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Skowhegan Police Department is located at 225 Water St., Skowhegan , 04976 ME. The Skowhegan Police Department phone number is 207-474-6908.

Skowhegan Police Department News

Today I got to meet an extraordinary young Skowhegan man named Tahno Perez. Tahno is 7 years old and on this rainy chilly day, he and his friends had a mission. To decorate 400 cupcakes and deliver them to the VA Hospital and Veterans Shelter. This is the second year Tahno and his mom have worked together on this project. His dad, who is in the Army is currently deployed for training in North Carolina " De Oppresso Liber". What this young man and his friends are doing is amazing. As a veteran myself I could not stop smiling. It's not just the cupcakes but it will be the enthusiasm of everyone involved who will bring smiles to our military veterans when they see them. To Tahno's dad, thank you for your service. Remember, when it gets hard, drink water and drive on. To Tahno, it was an honor to meet you. Good luck and stay safe as you travel south to see your dad. Rangers Lead the Way! Chief Bucknam

Hey Skowhegan, Northwoods Dental is opening its doors to everyone from 8am to noon tomorrow for free dental care. If you haven't been able to get to a dentist in a while now is the time. Get yourself and kids there early as I expect the line will be long. Great Job Northwoods Dental with supporting the Skowhegan Community. Chief Bucknam

Good Morning Skowhegan, I want to bring to everyone’s attention an issue we have started to receive involving stopped school buses. When a school bus is stopped and operating its red flashing lights to either pick up or drop off passengers, you are required to stop prior to reaching the bus. It is a misdemeanor crime to pass a stopped school bus with its red lights flashing. The Skowhegan Police Department is going to ensure the safety of our children and will strictly enforce this violation. You could receive a minimum fine of $250 and if it’s not your first time a license suspension. I can say it’s not the fine you should be worried about. What you should be worried about is hitting a child who is crossing the street. This is what should be on everyone’s mind when approaching a school bus. Help us keep your children safe. Pay attention to your surroundings and stop when you see a school bus with its red lights flashing. Keeping Skowhegan a safe place to live, work and visit. Chief Bucknam

Today we got a visit from Bloomfield 3rd graders. Not just a couple of students but more like 40 jumping off a school bus. They split up into 2 groups and got a tour of the Municipal Building by Town Manager Christine Almand and a tour of the Police Department with Officer Tim Williams. What a great way to start a day off… spending some time with kids who are full of energy, top that with a large cup of espresso coffee and I am on my way to a very energetic day. It is incredible how much we have interacted with these kids over the last year as most of them know us by name. Really makes us feel good to know they recognize us and are comfortable talking to us. We will be up to Bloomfield’s next Wednesday conducting relay races with the Police Car so they should be tired when they come home that night. See everyone there. Keeping Skowhegan a safe place to live, work and visit. Chief Bucknam

Yesterday morning at 730 am, we gathered on the south side of the walking bridge to conduct our second “Walking School Bus” event with Margaret Chase Smith school students. We had 17 kids who got to add a mile to their quest of 100 miles before the school year is over. The weather was almost perfect for walking as the air was crisp and there was no wind. It was a great walk through downtown Skowhegan. There will be additional walks throughout the year so if anyone is interested in walking with us we would love to have you join. As soon as I have the dates for the next couple of walks I will post them. Keeping Skowhegan a safe place to live, work and visit. Chief Bucknam

Last week Kenny Steward, who works at Motor Supply here in Skowhegan, contacted me in regards to assisting with “Team Enoch” and a caravan of citizens who were traveling north to visit Baby Enoch in Bangor. He explained they were doing a fund drive and toy run to help the family after the horrific event which took place earlier this month. Approximately 20 vehicles took part in this caravan with Skowhegan Officers Cpl. CJ Viera and Officer Tifani Warren assisting with traffic control. After the event, Kenny contacted me and advised they had collected over $3,000 for the family and delivered numerous stuff animals and toys for Baby Enoch. After thanking me for the assistance, I had to stop and say thank you to Kenny and all of the citizens involved. Every day I am amazed at the compassion, strength, and kindness I see from our citizens. Everyday people, stepping up to help one another. I am happy for the small part the Police Department was able to help with and I sincerely thank everyone for all you have done for Baby Enoch and his family. Keeping Skowhegan a safe place to live, work and visit. Chief Bucknam

What a beautiful day in Skowhegan. It’s 35 degrees outside, ice on the ground and I saw plenty of vehicles with snow on them driving through town. (Any Snow Birds looking for extra gas money on their way south)? This morning Skowhegan Officer David Daigneault, Officer Teresa Brown and I, along with school teachers, New Balance employees, and Somerset Public Health met with 20 students from the Margaret Chase Smith School in the Municipal Lot and we all took part in the “Walking School Bus” program. The kids are participating in a 100-mile competition with school and today we're adding onto those miles. It was a great walk to the school and we even had one kid outdo everyone by wearing shorts. Ahhhh…. To be young again….. Anyway, we invite you parents out for the next scheduled walk to school next Thursday the 25th. We will be meeting on the south side of the walking bridge at 730 and starting from there. Dress warm and wear good shoes from New Balance. Also, hot coffee tastes delicious when you’re done with the walk. Keeping Skowhegan a safe place to live, work and visit. Chief Bucknam

Today we met some of our future leaders from the Madison and Carrabec JMG (Jobs for Maine Graduates) group when they stopped by the police station for a tour. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet and interact with them. JMG is an incredible program helping to build our children for when they move out of the house and get a job (YAY)!!😂😂Just kidding…. JMG is truly a learning experience that transcends boundaries and assists in increasing our youth’s competency and becoming a contributing member of our society. It truly assists in preparing them for the outside world. Thank you for choosing the Skowhegan Police Department today and we hope you keep us in mind for future tours. Keeping Skowhegan a safe place to live, work and visit. Chief Bucknam

Xander Verburgt who turned 6 years old in this picture decided to show Officer Burns how to operate a Ford Explorer Police Interceptor off road. Looks like he did a great job as the cruiser could use a bath. Hope you had fun on your birthday Xander, we will have to figure something out for next year. Maybe you teach Officer Burns how to drive without his help? 😎Keeping Skowhegan a safe place to live, work and visit. Chief Bucknam

If you have received a phone call from someone saying they are collecting money for the Fire Department please do not give them any. I have contacted Chief Shawn Howard of the Skowhegan Fire Department and he advised they would never solicit money from citizens. If you do receive a call just hang up. Keeping Skowhegan a safe place to live, work and visit. Chief Bucknam

I would like to say congratulations to Officer Christopher (CJ) Viera who was promoted to the position of Corporal last night at the Selectman’s meeting. Cpl. Viera will be off to the 1st of three (3) FBI Leadership courses next month. Cpl Viera is an excellent asset to our team and we are proud to have him as one of our newest supervisors. His new badge was pinned by his wife Abby Viera with his parents and his son Finnegan in attendance. Looking forward to Keeping Skowhegan a safe place to live, work and visit. Chief Bucknam

The Skowhegan Police Department welcomes both Mark and Jen to the team. Hope they have a good time training next week at the Academy. The expression.... "It's time to make the coffee" will be in effect as it will be some long days. Keeping Skowhegan a safe place to live work and visit. Chief Bucknam

Officer Warren received a gift from Emma Burns of North Elementary the other night at the Police Station. A beautifully framed picture of them finger painting together. Lasting memories for both Emma and Officer Warren. Keeping Skowhegan a safe place to live, work and visit. Chief Bucknam

This chapter is finally over for the victims and I would like to thank the Skowhegan Criminal Investigation Division and Farmington's Criminal Investigation Division on working together bringing this person to justice. Great job by the District Attorneys Office to work out the details to keep this out of the court room for the victims. Chief Bucknam

Wednesday night I had the privilege of helping to present the Bruce Ferrin wellness award to Skowhegan Officer CJ Viera at the Somerset Public Health banquet. Bruce was there to present the plaque and the conversation between he and Officer Viera went something like this. "Which way to the gym". I had to laugh. Between the 2 of them there was plenty of testosterone. If you see Officer Viera on patrol, make sure you jump up and give him a slap on the back. Hes only 9 feet tall. Congratulations CJ. Keeping Skowhegan a safe place to live, work and visit. Chief Bucknam

Officer Tifani Warren showed her inner child while visiting the kids at North Elementary School today. After going thru a fire drill with the students she got a quick class on finger painting by Emma Burns. Once her picture is complete we will ensure Officer Warren's creation is posted on the refrigerator door at the police department. Great job Officer Warren, building bonds with our youth is an ongoing task and its starts right there. Keeping Skowhegan a safe place to live, work and visit. Chief Bucknam

It was an incredible event last night bringing people together from all over Somerset County. I see "ROAR" growing as more people start to recognize recovery is possible. Kennebec Behavioral Health is spearheading this program and it's amazing to see all the different groups come together for such a great cause. Incredible night with some amazing people. Chief Bucknam

Skowhegan Officer Tifani Warren, Officer CJ Viera and Officer Ryan Blakeney are at the Skowhegan Fair Grounds to support car 1312 driven by Somerset Deputy Isaac Wacome. Good luck and be safe tonight. Chief Bucknam

The Skowhegan Police Department has received numerous calls today in regards to an IRS Scam. It is an automated message stating you have 24 hours to make contact or the local “COPS” are going to arrest you. If you receive a call from this please ignore it. Do not call back the number they provide on the recording. There is a possibility you could be charged by the minute for the call. If you have been taken advantage of by this scam please contact the Skowhegan Police Department at 474-6908. Keeping Skowhegan a safe place to live, work and visit. Chief Bucknam

Good Morning Skowhegan, Denise from the Recreation Center entered into the Poland Spring 207ACT and is looking for your help. All you have to do is click the link and scroll to the bottom of the page. There you will find a vote button for "Beautifying Skowhegan Matters". You do not have to be a resident of Skowhegan to participate. Heck, you don't even need to be a resident of Maine. But your vote counts. You can vote everyday from now until the 15th of this month. They got this back to Denise a little late so we are behind the power curve with only 2 days left. Lets help her and Skowhegan by getting our votes in. Keeping Skowhegan a safe place to live, work and visit. Chief Bucknam #PolandSpring

UPDATE: Thank you everyone for reaching out. Chelsea is aware we have her wallet. The Skowhegan Police Department is looking for your assistance in locating Chelsea Landry. Her wallet was found in York County and sent to the Police Department. If anyone knows Chelsea and can get her a message please let her know its waiting here for her to pick up. Chief Bucknam

National Night out is almost here Skowhegan. Looking forward to seeing everyone at Coburn Park. Going to be a great night of fun and relaxation. Maine Forest Service is going to have water activities, Sheriff's Office with peddle carts, State Police with K9 Demo and much more. Don't forget movie in the park as it starts to get dark. Keeping Skowhegan a safe place to live, work and visit. Chief Bucknam