Search Maryland Arrest Records

The great state of Maryland makes criminal records available to the public for searches and viewing with only a few exceptions, records that have been shielded or expunged. It is quick and easy to search for someone with just his or her name. You can perform a free search here on

Arrest Records and Warrants in Maryland

Maryland keeps an open data portal of arrest records, and you can see if someone has been arrested, for what crime and the status of the case. You may also see their full names and address; along with age and the date they were arrested. With just a few quick keystrokes, you can search and find out if someone you know has been up to no good.

Performing a Background Check

Running a background check on someone is becoming more popular as the dangers of our society grow. Before hiring someone to work at your company, or rent property from you, you might want to do a thorough background check first. Not only will you be able to see their entire employment history but also whether or not they have any criminal offenses against them and if they are a good driver or not.

Criminal Records Search in Maryland

The Maryland Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) of the Department of Public Safety & Correctional Services handles and maintains all criminal records. They keep very detailed records, and when you search, you will have access to all kinds of data such as court information, arrest information, their name, date of birth, race, gender, and address. You can also see specific details on each of their crimes, the plea, disposition, verdict, sentencing, and dates.

MD Prison and Inmate Records

Maryland also keeps prison inmate records open to the public and with a quick name search you can see who is incarcerated and at what prison. You can also quickly find the address of the facility if you want to visit.

Crime Rate

Total reported incidents in Maryland in 2016 increased by 2.35% compared to 2015 and is higher than national average of 3,311.69 per 100,000 people. Violent crimes increased from 12,456 to 14,175 while non-violent crime decreased by 0.56% from 49,041 to 48,767.

5 Crimes In Maryland 2016 with most arrests

Crime Arrests
Larceny-theft 31,971
Burglary 10,477
Aggravated assault 7,050
Motor vehicle theft 6,319
Robbery 6,281

Counties in Maryland with the Highest Crime Rate

Among the 16 counties the most dangerous is the Charles county with 527 violent crimes that’s 3.72% of the total of 14,175. Charles County has the highest number of records per 100,000 residents that is below the state average of 1,094 and lower than national average of 469.

County Arrests
Charles 527
Harford 384
Washington 193
Frederick 185
Calvert 121

Safest Cities in Maryland

Are you planning a move to Maryland? Here are the safest cities in Maryland with the lowest crime rates. You chance of being a victim of a violent crime in Maryland is 1 out of 91 up by 0.1% compared to previous year. The lowest rate of violent crime is in Boonsboro and safest city to encounter a property crime is Manchester.

City Crime Rate
Manchester 4
Brentwood 6
Smithsburg 6
Hampstead 8
Crisfield 8

Violent Crimes

Violent Crimes rates in MD increased by 13.8% from 2015 and increased by 15.19% in the last 5 years since 2011 from 12,306 to 14,175. In 2016 violent crimes in MD was 133.11% lower than the national rate. Your chances of being a victim of violent crimes in Maryland is 1.094%.

Property Crimes

Property crime rate in Maryland decreased by 0.56% from 2015 and decreased by 9.15% in the last 5 years since 2011 from 53,681 to 48,767. In 2016 property crimes in MD was 32.4% lower than the national average. Your chances of being a victim of a property crime is 3.763%.

How Maryland stands up against other states

Maryland vs. Missouri

You’ll be in more danger in Maryland compared to Missouri. Missouri had an 9.3% lower crime rate than Maryland. Wisconsin scored the lowest with a 40.45% lower crime rate according to the FBI. Robbery rates of 485 per 100,000 people is higher than national of 136 per 100,000 people and higher than average 161 in Missouri. Burglary rates of 809 per 100,000 people is higher than national of 502 per 100,000 people and higher than average 614 in Missouri.

Maryland vs. Wisconsin

You’ll be in more danger in Maryland compared to Wisconsin. Wisconsin had an 40.45% lower crime rate than Maryland. Colorado scored the lowest with a 22.55% lower crime rate according to the FBI. Rape rates of 0 per 100,000 people is lower than national of 2 per 100,000 people and lower than average 11 in Wisconsin. Larceny rates of 2,467 per 100,000 people is higher than national of 2,054 per 100,000 people and higher than average 1,846 in Wisconsin.

Names with the most arrests in Maryland

Crime rate by age group, gender, and race

The most crimes, that's 39.6% of all records in state are committed by the people aged between 21-30.

DID you know?

  • The overall crime rate in Maryland is 0.53% lower than the national average.
  • For every 100,000 people, there are 13.31 daily crimes that occur in Maryland.
  • Maryland is riskier than Missouri.
  • In Maryland you have a 1 in 21 chance of becoming a victim of any crime.
  • Year over year crimes in Maryland have increased by 2.35%.