Smithsburg Police Department

  • Agency: Smithsburg Police Department
  • Address: 21 West Water St, Smithsburg, 21783 MD
  • Chief: George L Knight Jr (Chief of Police)
Phone: 301-824-3500
Fax: 301-824-4070

Smithsburg Police Department is located at 21 West Water St, Smithsburg, 21783 MD. The Chief of Police of the department is George L Knight Jr. The Smithsburg Police Department phone number is 301-824-3500.

Smithsburg Police Department News

Today September 4, 2018 your children returned to school at our local school complex. Traffic will be heavy and many kids will be walking along our pathways to their individual schools. Please keep that in mind when you are traveling our roadways. Keep our kids safe by slowing to a speed where you may stop at a moments notice. This is an exciting time for your children, reuniting with their friends and beginning a new chapter in their lives, so don't expect them to remember to look both ways when crossing the roadway. If you live within a short distance to the school complex please help with the traffic volume and allow them to walk with their friends to school. THE SMITHSBURG POLICE DEPARTMENT is always patrolling the pathways to the schools keeping your kids safe while traveling to and from the complex. This is an exciting time for them lets all keep it that way. TO THE KIDS ATTENDING OUR SCHOOLS, GOOD LUCK and WELCOME BACK !!!!!

The Smithsburg Police Department concluded the first part of its investigation into the Thefts from Vehicles from the Whispering Hills area. The officers arrested one juvenile for the thefts and will be making more arrest in the very near future. The investigation is continuing and we anticipate more arrests to be made. We continue to ask citizens to take a more active role in securing our community by ensuring that your vehicles and property are secure every night before retiring for the evening. Per policy, any names of juveniles are with held. The most recent arrest/s were of juveniles not residing within the Town of Smithsburg, which confirms that we need to do a better job of not allowing your community to become a target for would be thieves. Please continue to provide your police department with any and all information and video or photographic evidence to aid in the apprehension of the remaining juveniles.We also want to thank deputies from the Washington County Sheriff's Department for their assistance during these investigations. I continue to thank you for your support and efforts to make The Town of Smithsburg a safe place to reside.

The Smithsburg Police Department as well as the Washington County Sheriff’s Office is aware of and is investigating the numerous Thefts from Motor Vehicles that have occurred in and around the Town of Smithsburg. In an effort to apprehend and prosecute the individuals committing these crimes, every investigative method available is and will be utilized to solve these cases. The Smithsburg Police Department as in the past, urges every citizen to please ensure that your vehicles and property is locked and secured whenever you leave them unattended. We ask any citizen who has any information about these incidents to contact the Smithsburg Police Department at 301-824-3500 or the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at 240-313-2171 (duty officer). The Smithsburg Police Department also urges any citizen who witnesses any suspicious activity to please call 911 to report it to the proper agency, and have an officer respond. There is a reward being offered for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of those involved.

The Smithsburg Police Department and all Law Enforcement Agencies of Washington County have been investigating a Facebook Post indicating a threat to a school with the initials SHS. The investigation determined that the post originated in a school district in the midwest with the same initials. The threat has been investigated and determined to be a hoax, traveling via facebook to areas with the same initials all over the country.There is no threat to any Smithsburg School. As always we are proud of those citizens who remain vigilant and report any and all suspicious incidents no matter the origin. Chief George Knight Jr.

Town of Smithsburg residents, friendly reminder to please clear your sidewalks of the ice and or put down salt and some type of grit to allow our children to walk safely to school in the morning. !!

So mother nature gave us a little surprise yesterday, leaving some ice and a little snow cover to deal with. Reminder that 24 hours after snow or ice event sidewalks must be cleared of ice and snow. In the event ice has formed on sidewalk you must put some type of salt and or grit substance to allow ice to mealt and people to walk on it. In the case of today, the sun will help alot, so let the sun assist you and get the sidewalks safe for all of our little tykes walking to school

To citizens who travel N. Main St. to and from the school complex. The roadway in front of the Fire Department entrance has been painted with "DO NOT BLOCK" and white striping indicating the area to keep clear of traffic. There are signs in place indicating the same. IN AN EFFORT TO ASSIST OUR FIRE DEPARTMENT IN RESPONDING TO EMERGENCIES, the town is asking its citizens, school bus drivers and others just passing through, to please adhere to the signage and the area designated DO NOT BLOCK.

Tomorrow December 19, 2017 marks the 10th anniversary. A tragic day for the Smithsburg Police Department, the Town of Smithsburg and Washington County Law Enforcement. The Nicholson and Highbarger famlies lost a son and many of us lost a friend and co-worker. We honor Christopher's memory, and salute his sacrifice. RIP Officer Christopher Shane Nicholson.

Smithsburg residents who may travel the area of N. Main St., in the area of the Smithsburg Volunteer Fire Department. The intersection directly in front of the Fire Department has received some new traffic designators. The area has been painted to indicate "DO NOT BLOCK" the intersection in the event that the local Fire Department Personnel may need to respond to any type of emergency. When traveling in that area, especially during the early morning and late afternoon hours for school, please do not block at any time.

We are getting better !!! Only found four (4) open garage doors on Monday between 1130PM and 100AM Tuesday morning.

Patrolling Whispering found (4) Four garage doors open late at night. Our town is no different than any other location. Thieves and criminals prey upon citizens who refuse to be safety minded. We urge our citizens to check your homes and property before retiring for the night. Close and lock all car doors, garage doors, bring in expensive childrens toys, bicycles or any item a thief would look to make a profit off of.

Summer is coming the end of a school year, the children of the Town of Smithsburg will be out playing, riding bikes, skateboards and doing things that kids do in the summer time. So please remember that the speed limits within the Town's residential neighborhoods is 25 mph. The limit on the other main roadways is 30 mph. Don't be in a hurry, slow down enjoy the weather and save the life of a child who may pop up anywhere within our town. Keep in mind that our stop signs are there to keep you all safe. If you get used to rolling through a stop sign in town you may just make that mistake out on a main highway and experience what a high speed crash is all about. Please use common sense and slow down, drive defensively and have a great summer. KIDS DON'T LET MOM AND DAD MOVE THE CAR UNLESS ALL PASSENGERS AND DRIVERS ARE BUCKLED UP !! 😎

Smithsburg Residents, "Scam Alert" if you receive a phone call from anyone stating a relative has been kidnapped, arrested, or anything unusual and the person asks for money for a lawyer, bail money or money for anything it is a SCAM. Hang up the phone give them no information. The IRS does not call and tell you that you owe them money. They will not come and arrest you, or have another police department arrest you. It is a SCAM do not give them any information, no credit card numbers, social security numbers or birth dates. These individuals use the information you put on-line, on facebook etc. to prey upon you. If it is too good to be true it usually is. Don't fall victim to a SCAMMER""

The Town of Smithsburg and its citizens are known for coming together in times of need. With the upcoming snow storm predicted to drop a a large amount of snow upon our area the Smithsburg Police Department would like to remind the citizens to please utilize ANY off street parking that is available to them. By using off street parking the snow contractor can plow from curb to curb thus eliminating you from having to shovel your vehicle out from under the mounds of plowed snow. We remind you that in the downtown area where the snow emergency signs are posted you must remove your vehicle from the roadway once the snow emergency has been declared. I would urge you to move your vehicle from the roadway this evening. In Whispering Hills by utilizing your off street parking the snow contractor can do a much better job of clearing the roadways. We also would like to remind residents that plowing, snow blowing, shoveling of snow into the roadway is a violation of the town ordinance. Neighbors please be courteous when removing snow, assist each other in shoveling, plowing or snowblowing it makes the job faster and provides a way to get to know each other. WE ALSO WOULD LIKE TO REMIND OUR CITIZENS THAT THE USE OF ANY ATV OR UTV OR MOWER WITH A PLOW OR SNOWBLOWING ATTACHMENT IS FOR THE USE OF PLOWING SNOW. Please be safe and assist other citizens when you can. The Smithsburg Police Department Thanks You in advance for your cooperation !!!

Today December 19 the Smithsburg Police Department and the Town of Smithsburg, as well as the Larry Nicholson and Paul Highbarger families and the Washington County Law Enforcement Community, mourns the loss of Officer Christopher Shane Nicholson. He was taken from all of these families and groups way to soon. He will be remembered as a young energenic officer who always had a kind word to say about anyone he came in contact with. The Smithsburg Community remembers him as "OFFICER CHRIS". To those officers, deputies and troopers who responded and lived the events that took place that fateful night. The Smithsburg Police Department salutes you for your heroic actions in an effort to aid a fallen brother. Rest In Peace Officer Chris you are always on our mind and certainly never forgotten. RIP

The Smithsburg Police Department is in possession of a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ phone. It was truned in by a citizen who found it. If you are missing a phone like this contact the police department at 301-824-3500 Monday Thru Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm to claim

Third in a series of tips from the Smithsburg Police Department. By locking your car, placing a lock on your shed and closing your garage door prior to going to bed every evening, You will ensure that those individuals who are using the cover of night, to enter your unlocked cars, unsecured sheds and open garage doors will not have that opportunity. If your dogs are barking and raising cain they are telling you their family that something is not right. Please heed their warning if something is not right in and around your neighborhood call 911, report what you hear and see. If it doesn't help you it may help your neighbor. Your police department works hard to keep you safe but we cannot do it alone.

Monday October 31, 2016 is Halloween/Trick or Treat for the Town of Smithsburg. The Smithsburg Police Department is asking that If you have access to off street parking in the neighborhoods please use it and get your vehicles off of the street. That simple task will make it safer for our chidlren to trick or treat. If you take your child trick or treating please walk with them, don't drive a car along side of them from house to house. Enjoy the event, walk with them make it safer for everyone. !!! Happy Halloween !!!!!!!!!!!!

While investigating a series of thefts from motor vehicles in the Sentry Ridge, Jason's Ridge and Eagles Ridge complexes we recovered a black bowling bag and contents. The owner may contact Chief Knight at the police department to identify.

The Smithsburg Police Department would like to remind the citizens of Smithsburg and surrounding area to please ensure that their vehicles,sheds and garage doors are locked and secure when you park or leave them for the night. "Don't give a thief the opportunity to make you a victim"

For the second day in a row the Smithsburg Police Department has been patrolling in and around the Smithsburg school complex ! We are committed to protect your children and make sure the schools are safe and secure.

The Smithsburg Police Department has been patrolling our schools this morning due to a threat to Washington County Schools. The Washington County Sheriff's Officer investigator along with the Maryland State Police have located the source of the threat and found it "NOT CREDITABLE". The person respobnsible was located and charges will be fourthcoming. We would like to thanks Sgt. Jarad Barnhart for his efforts in this investigation. AGAIN THERE IS NO CREDITABLE THREAT TO OUR SCHOOLS !!!