disasters Happen. Prepare Now. Learn How. Please visit or for more information. #PrepareNow #FloodSmart #NatlPrep

Malden PD wishes Aidyn Mackley well today as the 16 year old courageously fights a bout with cancer. Many area police agencies were in attendance as Mass State Police Lt Drummy of Cops for Kids with Cancer presents a check to Aidyn and his family. The police community wishes Aidyn and his family the best. Special thanks to the many agencies that assisted in making this a memorable moment. Massachusetts State Police Woburn Police Department Tewksbury Police Department

Aug 22, 2018

The IRS Telephone Scam is circulating around Malden. We have received several complaints of calls both on land line and wireless calls. Please remember that this is just a Scam. If an IRS number calls you threatening that a police officer is going to come to your door or arrest you, remember it is just a scam. This scam also has a call back number that brings you to an official sounding IRS line this is not true. It is just a scam. Never give out your financial or personal information to these callers. They will often ask for gift cards and or money orders as a result of outstanding debt/fines to the IRS. Please do not engage these callers.

Ayaliz Delarosa has been located.

Ayaliz Delarosa has been reported missing to the Malden Police Department. If anyone knows her whereabouts or has any information please contact Malden Police at 781-322-1212.

On 06/25/2018 an incident at Burger King (Malden) where an individual identified as Shawn Oleary of Everett picked up and carried away a donation bin that was set aside to help support local schools. After a brief struggle to load the donation bin, Shawn Oleary placed the bin in a vehicle and fled southbound on Broadway towards Everett.

Audrina Hebert has been located.

Audrina Hebert has been reported missing. If anyone has any information please contact Malden Police at 781-322-1212.

Kheira Tarantino has been reported missing. If anyone has any information please contact Malden Police at 781-322-1212.

Motorized Wheelchair returned to owner.

The Malden Police Department is investigating the theft of a motorized wheelchair that occurred on 06/06/2018 between the hours of 6:30 AM-2:00 PM. The motorized wheelchair was taken from the Fairview Ave area. Below is a stock photo of what the wheelchair looks like. If anyone has any information please contact Malden Police at 781-322-1212.

Do not become a victim of phone scams/fraud. Calls are becoming more and more frequent, resulting in many victims. Remember, no legitimate federal, state, or local agency will demand payment, wire transfers etc. Also, scammers can make the number calling from look like it is from a legitimate organization. Here is a link with some of the common scams currently making their way around the greater Boston area,

Please disregard the missing person bulletin for Michael White. He has been located.

Michael White was reported missing to the Malden Police Department. If anyone has any information please call 781-322-1212.