Marion Police Department

  • Agency: Marion Police Department
  • Address: 550 Mill Street, Marion, 02738 MA
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: (508) 748-1212
Fax: (508) 748-0786

Marion Police Department is located at 550 Mill Street, Marion, 02738 MA. The Marion Police Department phone number is (508) 748-1212.

Marion Police Department News

Our new Marion Police Brotherhood challenge coins have arrived. These coins are not for sale. Each officer is given 10 coins to give away or trade for a challenge coin. Within the next week officers will be receiving their coins.

Pink Patch Project This month members of the Marion Police Department can elect to wear a pink department patch in support of breast cancer awareness Officers donate a minimum of $20 to purchase the patches to wear on their uniform. The proceeds will go to a breast cancer charity. Members of the public can show their support and purchase a patch for $10 each at the police station


Stop by, it's for a great cause.

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 15th begins our pink patch project. For a ten dollar donation you can get one of our pink patches. Come on in, we are open 24/7. Proceeds go to a great cause! There are a limited number of patches.

Remembering the 40 who lost their lives fighting terrorism on Flight 93.

Remembering 9/11

THE MARION POLICE BROTHERHOOD PINK PATCH PROJECT!!! Starting September 15, 2018, for a limited time only, members of the public can purchase a pink Marion Police Department uniform patch. The proceeds go to breast cancer research. Patches are available at the police station for a $10 donation. Members of the department will be purchasing the patches to wear on their uniforms for the month of October.

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Happy Labor Day