Maine Drug Enforcement Agency

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  • Address: 45 Commerce Drive, Augusta, 04333-0166 ME
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Maine Drug Enforcement Agency is located at 45 Commerce Drive, Augusta, 04333-0166 ME. The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency phone number is (207) 626-3850.

Maine Drug Enforcement Agency News

Five People Arrested In Swanville For Heroin And Crack Trafficking

Media Release – May 21, 2018 Point of Contact – Commander Darrell Crandall @ 207-538-6185 MDEA arrests nine in Aroostook County - are looking for three more. A lengthy criminal investigation targeting a number of people selling dangerous narcotics in several Aroostook County cities and towns has resulted in the arrests of nine (9) suspects on felony drug offenses and MDEA is seeking three additional suspects at this time. Lat last week MDEA Agents fanned out in north central Aroostook County to make these arrests. Two of the nine suspects were arrested by MDEA Agents in Kennebec County, as they had relocated before the investigation was complete. This investigation, which began in late 2017, involved surveillance, interviews and the covert purchases of drugs directly from the subjects of the investigation. The following individuals have been charged: Lucas Wynn, 31, of Presque Isle – Trafficking in Methamphetamine – (posted bail) Kurt Doody, 22, of Caribou – Trafficking in Fentanyl – (remains in jail) Autumn Parady, 20, of Gardiner (previously of Caribou) – Trafficking in Fentanyl – (posted bail) Scott Pelletier 28, of Limestone – Trafficking in Heroin – (posted bail) Tyler Cyr, 31, of Caribou – Trafficking in Methamphetamine – (posted bail) George Tamberello, 31, of Caribou – Trafficking in Crack Cocaine – (posted bail) Brian Cyr, 36, of Caribou – Trafficking in Crack Cocaine – (posted bail) Chris Tuttle, 30, of Presque Isle – Trafficking in Heroin – (posted bail) Nicholas Hall, 33, of Presque Isle – Trafficking in Heroin – (remains in jail) As part of this continuing investigation, MDEA Agents are actively seeking the following suspects who will also be charged: Amber Shaw, 30, and Josh Easler, 29, both of Presque Isle Fernando Vazquez 41, of Springfield, MA All of these offenses are Class B crimes, which carry a maximum penalty of 10 years in state prison. These resource intensive investigations begin with the identification of people suspected of involvement with criminal drug activity, which is usually a combination of information shared with MDEA by area law enforcement, tips received directly from concerned citizens and/or information provided by suspects arrested by MDEA. The information is then corroborated or refuted by the ensuing criminal investigation, which in this case resulted in a dozen people being charged with felony drug offenses. These cases, which carry serious penalties upon conviction, are not easy and are not quick, and that is why the State of Maine has a specialized enforcement unit in MDEA which is devoted exclusively to them. The Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office, Maine State Police, Caribou Police Department, Presque Isle Police Department, Limestone Police Department and Augusta Police Department have assisted and continue to assist MDEA with the investigation as well as the locating and arresting of these suspects. Anyone with information on the location of Easler and Shaw are encouraged to call Aroostook County Crimestoppers at 800-638-8477 or text 207-538-8477. Anyone with information on drug trafficking may call the Drug Tip Line at 800-452-6457 or Maine Drug's smartphone app MyPD available for iOS and Android.

Stopping meth in Maine.

Two Men Arrested Transporting Heroin And Cocaine Into Maine From New York

Did you know that today is National Drug Endangered Children Awareness Day. Visit to learn more about this and what you can do

Did you know that today is National Drug Endangered Children Awareness Day. Visit to learn more about this and what you can do

Maine law requires a stop-sale system for pseudoephedrine products - the primary product used to make methamphetamine. The system maintains an electronic log of sales and stops a sale if a person has already exceeded the quantity already purchased as defined by law.

Pseudoephedrine limits have been effective, smurfing presents another avenue for criminals to obtaining the necessary chemical to produce meth.

Congratulations CDR Crandall. Thank you for your continued public safety service.

Special Agent Chris Gardner's was MDEA's lead case agent working with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), the New Haven Police Department, the Connecticut Department of Correction, the Connecticut State Police, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency and the Hamden, CT Police Department. You can view the U.S, Attorney's release here

Meth cooks are limited to the amount of PSE that they may purchase so they turn to others to obtain this ingredient that is so necessary to the making of methamphetamine here in Maine. If you have knowledge of "smurfing" activity, you may anonymously provide that information by calling your local police department or the Drug Tip Hotline at (800)452-6457.

The Director was in attendance as Retailers and Pharmacists joined together on Monday at the State House to launch a statewide drug awareness campaign to educate the Maine community on “smurfing” and its consequences. Smurfing is the illegal act of purchasing over-the-counter (OTC) medicines for criminals seeking to produce methamphetamine. If you have knowledge of "smurfing" activity, you may anonymously provide that information by calling your local police department or the Drug Tip Hotline at (800)452-6457.

The Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (Byrne JAG) Program is the primary provider of federal criminal justice funding to state and local jurisdictions. Maine is a recipient, and whereas Byrne JAG is flexible, Maine and local communities are able to use the funding to address needs and fill gaps across the entire criminal justice system. This is a hallmark of the Byrne JAG program and one that is vitally important.

This disruption in the fentanyl, heroin, and cocaine supply will have an impact on the availability of these drugs in Maine preventing overdoses and saving lives.

Three New York People, Two Locals Arrested For Selling Crack Cocaine and Creating a Police Standoff

Thank you for your service to country, state, and community LT Damon. During his service with Maine Drug, LT Damon served with the MidCoast, Cumberland, and York Task Forces.

Thank you for your leadership and service these many years protecting the great State of Maine. We wish you and your family well in your future endeavors.

Well done, SGT Burgess who most recently served as a Special Agent in MDEA’s Resident Agent program.


National Adolescent Drug Trends in 2017: Findings Released - Marijuana Use Edges Upward The Nation's annual survey of students - Monitoring the Future - reported today marijuana use among all grades was higher than last year, signaling that marijuana use is rising as it becomes more mainstream. The survey also found that students in medical marijuana law states vaped marijuana at higher rates than students in other states, and consumed pot edibles at double the rate than in non-medical marijuana law states. Virtually all other substances are at their lowest point in the history of the survey. Read more at the MFW website...

Convicted drug dealer sentenced.

Three From Waterbury, Connecticut Arrested in Sherman With Significant Quantity of Crack Cocaine

Bronx, New York Man and Female From Vassalboro Arrested on Heroin and Crack Charges

"According to an affidavit filed by Chad Carleton, a special agent with the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, Gilley and the former girlfriend used heroin on the night of Sept. 20, 2016. Gilley told Carleton he went to Portland that evening to buy heroin before returning to West Bath to the woman’s apartment. Carleton said Gilley used heroin by injecting it while his former girlfriend snorted it. Medical personnel later confirmed the victim had ingested heroin and fentanyl."