Fairmont Heights Police Department

  • Agency: Fairmont Heights Police Department
  • Address: 6100 Jost Street, Fairmount Heights, 20743 MD
  • Chief:
Phone: 301-883-9472

Fairmont Heights Police Department is located at 6100 Jost Street, Fairmount Heights, 20743 MD. The Fairmont Heights Police Department phone number is 301-883-9472.

Fairmont Heights Police Department News

This is very sound advice.

My photo for the website....too formal?

Fairmount Heights Day. Saturday, August 8, 2015 at the park, Addison and Sheriff Rd.

National Night Out. More photos to follow. It was a small crowd probably because the weather was threatening. There was wind, dark clouds and thunder but the mood was bright. Thanks to my wife Jane and daughter Katie for all their help. Also thanks to my police crew, Sgt. Morris, Officer Oden and Stan Madero who were invaluable and getting this organized. A few lessons learned and we will be much better organized next year.

Chief had some maintenance done on his police car this weekend by a couple of top notch mechanics. Should run perfectly now.

Fairmount Heights Day will be Saturday, August 8th at the park at the intersection of Sheriff and Addison Rd. There will be a parade starting at 10:30 that terminates at the park. There will be fun, food, music, displays, vendors, classic cars and more.

National Night Out will be hosted by the FHPD at the rear of the station. Fun, food, music,socializing and a moon bounce. Come out Tuesday, August 4th from 6 to 8PM.

I saw this at the local body shop lot. Note the rear bumper.

July is nearly over and one month into the new fiscal year. What to buy?? Picked up a couple of Dodge police cars courtesy of New Carrollton Police. Seem to be in good shape.