Hampstead Police Department

  • Agency: Hampstead Police Department
  • Address: 1112 S. Main Street, Hampstead, 21074 MD
  • Chief: William Letoile Jr (Chief of Police)

Hampstead Police Department is located at 1112 S. Main Street, Hampstead, 21074 MD. The Chief of Police of the department is William Letoile Jr. The Hampstead Police Department phone number is 410-239-8954.

Hampstead Police Department News

As a reminder: as the temperature gets colder allow time to defrost your windshield in the morning.

Robert's Field Halloween Video 5

Robert's Field Halloween Video 4

Robert's Field Halloween Video 3

Robert's Field Halloween Video 2

Robert's Field Halloween Video 1

Greenmount Bowling Alley Rock n Bowl Saturday October 27, 2018. Thanks Nicole and Dave for having this fun event and everyone who attended.

Hampstead Police Officer Herold and Officer Thorn will be at Greenmount Bowl in their "original" costume ;) for the inside event.

Hampstead Fall Festival Hosted by the Hamsptead Volunteer Fire Department is tomorrow October 6th from 9am to 5pm at 1341 Main Street.

Just a friendly reminder if you have an emergency or need police services right away call 911. If you only have a question or something that is not an emergency during business hours, our station number is 410-239-8954. Non Emergency Dispatch/911 number is 410-386-2860. Thank you, Hampstead Police.

OCT 6, 2018 Hampstead VFC’s Annual Fall Fest Public · Hosted by Hampstead Volunteer Fire Company

Today the Hampstead Police Department recovered items that are believed to be taken from automobiles in the Robert's Field Community last night / early this morning. An arrest has been made and charges are pending. If you are missing anything, please contact: Officer Jonathon Cranshaw or Officer Clint Thorn. Hampstead Police 410-239-8954

As a reminder school starts tomorrow and there is construction on Main Street, so please leave earlier than normal so you have enough time.

We know the construction on Main Street is a pain, please plan ahead for schools starting on Tuesday.

The Hampstead Police Department has three current openings, but the closing date is soon approaching.

Reminder to leave yourself extra time to get to work!

The Hampstead Police have located an abandoned bicycle. If you are the owner please contact the station at 410-239-8954.

The Hampstead Police is looking to identify the this suspect of a theft.