Easton Police Department

  • Agency: Easton Police Department
  • Address: 106 W Dover St, Easton, 21601 MD
  • Chief: Melbourne Ben Blue (Chief of Police)
Phone: (410) 822-1111

Easton Police Department is located at 106 W Dover St, Easton, 21601 MD. The Chief of Police of the department is Melbourne Ben Blue. The Easton Police Department phone number is (410) 822-1111.

Easton Police Department News

We would like to thank Ms. Mary Chansler for the snacks she brought to the Easton Police Department on Thank a Police Officer Day.

PRESS RELEASE September 13, 2018

Uniting to Stop Impaired Driving The evening of August 24, 2018, Officers of the Easton Police Department, the Talbot County Sheriff’s Office and the Maryland State Police, will work together in an effort stop motorists from driving while impaired. Drivers should expect to see numerous Law Enforcement vehicles and uniforms, red and blue lights, traffic stops and check points. Police in Talbot County are serious about preventing any drunk or drugged drivers from causing any fatalities or injuries on our roadways. If you're going out this weekend, don’t risk being stopped and arrested for driving impaired. Play it safe, choose a designated driver and get home safely.

It is with a sad heart we’re writing this post. A little over 2 1/2 years ago, Cpl. Lenox Trams was given the chance of a lifetime when an Easton Police Department secretary donated her kidney to him. After the transplant, Cpl. Trams was given anti-rejection drugs. The anti-rejection drugs causes your white blood cells to not work as well. The white blood cells help fight off infections. In the summer of 2016, doctors told him he had a virus, the BK Virus. The BK virus is a virus that most people get in childhood. Symptoms can feel like a common cold. Once you get the BK virus infection, the virus stays in your system dormant. Sometimes, when your immune system is weak, the virus wakes up. The BK virus damaged Cpl. Trams new kidney and the damage is irreversible. Cpl. Trams is currently on dialysis. Cpl. Trams needs your help. He’s searching for anyone to help him by spreading the word in hopes of finding another live kidney donor. Currently, he is on the kidney transplant registry waiting list. As of August 8, 2018, there are over 94,900 people on the kidney transplant waiting list. The wait for a deceased donor could be five years, and in some states, it is closer to ten years. Over 3,000 new patients are added to the kidney waiting list each month, approximately one every fourteen minutes. Each day, thirteen people die while waiting for a life-saving kidney transplant. The Easton Police Department is asking that everyone who reads this story to share it. Maybe someone out there has thought about donating life to a person who has chosen a career in serving others. The Easton Police Department thanks you all in advance for spreading the word and for all your kind thoughts, love and support for Cpl. Trams and his family. TO BE TESTED AS A POSSIBLE LIVE DONOR FOR Cpl. Trams- all medical expenses are covered under the recipient’s medical insurance. https://mgti.donorscreen.org/register/donate-kidney/ Only 35% of Americans designate themselves as donors on their driver's licenses. To become a registered (deceased) organ donor for Maryland Residents: https://register.donatelifemaryland.org/

PRESS RELEASE August 10, 2018

PRESS RELEASE August 8, 2018

National Night Out On Tuesday August 7th, the Easton Police Department, in partnership with the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, the Town of Easton Parks & Recreation, the Talbot County Department of Parks & Recreation, Talbot County Department of Social Services, Talbot Partnership, and Target will be hosting its annual National Night Out event at Moton Park from 5-8pm. This is an opportunity for the entire community to come together as one voice against crime in our neighborhoods. National Night Out is an annual community-building campaign that promotes Police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make our neighborhoods safer, more caring places to live. National Night Out enhances the relationship between neighbors and Law Enforcement while bringing back a true sense of community. Furthermore, it provides a great opportunity to bring police and neighbors together under positive circumstances. Last year over 38 million people in 16,000 communities across the United States, US territories, Canada and at US military bases worldwide participated in National Night Out. Easton's celebration will take place at Moton Park and the George Murphy pool. From 5-7 pm there will be free swimming provided by Talbot County Parks and Recreation, and free food provided by various donors, and prepared by the Easton Volunteer Fire Department. Other activities include demonstrations by the Easton Volunteer Fire Department, Phillips Wharf Fish Mobile, a magician and face painter, the Talbot County D.A.R.E. Program, and much more! At 7:00 pm, guest speakers will address attendees and speak about a variety of community issues. The success of this event is due in large part to its generous sponsors and donors. In addition to those listed above as partners, the following have helped make this year’s celebration a success: Grand Rental Station, the Talbot County Sheriff’s Office, the Maryland State Police, Talbot Mentors, Talbot Partnership, Target, and The Easton Vol. Fire Department.

PRESS RELEASE August 2, 2018

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On June 14, 2018 the Eastern Shore Criminal Justice Academy’s 80th Session graduated 21 Police Officers. Amongst the graduates were Easton Police Department’s newest member, Ptl. Dustin T. Schulz. The training academy began on January 6, 2018. Students recorded over 950 hours of classroom and practical exercises that will prepare them to perform the basic functions of a Police Officer. Topics included Maryland Criminal, Traffic, and Constitutional Law, Crime Prevention, Cultural Diversity, Investigations, Defensive Tactics, Firearms, and Emergency Vehicle Operations to name a few. During the process, graduates also received 20 college credits through Wor-Wic Community College. Although former academy training has ended, Ptl. Schulz will now endure additional departmental training through a Field Training Program before his full release. Ptl. Schulz is a 2010 graduate of Kent Island High School (Md.) Afterwards he attended Chesapeake Community College.

PRESS RELEASE July 5, 2018

PRESS RELEASE July 2, 2018

PRESS RELEASE II June 13, 2018

PRESS RELEASE June 13, 2018


PRESS RELEASE June 8, 2018