Thomaston Police Department

  • Agency: Thomaston Police Department
  • Address: 178 MAIN STREET, Thomaston, 04861 ME
  • Chief: Kevin Haj (Chief of Police)
Phone: (207)354-2511
Fax: (207)354-2139

Thomaston Police Department is located at 178 MAIN STREET, Thomaston, 04861 ME. The Chief of Police of the department is Kevin Haj. The Thomaston Police Department phone number is (207)354-2511.

Thomaston Police Department News

Well, they say Stella is coming, and she is not a happy camper. But you should know the drill by now. Be prepared!! Again get your errands done now! PLEASE when she gets here STAY Home if you do not have to be out. Be patient, if the snow fall predictions are right, Public works will need time to clear everything out! I'm sitting this one out, still home with the stomach virus. But, Little by little, I'm bringing more wood for the wood stove, made sure the generator will start. Oil lamps are ready, and yes I have a flashlight with working batteries!! Take care of each other till it's over.

Update from the EMA Office. Remember crews are trying to get rid of the snow banks from the last storm. Give them some space. Be careful at intersections and drives where the snow is piled high. Again if you don't have to drive in this, please don't!!

Here we go again!!, Stay safe,stay warm.

If you won't listen to me, Listen to the EMA office!!!!!!

Thank You !!!! to the fine citizens with big trucks that took pity on me shoveling behind the station. And to those who help get the cruisers unstuck.

And so it begins! If you don't need to go out in this please don't!!! Check on your neighbors, keep on eye on each other! Please do not park on the street, you will be towed or plowed in. Stay home, keep the stove going! I hope you found the flashlight, you know, the one that works!! Please refrain from candles if possible. We have been through worse than this, let's not get sloppy now. Stay safe, stay warm, stay home during the storm!!!

Pass on information from our EMA Office.

Well they are saying more snow tomorrow, and Sunday and Monday are going to be brutal. Do you errands early please don't wait to the last minute. Better yet start now. So where is your flashlight? do the batteries work. Wood for the wood stove. Back up heat? Generator ready. So much to do, so little time> Stay safe stay warm, stay home during the storm. Oh look now I'm a poet!!!! Have a good weekend!

A word from the EMA

Now the weather man is saying 14 plus inches on the coast. Yippeee!!!!!

A word from our friends at the EMA office!!

Another report of a scam. Individual received call from someone purporting to be a grandson, Grandson needed bail money. Our citizen was too smart to fall for the con. Please share

What s difference 24 hours make!! Now let's start preparing for Tomorrow, Looks like 6 to 10 inches coming.

Still pretty slick out there. Be careful if you must drive in this.

Looks like weather tomorrow will be crappy for lack of a better term. Please get your errands done early, PLEASE, do not park in the streets, the crew will probably be plowing around the clock. So if you don't want to get plowed in and you want the street clean, please don't park in the street! Please be careful out there, don't make more paperwork for us! Thank you in advance.

A word from our friends at the EMA>

Thank you public works, Thank you CMP crew, repairs were quick. Thank you to all the people that kept it between the ditches. What a great day!! so far!!

Another report of a scam today. Listen, If some one sends you a check in the mail says keep part of it for your trouble and send the rest back, Doesn't that make you a little worried. If they were that generous just send me the money. But really. Just look it over before you run off to the bank. Usually the return address does not match the name and address on the check. Sometimes you will see postage from Canada or some where else. These should be red flags.

Please keep the Waldoboro Police Dept. in your thoughts and prayers, after one of their officers was shot responding to a call last night.

The weather looks good for the weekend. Enjoy!! However, Monday into Tuesday looks a little iffy. Plan your travel with a little extra time to get to your destination.

Just a reminder! Scammers are out there. Two more calls today about IRS scams. Both individuals were to smart to fall for it. Remember the IRS will not call you. They will send you a letter. They will not demand payment over the phone. The number they call from is not the actual location of the phone. They use smoke and mirrors to hide their location.. Don't be a victim!!!!

Reminder. Winter parking ban in effect since December 1St. No on street parking from midnight till 6AM. Except for behind the block. That is from 8PM till 6PM and that started Nov 15th. If you want the snow removed, you need to do your part. Thank you in advance!

Everything that melted toay, will refreeze tonight!!PLEASE be careful tonight and tomorrow!