Auburn Police Department

  • Agency: Auburn Police Department
  • Address: 60 Court Street, Auburn, 04210 ME
  • Chief: Phillip L Crowell (Chief of Police)

Auburn Police Department is located at 60 Court Street, Auburn, 04210 ME. The Chief of Police of the department is Phillip L Crowell. The Auburn Police Department phone number is 207.333.6650.

Auburn Police Department News

Can you ID this Sticky Fingered Painter? On Tue, 10/23/18 at ~2045 hrs this painter, wearing a 'Sherwin Williams' shirt, left the Auburn Hannaford without paying for some items. If you can ID him, please contact Ofc. Cousins at 207-333-6651 x 6385 or at and reference case #2787-OF. Thank you!

Swing by Bedard Pharmacy on Minot Avenue today...our awesome law enforcement cadets, PD staff and community partners are here collecting unwanted medications! We will be here until 2:00PM.

Interim Chief Moen channelled his inner Gandalf this evening at the Auburn Recreation Department - Maine annual Fright Fest! He joined Assistant City Manager Phil Crowell and Mayor Levesque as celebrity judges of the costume contest. All of the little ghosts & goblins - and Hobbits - did a great job with their costumes! 👻🎃💀

APD's "Stop a Theft" anti-shoplifting campaign, week ending 10/23/2018.

FREE MEDICINE DISPOSAL DAY! Bring your expired, unused & unwanted medicines: prescriptions, over-the-counter, vet meds, vitamins, homeopathic. NO: needles/syringes, electronic devices, items containing mercury. Auburn PD staff & volunteers will be at Bedard Pharmacy & Medical Supplies THIS SATURDAY, October 27 from 10:00AM - 2:00PM. Just drive through & drop off! Can't make this event? The APD has an unwanted meds drop-box available 24 hours/day in our PD lobby here at 60 Court Street.

Who's ready for some BASKETBALL?! You don't want to miss Jam the Gym this evening! The APD All-Stars will be kicking some...err, taking on the Mustangs from Central Maine Community College at 7:00PM in an epic basketball battle. Come cheer us on! Tickets are only $3 and benefit Auburn PAL. 🏀

BIG APPLE ROBBERY INVESTIGATION On 10-24-18 at approximately 6:20am, the Auburn Police Department responded to a reported robbery at the Big Apple, 296 Main St. It was reported an unknown male subject entered the Big Apple convenience store where he threatened the use of a weapon and physical force to obtain an undisclosed amount of money. No weapon was displayed. The suspect in this incident is seen in the pictures below wearing a dark hooded jacket, blue jeans, white sneakers, and a neon green mask that could have been a knit hat pulled over the face. The Auburn Police Department is seeking assistance with identifying this subject. Photos from the store surveillance video are attached. Anyone who may have been in the area and observed something suspicious and or has information regarding this incident can contact Detective Eric Bell at 207-333-6650 extension 2069 or

Traffic Advisory: Due to a Water Main break, the Southbound lanes of Center St/Route 4 are closed from Joline Dr to Mount Auburn Ave. Southbound traffic can detour onto Joline Dr and follow Turner St to Mount Auburn Ave to continue on to Center St. Auburndale Plaza can be accessed via Kings Rd off of Turner St.

AUBURN POLICE INVESTIGATING LOGGING ACCIDENT ON GRACELAWN ROAD AUBURN, ME – On October 22nd at approximately 2:20pm, Auburn Police and Auburn Fire/Rescue responded to the Auburn Sand Pit on Gracelawn Road for a reported logging accident where a male had been struck by a log. 42y/o Ryan Kane of Oxford was loading a logging truck with logs when a log fell out of the cherrypicker, striking 57y/o Thomas Staples of Oxford, who was standing near the truck. Staples was transported to Central Maine Medical Center where he subsequently died of his injuries. The logging truck is owned by Ryan Kane Trucking & Custom Sawing. Staples was not an employee of the company but was Kane’s cousin and was there to observe Kane working. This does not classify the incident as a workplace fatality and OSHA will not be part of the investigation. The incident remains under investigation by the Auburn Police Department.

Our condolences to Chief Smith's family and to the men and women of the Auburn Fire Department. Thank you for your service, sir. Rest easy.

"This Nation - founded on principles of liberty and justice - has no tolerance for domestic violence. Personal relationships should be a source of comfort and support; a solid foundation for each person’s empowerment and achievement in his or her daily life. Domestic violence dissolves that foundation, affecting millions of women and men every year. During National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we reassert our commitment to eradicating this devastating crime so that homes are places of refuge and love - not of fear or violence." ~2018 Presidential Proclamation on National Domestic Violence Awareness Month The men and women of the Auburn Police Department respond to domestic violence situations each and every day, serving and protecting survivors as best we can. We do this with the support and partnership of amazing service organizations such as Safe Voices, who have provided support services to more than 1,600 victims of DV in the past year. Help us END domestic violence. If you or someone you know needs help, there are resources available. Visit for 24/7 support.

A family on Edgewood Road shared this awesome photo with us and we couldn't love it more! Community Policing at its best. Nice job, Officer Miville. 😊🏀🚓 From Mom: "This fine officer kept our neighborhood safe by helping my boys move their basketball hoop...Thank you, Auburn Police Department...I’m sure you have far bigger problems to deal with, but Officer Miville was awesome with the kids!"

Please respect private landowners!! Seek permission to hunt on private property! Auburn PD will be aggressively enforcing trespassing laws during hunting season!!

So let’s talk about our Anti-Shoplifting campaign. We have been at this for a couple of months now and have received an overwhelming amount of support and some negativity surrounding our anti-shoplifting efforts. Some say we are shaming people, others are saying that we are convicting them in a court of public opinion before their day in court or we are violating their civil rights. People need to understand that we have a very good grasp on the Freedom of Access laws and what we can and can’t say. Any arrest information that we post to our Facebook page is, in fact, public information. The law allows for us to release certain information when someone is arrested. Our shoplifting posts are no different than press releases we do for high profile arrests, the information is the same. Mugshots are public information. We generate a daily arrest log for the media. The local paper publishes this information on almost a daily basis in their police log. We are posting public information. Why make the effort to post shoplifting arrests? Our number one goal in our shoplifting campaign is one of deterrence. It’s our hope that one will think twice before shoplifting in Auburn knowing they run the risk of showing up on Facebook. Shoplifting is not a victimless crime. Businesses lose millions of dollars a year to “shrinkage.” It’s a real thing, just ask George Costanza! Who pays for that? Consumers. Why is Auburn Police making such a fuss about it? Cause it’s a lot of work!! In 2017, we charged 333 people with theft due to shoplifting. Those 333 people stole almost $70,000 in merchandise. This gets reflected in Auburn’s crime rate. (We will talk more about our crime rate in the near future once Dept. of Public Safety releases 2017 crime statistics). Auburn is a regional service center for the tri-county area with a large retail district. In 2017, only 25% of the people we charged with shoplifting were Auburn residents. Yup, 25%. Do the numbers, that means 250 people came to Auburn and shoplifted. We want to send the message, come to Auburn to shoplift, you will go to jail and the public will see why you went to jail. Don’t shoplift and you won’t go to jail! It really is that simple. So, let’s dispel a couple of myths that are out there. Nope, we aren’t sitting at the stores monitoring security systems; we respond to the stores at the request of loss prevention personnel, who have already made an apprehension for shoplifting. These folks are skilled at what they do. They can ferret out the legitimate self-scan issues and apprehend those who are blatantly stealing. We chuckle at some of the defenses that get posted in response to our arrest posts. Yes: self-checkout stations are the bane of our existence. Why? Because people who may not have the courage to steal something and conceal it while facing a cashier can certainly have the courage to steal when they think no one is watching. Folks, people are NOT being arrested for self-scan errors. Loss Prevention can very easily weed those out. People are being arrested for blatantly skip-scanning items. One person who recently appeared on our wall stated something to the effect of: “I scanned everything in my cart and something got missed and I was arrested for it.” Fact: loss prevention personnel have you on video shopping throughout the store, placing the item in the very front of your cart. Leaving that item in the cart while scanning everything else in the cart, and once you completed the transaction, you placed the one item you didn’t scan IN YOUR PURSE and attempted to walk out of the store, where you were apprehended by loss prevention. So, there you have it. Hopefully we’ve answered some questions and filled in some blanks. Enjoy the day! Oh, and PLEASE don’t shoplift in Auburn. 😉

Auburn PD's "Stop-a-Theft" anti-shoplifting campaign, week of October 10-16, 2018.

No Shave November is coming to APD and it is gonna get hairy! Once again this year, Auburn Police Department staff members are paying $1 a day (NOT to shave) in support of two very worthwhile causes: Children's Advocacy Center of Androscoggin, Franklin & Oxford Counties and Special Olympics Maine. Stay tuned here on FB during the month of November for lots of photos & updates. At the end of the month, we will ask our FB friends to vote for the best beard!

Auburn PD Anti-Shoplifting Campaign, week of October 3-9, 2018.

Officer James Phillips is interested in speaking with this individual about an incident that took place at Hannaford Supermarket in Auburn. If you can identify this person, please contact Off. Phillips at (207) 333-6650 ext. 6379 or send an email to

Today is National Taco Day!! In honor of NTD, come on down to Margaritas Auburn at 7:00PM to cheer on Team Auburn PD as we take on the Auburn Fire Department in a taco eating contest!! Each competitor will tackle a "Taco Gigante" - a colossal 12-inch, 2-pound crispy taco. The first team that finishes one DTG (Delicious Taco Gigante), will win a donation from our friends at Margarita's for the charity of their choice. APD will be proudly supporting the Auburn PAL Center. Not that we need an excuse to enjoy tacos, but a national holiday makes 'em even better, somehow. We hope to see you there!

Auburn PD's Anti-Shoplifting campaign, week ending 10/02/18.

Not too late to come down to Rolly’s and join us for #coffeewithacop

Please note this test of the national Public Alert & Warning System scheduled for tomorrow:

When a member of our family retires, we are always SO happy for the officer who is moving on after a career well-spent. But at the same time, we are a bit sad because we know that our family never be *quite* the same without them. This was never more true than on Wednesday, when we bid farewell to Sergeant Gary Boulet, after 21 years of exemplary service to the City of Auburn. Gary served with honor, pride and integrity. He made us all laugh every day and we will miss him greatly. Best of luck in your next adventure, Sarge! Be well and enjoy your well-deserved retirement.