Randolph Police Department

  • Agency: Randolph Police Department
  • Address: 41 S Main St, Randolph, 02368 MA
  • Chief: Paul Porter (Chief of Police)
Phone: 781-963-1212

Randolph Police Department is located at 41 S Main St, Randolph, 02368 MA. The Chief of Police of the department is Paul Porter. The Randolph Police Department phone number is 781-963-1212.

Randolph Police Department News

Randolph Police Participating in No Shave November https://randolphpd.com/2018/11/02/randolph-police-participating-in-no-shave-november/

Randolph Police Participating in No Shave November RANDOLPH -- Chief William Pace is pleased to announce that members of the Randolph Police Department will once again participate in No Shave November. Officers who choose to participate will pledge $100 to Home Base in exchange for a month-long waiver from the department policy restricting facial hair growth. Home Base is a Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital program dedicated to helping veterans — and their families — who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, have a traumatic brain injury, or other related conditions. "This is a fun and impactful way our department can support veterans and their families," Chief Pace said. "Home Base is a great cause and I am hoping that we can raise a lot of money for them this year." To learn more about Home Base, or to visit the RPD fundraising page, go to https://because.massgeneral.org/fundraiser/1651858.

Randolph Police Host Successful Active Shooter Response Training Course https://randolphpd.com/2018/11/02/randolph-police-host-successful-active-shooter-response-training-course/

Randolph Police Chief Seeks to Notify Residents About Gas Maintenance Work RANDOLPH -- Chief William Pace would like to notify Randolph residents that Algonquin Gas will be performing maintenance work in Canton over the next five days and nearby residents may detect an odor of gas. The gas utility will be working today until Monday, Nov. 5 at its valve site near Saddleback Lane in Canton, close to the Randolph town line. The work requires small amounts of odorized natural gas to be released intermittently. There may also be loud noises associated with the work being done. Algonquin Gas personnel will be on-site during the entirety of the maintenance work and will ensure that the work is conducted in a safe manner. Local police and fire departments will be notified shortly before and at the conclusion of the controlled releases of natural gas, so that they can appropriately respond to any calls that they might receive. Residents who have questions can call Algonquin Gas at 617-254-4050. As always if you have an emergency, call 911.

Randolph Police Chief Seeks to Notify Residents About Gas Maintenance Work https://randolphpd.com/2018/11/01/randolph-police-chief-seeks-to-notify-residents-about-gas-maintenance-work/

We had to relax our standards on the entry into our police station of a four legged creature (kind of). The local Outback restaurant in Randolph sent their mascot over with some of their menu offerings to show their appreciation for law enforcement. This unannounced visit caught us by surprise and this is the first time we have allowed a kangaroo in the roll call room. We have awesome community partners in Randolph. We would like to thank the Outback and their awesome representatives who came by the station!

Do you want to get Emergency Notifications from the Town? Then join the new notification program called Hyper Reach! See information below to sign up....

RANDOLPH POLICE TO OFFER ACTIVE SHOOTER RESPONSE TRAINING COURSE NEXT WEEK Friday, Oct. 12, 2018 RANDOLPH -- Chief William Pace would like to remind residents that the Randolph Police Department will offer community members a training session on reacting to active shooter incidents next week. The Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) training is meant to prepare civilians for the possibility that they could be targeted in a violent intruder event, giving them knowledge to help save their own lives and the lives of others before law enforcement arrives. WHEN: Wednesday, Oct. 17, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. WHERE: Randolph Intergenerational Community Center, 128 Pleasant St. WHAT: The Randolph Police Department is offering the two-hour class free of charge. Participants will learn strategies about how to prepare for and respond to being confined inside a building during a violent intruder event. In addition, information will be provided about how to help law enforcement in such situations and limit casualties. Individuals, businesses, churches, community groups and other types of organizations are welcome and encouraged to attend. The course was developed by the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Center at Texas State University, and was designed around the "Avoid, Deny, Defend" strategy. To sign up for the training session, please contact Randolph Police Commander John Hamelburg at johnhamelburg@randolphmapolice.com or call 781-963-1212. Any groups that would like to book the training session outside of Oct. 17 can also contact Commander Hamelburg to express their interest. ### https://randolphpd.com/2018/10/12/randolph-police-to-offer-active-shooter-response-training-course-next-week/

2018 Pink Patch Announcement Thank you to everyone who supported the Randolph Police Pink Patch Project last year! Because of all of your support we were able to raise $7,030.00 for Boston Hospitals, patient centers, and patient support. The community response to this project was second to none! This year the Randolph PD will be fundraising for Dana-farber: South Shore Hospital Patient Support Services and Marisa’s Mission. Dana Farber and South Shore Hospital are providing patients with outstanding support and guidance in not only treatment, but also topics such as nutrition. Marisa’s Mission is a local non-profit that was established in memory of Marisa Federico, a local resident who fought, battled, and persevered through her breast cancer treatment. Marisa’s story is inspirational to say the least and her story has assisted and motivated patients to battle this troubling disease. Marisa’s Mission assists patients and their families with travel to and from treatment, lodging, co-pays, caregiving, and therapy to name a few. The randolph PD will be fundraising for the next 6-8 weeks for these two great causes. in addition to our regular shoulder patch we have a limited supply of special operations and honor guard pink patches. There are less than 50 less of both specialty patches due to them selling extremely fast already. We do however, have hundreds of our regular should patch, we are hoping to sell these out! New this year we also have vehicle stickers. The stickers come in the regular patch, special operations patch, and the honor guard patch. These stickers are great for cars, storefront windows, athletic helmets, etc… Patches will be sold for $10 each and stickers will be sold for $5 each. Patches can be purchased 24/7 at the Randolph Police Departments Dispatch window. Checks and cash can also be mailed to the following: Randolph Police Department: Attn: Officer Gilbert 41 South main Street Randolph, Ma, 02368 Checks can be made payable to: Randolph Police Pink Patch Project If you are purchasing a Special Ops or Honor Guard patch please include your telephone number in the envelope, in the event we sell out. Thank you for your continued support!

Bruins fans here is your chance to purchase the winning raffle ticket to a signed and frame Boston Bruins Jersey put on by the Randolph Police Patrolman’s Union Local 18 and the Randolph Police Association. Click to see how to purchase a winning raffle ticket...

This past weekend RPD Officers were at RCMS school supply drive hosted by Gordon Hayward. This was a challenge by the Celtics forward to the community to donate 20 items to support the work of teachers throughout the town.

Remembering 9/11.

Good turnout for today’s Youth Council Car Wash!

Youth Council Car was going on now 11-1 Zapustas Arena

ROAD CLOSURE Motor vehicle crash with utility pole damage on Lafayette St. Lafayette St will be closed at Grove St and Adams St. National Grid is en route for pole replacement. Please avoid the area and seek alternate routes.

Please be advised work being done by helicopter along the high tension wires this week...

For parents and families of RPS students: https://www.facebook.com/1715549291840168/posts/1948367288558366/

The Randolph Police Department would like to wish everyone a safe and happy first day back to school! We hope you’re as excited as School Resource Officers Detectives Gagnon and Jones are! (Don’t be mislead by Detective Gagnon’s lack of a smile, she’s just upset we forgot to cut the crust off her PB&J)

On Friday morning a number of cars were entered and items were stolen in the area of High Street, Royal Street and Reed Street. The common denominator of all of these break ins- the cars were unlocked! This thief walks to each car and tries the door handle and if the car is locked he moves on and if the door is open he gets into the car and steals items of value. We would like to catch this person with your assistance. If you know who this person may be and don't want to be known, call us or send us a private message. Crimes of opportunity happen all of the time and criminals rely on this. Don't make yourself a target, lock up your valuables whether it is your house, your car, your shed, etc. If you see someone suspicious at any time please call us at that time! Help us help you not be a victim of a crime.

Enhanced Penalties for disability placard abuse as of July 1, 2018.

Calling all RPD history buffs: Det. James Smith (Ret.) of the Brockton Police Department came across this piece of RPD history. The photo is of Police Chief John Madigan. We believe that Chief Madigan served prior to 1924 when the Randolph Police Department began as a regular department within the town. Chief Patrick McDonnell was the first police chief and served for over 24 years. Before the Randolph Police Department was organized- the town was served by constables and "special officers" paid on a yearly basis through an article at town meeting. We believe It was prior to the police department's formal organization that Chief Madigan served. We also know that Chief Madigan was married in Randolph at age 34 to Gertrude A. Powderly age 31 on August 2, 1917. His occupation was listed as police officer. The couple lived on Center Street. Chief Madigan died in October of 1939. The funeral cortege was attended to by Chief McDonnell and Motorcycle Officer Louis DeCota. If anyone else has any information regarding this time in RPD history, please comment below.

In support of the Weymouth community, we are sharing a fundraiser being held by the Weymouth High School Class of 1994. A scholarship for a student attending WHS pursuing law or criminal justice has been created to honor our fallen brothers. See the attached for details.

In the early morning hours today several cars were entered in the Ledgehill Road area. Please remove all valuables, lock your car doors and don't be an easy target.