Falmouth Police Department

  • Agency: Falmouth Police Department
  • Address: 2 Marshall Drive, Falmouth, 04105 ME
  • Chief: Edward Tolan (Chief of Police)
Phone: 207-781-2300
Fax: 207-781-3448

Falmouth Police Department is located at 2 Marshall Drive, Falmouth, 04105 ME. The Chief of Police of the department is Edward Tolan. The Falmouth Police Department phone number is 207-781-2300.

Falmouth Police Department News

Hate to beat an old drum however; as long as people will listen, share and dance, we will do just that. Scams are taking people for their hard earned money daily. Sometimes its a lot of money, in a few cases its ALL their money. Sometimes their life savings or retirement. We are unable to list them all. New SCAMS come out every day. The common ones are all still there. The IRS is going to have you arrested. A loved one has been hurt or arrested and needs cash fast. The "fast cash" offer where someone responds to an add for an item for sale but; they are stuck in a desert or out at sea. Someone however will send you a large check, you cash it and keep the remaining money for you???? A large number of the recent scams involve asking someone to go purchase gift cards for payment. Itunes or Ebay cards as examples. NO reputable business, government agency or organization will EVER require you to purchase gift cards for payment. We and others around us are still seeing this happen daily. These thieves play on your emotions, goodwill and the fact that we would all like some quick cash. Unfortunately the goal is to take yours.. Many times it is unable to be recovered. If it sounds to good to be true, it almost always is. If the deal involves you purchasing gift cards for payment, IT'S A SCAM. If you are getting phone calls threatening arrest, IT'S A SCAM! If the "po po" are coming to arrest someone, it doesn't typically involve a phone call to the person being sought in the "pre-planning" phase. We typically just show up. Most may know we are coming at some point. Not because they mis filed taxes, because they did something they are truly aware may result in a visit. NO Government agency calls ANYONE to threaten arrest for a debt. Please share and talk with your older friends, neighbors and family members. They are often the ones targeted. Maybe they already have been and have not said anything because they are embarrassed. This is not happening to anyone because they lack intelligence. It is happening because most of us are good people that want to help others. We pay our debts to continue to be viewed as good people. We are suckers for a great deal because we work hard for what we have. Because we are good people. The people on the other end of the equation here are not. They are bad people who are good at taking our stuff. Every time we can keep even one person from falling victim to these, its a win for us all. Have the conversations.

Great reminder.

Hunting Season. Deer open season (firearm) from October 29-November 24 2018. Although not required unless huntinig, ANYONE in the woods, or anywhere hunting is permissable, should wear blaze orange during this time. Any hunting on private property without written permission is prohibitted. ANYONE, ANYTIME (hunting or not) located on Rail Road property is tresspassing. There are a few excerpts from both State Law and Falmouth Oridnances below. FALMOUTH IS SHOTGUN ONLY. Also included are the links to state and local regulations FMI. Heres to a safe and accident free season. State: Firearms and Muzzleloader Seasons on Deer Anyone who hunts any species with a firearm, muzzleloader, or crossbow during any firearms or muzzleloader season on deer (also on Youth Deer Day) must wear two articles of hunter orange clothing. One article must be a solid- colored hunter orange hat; the other must cover a major portion of the torso, such as a jacket, vest, coat or poncho and must be a minimum of 50% hunter orange in color (camouflage). https://www.maine.gov/ifw/hunting-trapping/hunting-laws/hunting-equipment.html#general Falmouth Specific- The discharge of shotguns in connection with lawful hunting is allowed, where prior permission of the property owner has been obtained, in the following areas of the town: a. The area within fifty (50) feet inland from the high-water mark along the Presumpscot River estuary from Interstate 295 on the northerly shore of the estuary to a point where the easterly sideline of Greenway Drive extended northerly would intersect the high-water mark; b. The shoreline of Casco Bay from the Martin Point Bridge to the Town of Cumberland, except the area designated as part of the Back Cove Sanctuary as described in 12 M.R.S.A. § 7651; and c. The entire area lying westerly of Middle Road except the following school and residential zones: i. The area bounded by Middle Road, Falmouth Road, Allen Avenue Extension and that portion of the Presumpscot River that runs between Allen Avenue Extension and the Middle Road, which area also includes the Plummer-Motz School and the Lunt School; ii. The area surrounding the Falmouth Elementary/Middle/High School and bounded by Woodville Road, Falmouth Road, the East Branch of the Piscataqua River (except the area fifty (50) feet from the easterly shore thereof) and Field Road, provided, however, that this prohibition shall not apply within such area if, before October 1, each year, the police chief reports to the town council that (i) a line five hundred (500) feet from the school property line is posted with signs including the language "No Hunting" and at intervals not less than one hundred (100) feet and (ii) hunting is allowed only with the written permission of the landowner, which permission must be kept in the possession of the hunter. The erection of signs as provided herein shall be at the option of the landowner and at the expense of the town. Such signs must be maintained throughout the hunting season. 2. For those areas in which the discharge of firearms is permitted, when the discharge of a firearm is within five hundred (500) feet of any dwelling, the permission of an adult residing at the dwelling unit must be obtained prior to any discharge. http://online.encodeplus.com/regs/falmouth/doc-viewer.aspx?secid=1497&keywords=hunting#secid-1497

Rain, rain. We’ve certainly had enough of it lately. Good time for a traffic reminder. Did you know- Anytime visibility is less than 1000 feet OR windshield wipers are in constant use, it is a Maine law that headlights must be used. It is statistically proven that added visibility of other motorists reduces crashes. A page follower recently noted that many motorists are not doing this making them hard to see. She’s right. Reasons could vary however; a good bet is many may not know it is required. Not using headlights when wipers are in use (Title 29-a s 2067 1 b) is a civil infraction that carries a fine of $152. Many vehicles come with automatic lights, some do not. Please help us reduce low visibility crashes by using headlights in rain and poor visibility. Drive Safe.

Happy Halloween. The men and women of the Falmouth Police Department would like to wish everyone a SAFE and Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat. Have lighting and be conscious that traffic may have a hard time seeing you. Motorists use extra caution this evening. Parents give your children’s “treats” a once over to be sure it’s wrapping is in tact. Supervise their activities. Trick or treat in known areas. We appreciate the costume VIP preview we were able to have at our Open House Saturday. Our patrol units will be out and have “treats” and glow sticks with them. We will be fairly easy to find. We will be dressed up as police officers. We are not very creative. Have a safe and great evening.

Resume normal sleep patterns. It was all worth it.

We would like to thank everyone who came to meet some of our staff and took interest in our operations and equipment. A special “shout out” to our younger crowd of “trick or treaters. We serve an amazing community. We truly appreciate all your support. Today was a big success as Falmouth continues to celebrate 300 years. The weather had little impact on anyone’s enthusiasm, we are thankful to be here for you. Stay Dry. Lets go RED SOX!

We will do a live post virtual tour of the open house at 10:30. Public welcome at 11!

Don’t let a little rain get in the way, we aren’t. We will be there!!

The Falmouth Police Department is seeking assistance from the public in identifying the male depicted in the attached images. If you recognize this individual, please contact Detective Jeffrey Pardue at (207) 781-2300 or by email: jpardue@falmouthme.org

New design

Please join us for a day of getting to know your police department. Hope to see you there!

New regional tip line.

New Officer: We are pleased to announce the police department has hired Christopher St. Pierre as our new officer replacing Officer Crocker. Chris is a thirteen year veteran working at Old Orchard PD prior to coming to Falmouth. Officer St. Pierre has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Conservation Law Enforcement from Unity College and extensive experience in K-9 handling, investigations, community policing and ATV operations. Chris’s strong skill set and dynamic personality will serve the citizens of Falmouth well and enhance our service level. Officer St. Pierre started October 15th (today) and after a brief training period be operational November 19th. Please welcome Chris to Falmouth.

From Fire Chief Rice.

It’s Fire Prevention Week! Visit our partners in public safety at their open house this weekend.

Falmouth Fall Classic Soccer Tournament: Thank you to all the teams, players and parents for their participating in the tournament this weekend. The weather was perfect fall “soccer weather” even with a little rain on Saturday. Officer Mat Yeaton handling some PR keeping kids and adults smiling. One of the young participants handed Ofc. Yeaton a note thanking him for being a cop. It later turned out to be a gift card to cover some coffee for his efforts. Another young man gave Ofc. Yeaton his “extra medal” only if he promised to wear it. Extra medal must mean rockstar status. Ofc. Yeaton did so proudly for the rest of his time managing traffic and people at the event to insure their safe arrivals and departures. He was able to get some big smiles along the way. Thank you all for a smooth event.

GIVING BACK: Recently Lily and Liv wanted to so something to help us help others. They made a donation of stuffed animals to the PD that can be given out to kids during a crisis or any other time it might make a situation better. Thank you for thinking of others who may need a friend on a rainy day. Pictured here with Lt. Kilbride.

Still missing. See link for info and contact numbers.