Livermore Falls Police Department

  • Agency: Livermore Falls Police Department
  • Address: 2 Main St, Livermore Falls , 04254 ME
  • Chief:
Phone: (207) 897-3424

Livermore Falls Police Department is located at 2 Main St, Livermore Falls , 04254 ME. The Livermore Falls Police Department phone number is (207) 897-3424.

Livermore Falls Police Department News

The Livermore Falls Police Department recently received some found property. Some of the property consists of 2 PlayStation 2’s and an Atari game system. If you are missing these items please call or contact us on Facebook as soon as possible and be able to provide a detailed description of the items.

Thank you Sergeant Stevens for going above and beyond the call of duty!

VOTE!!! The Livermore Falls Police Department and the town of Livermore Falls as a whole would like to remind our citizens to please come out and vote on the municipal issues this coming Tuesday!! Many important issues are being decided such as budgets and Town Selectmen elections!! Please take time to ask questions and educate yourself prior to voting so that you can make the best choice for your community!!!

The Livermore Falls Police Department would like to wish everyone a safe and happy memorial day! We would also like to convey a huge thank you to all of the veterans who have served our country, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice! 🇺🇸

Missing dog! If seen, please call the Livermore Falls Police Department or animal control!

Thank you Deputy Samson for your exemplary service to the community you served! You were taken far too soon. 💙👮‍♂️🇺🇸

Corporal Eugene Cole’s funeral 5/7/18. I can say it was a humbling experience to attend this event. Rest In Peace Corporal Cole. End of watch 4/25/18.

Four members of the Livermore Falls Police Department were able to attend the services for Corporal Eugene Cole yesterday in Bangor. We were humbled and overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from the public and fellow law enforcement officers from around the nation and Canada as well!

Thank you to all of the law enforcement agencies who worked together to make this happen! Thank you to the members of the public for your help and support through this difficult time!

Today we continue to mourn the loss of a fellow Officer. Today we continue to assist in any way possible with the apprehension of the suspect. Today we remain vigilant in our duty to keep the public, ourselves and fellow officers safe for another tour. Corporal Eugene Cole, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Rest In Peace, we have the watch from here.

The Livermore Falls Police Department would like the public to be aware of a recent issue that has been reported to our agency. On 2/25/18 in the mid-afternoon hours, we received two calls regarding large “BB’s” being shot through vehicle and residence windows. No BB’s have been shot at moving vehicles to our knowledge. The BB’s do not seem to be the type shot from a BB gun so it is likely the offenders are using a slingshot or something similar. This is an obvious safety concern, not to mention the damaged already caused to property. We are following up on leads but would appreciate any and all information the public has to offer. Please feel free to call us or message our Facebook page with any relevant information! (LFPD Phone# 897-3424) Thank you!

*****Update***** In regard to the traffic lights at Bridge Street and Main Street. We contacted DOT multiple times and they were eventually able to get an electrician out to get the lights working again. However, the lights are stuck in flashing mode due to damage caused to the control panel from the accident by the bridge last night. DOT is aware and this will be fixed as soon as possible. In the meantime, traffic seems to be flowing well but please contact us if there are any further public safety concerns regarding this.

In case anyone was wondering why the power went out last night, here’s the reason. Also we are aware that the traffic lights downtown are not working. DOT has been advised and will be taking care of that issue as soon as possible.

Please take a moment to check out the Androscoggin County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) Facebook page! Many of our local agencies are trying to become more active on social media as it is becoming the platform on which the vast majority of people receive news and other important information. The EMA is a great resource for information on preparedness regarding natural disasters, public health concerns, etc..

We at the Livermore Falls Police Department would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy thanksgiving! We would also like to say that we are thankful for all of the help and cooperation we receive on a regular basis from members of the community, as well as members of other area Law Enforcement agencies. We could not do our jobs safely and effectively without the help we get from all of you! Have a safe and happy thanksgiving!! 🍁🦃

The 30th. Basic Law Enforcement Training Program Graduation Entrance

We at Livermore Falls Police Department would like to welcome Officer Michael Pina back to our Full-Time ranks. Officer Pina just graduated from the Maine Criminal Justice Academy's Basic Law Enforcement Training Program. This program is 18 weeks long and is one of the last remaining "Stress Academies" in the nation. Meaning it is a lot like a bootcamp or recruit training. The program's instructors train the new Officers in many different aspects of our job including firearms, emergency vehicle operations, mechanics of arrest, restraint, and control, community policing, criminal law, drug interdiction, impaired driving enforcement, physical fitness, and many other topics. Even right down to how to wear a police uniform correctly and how to polish boots to a mirror shine. Congratulations Mike!!! I personally take pride in this, seeing as you were the first Officer I had a part in training. Great job, we will expect a lot from you but we know you can handle it. Enjoy your weekend, you've earned it.

Any information, please call us, 897-3424.