Sabattus Police Department

  • Agency: Sabattus Police Department
  • Address: 190 Middle Road, Sabattus , 04280 ME
  • Chief: Anthony R. Ward (Chief of Police)
Phone: (207) 375-6952
Fax: (207) 375-2504

Sabattus Police Department is located at 190 Middle Road, Sabattus , 04280 ME. The Chief of Police of the department is Anthony R. Ward. The Sabattus Police Department phone number is (207) 375-6952.

Sabattus Police Department News

If you see Officer Dalbec today make sure to wish him a happy birthday! 21 never looked so good! 🎂

Who do you think will have the best beard at the end of November? HERE WE ARE! All clean shaven and looking sharp. Beards have never been allowed at SPD per policy. For the first time ever, the guys will grow beards for the month of November. We will post updated pictures of Sabattus' Finest and the beards they sport. We are having fun with this and donating to a great cause as well - they have each agreed to donate to a Student Enrichment fund set-up by SRO Dalbec. And no, the Lieutenant and the Administrative Assistant will not be participating in the no shaving part. However, they will be donating to the fund.

Reminder: Tomorrow is National Drug Take back day (10/27/18). Come to the Sabattus Police Department from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. to turn over your unused or unwanted medications. Please remember we can NOT take sharps of any kind. Thank You!!

This Saturday, the 27th from 10:00AM to 2:00PM @ the Sabattus Police Department. NO needles/sharps will be accepted.

Sgt. Rich Stanton had the opportunity to show Girl Scout Troop 512 around the Police Department. They even left us gifts to show their appreciation. Thank you Troop 512!

Officer Miller and Officer Dalbec took time to personalize the police signs on both the Sabattus Primary School and Oak Hill Middle School.

For the first time ever, SPD will be participating in No Shave November! Stay tuned for more information this week.

What the abused feel and experience: They can be overwhelmed by fear, which can govern their every move – a fear of: further violence, the unknown,their safety and/or the safety of their children – never underestimate the effects of fear. She often believes she is at fault and that by changing her behavior the abuse will stop. *Research shows this is not the case. She may experience a conflict of emotions. She loves her partner, but hates the violence. She lives in hope that his good side will reappear. They may be dependent upon their partner, emotionally and financially. They may experience feelings of shame, guilt and embarrassment. They may feel resigned and hopeless and find it hard to make decisions about their future. * Passing judgement and not being supportive only makes the situation more difficult and in a way, puts you on the same side as the abuser. The abused needs someone on their side. Do not accuse, diagnose, or criticize. Help them build a support system. SafeVoices: 24 hour domestic abuse hotline # 1-800-559-2927 - Dial this number for them...or send them to us and we'll do it. ~ Be a Hero not a Zero. Have a great day ~

October is also breast cancer awareness month. Some of our officers are carrying pink handcuffs to show their support!

October is national domestic violence month. The Sabattus Police Department strives to make a difference in the fight against domestic violence. If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence please see the attached information on resources that are available. SafeVoices: 24 hour domestic abuse hotline # 1-800-559-2927. Safe Voices offers free and confidential services that include education, support groups, court advocacy, shelters, referrals to other support systems, information and resources, safety planning, transitional services, and advocacy with child protective services.

Is anyone missing a dog in the area of Ben's hill road? Will post pictures soon.

National "Coffee with a Cop" day was a success. We listened to concerns in the community, exchanged ideas and met the young ones stopping in before school. We are planning another weekend event in the near future.

National COFFEE WITH A COP day is today! We won't be on the roof - but we will be at Dunkin Donuts in Sabattus this morning from 8-10am to meet with our community. Stop in and see us!

With all this rain, motorist beware of standing water on the roads! Take a minute to look at your tires as low tread will lead to hydroplaning. Drive carefully- Officer Miller

October's featured officer is Officer Greg Mailhot. He has been with our department for 18 months. In that time he has become a valued member of SPD. Here's a little info about him: He is a Rex Sox fanatic and says cinnamon ice-cream is where it's at. He loves his job, loves to work and it shows in the way he deals with everyone he meets. Greg became a police officer to get impaired drivers and drugs off our streets.#SabattusPD

October 3rd be sure to stop in at Dunkin' Donuts for Coffee with a Cop and get to know Sabattus Police Department! #coffeewithacop

We have a program to improve the writing skills of our 4th graders. They use a writing journal and provide entries of "Cruisers" journey throughout the year with each of them. Here are some of their stories so far...

Ashley Green wrote to us to say: Thank you Officer Theriault for taking time out of his busy day to come help me out with my senior project. #SabattusPD

Good morning from Sabattus. #Nofilterneeded

Basketball Hoop at Oak Hill High School has been fixed! Now all we need is some friendly competition 🏀

LIP-SYNC FAILURE link is below:

Photo shoot. #SabattusPD

Yesterday all Sabattus officers were trained to administer Narcan in emergency situations. In the coming weeks, every officer will carry it at all times while on duty. We would like to thank Sgt. Tony Ridge of the Cumberland Police Department for taking the time to train us. #SabattusPD