Searsport Police Department

  • Agency: Searsport Police Department
  • Address: 3 Union St, Searsport , 04974 ME
  • Chief: Richard H LaHaye Jr (Chief of Police)

Searsport Police Department is located at 3 Union St, Searsport , 04974 ME. The Chief of Police of the department is Richard H LaHaye Jr. The Searsport Police Department phone number is (207) 548-2304.

Searsport Police Department News

I am writing today to advise there will be a public meeting on Thursday October 18, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. at the Public Safety building in Searsport concerning the firearms range at the transfer station in Searsport. This meeting will be to inform you all of the intentions going forward with the proposed plans for a public range. We are followiing a process that is involved and the intention is not keep people out but more to make sure people are safe. Sgt. Dan Owens, a certified Firearms Instructor for the Maine Criminal Justice Academy and a Police Officer with the Searsport Police Department will be present as well to offer and/or lend his guidance and experience relating to firearms ranges at this meeting. I appreciate your patience with me during this time and I know personally as well as heard on the street you all are anxious to sight your guns for the upcoming season(s). I understand and as previously stated, it is a process that takes some time and no one wants this to work as much as I do for you all. It is my intention to make this range something the Town of Searsport can and will be proud of going forward to be used by the Community. On Thursday, I will hopefully have answers to your questions and concerns and we will be able to proceed forward. Again in closing, I thank you for your patience. Chief LaHaye Searsport Police Department

Today is a big day for the SEarsport Fire Department as they train on the Mt. Ephraim Rd. As I have previously stated, let;s make sure the firefighters and the motor public stay safe. If you the motor public need to utilizie the Mt. Ephraim Road to get to your destination please try to help us out by finding an alternative way and allow the fire department to complete their mission of the day. This is not the norm for them and it is not the norm for you as well and we understand. We are just asking for patience and your help and truly believe things will go smoothly. The public safety entities appreciate your help and understanding. There will be a police presence along with Searsport Ambulance Service. Thank you , Chief LaHaye Searsport Police Department

I am writing today to let the Community of Searsport know that the Searsport Fire Department will be engaging in a training located in the vicinity of Mt. Ephraim Road and Goodell Street tomorrow August 11 and again on August 12, 2018. They will be burning a structure in that area with an anticipated start time of 0730 a.m. The road will be closed for the safety of motorists, nearby buildings and the public in general as this structure is burned flat. Motorists should take into account the road closure for purposes of SAFETY and find alternative routes to get to where they need to be. For obvious reasons, public safety vehicles will have access to the roads due to the nature of their stated purpose. The time frames according to the Fire Chief will depend on the number of firefighters available. Other departments have been solicited to help make this go as fast as possible while keeping the focus of SAFETY. We ask for the community's assistance with this on behalf of the Searsport Fire Department, Searsport Ambulance Service and the Searsport Police Department. At or about 0730 a.m. the road will shut at the intersection of Mt. Ephraim Road and Goodell Street all the way to the area of 60 Mt. Ephraim Road. We will try to maintain one lane of traffic open, but we need the help of the motor public to assist us. As previously stated, if you can find your way around this area by an alternative route, please do so to ensure that everyone stays safe. On Sunday August 12th, this will look entirely different. The road will be completely closed from the Goodell Street-Mt. Ephraim Rd. intersection all the way to Old County Rd. as the fire hydrants in this specific area will need to be utilized to assist with the fire department techniques. Only local traffic for home owners will be allowed on Sunday for those who live within the area of the designated shutdown. Parking will be allowed on the side of the roadway in the area of 51 Mt. Ephraim Road on Sunday only. There will be a Searsport Police Department presence on both days to assist the Fire Department with this mission. Safety is at the forefront of this specific activity and together WE ALL can be successful. The Public Safety agencies ask for your help on this situation to make it go as smoothly as possible. Thank you for your understanding and patience by finding alternative routes to help relieve the anxiety and stress that goes with these types of situations. Respectfully, Richard LaHaye Jr. Chief of Police

The Searsport Police Department would like to welcome the public to the Community of Searsport, Maine as we today August 4, 2018 celebrate the Maritime Heritage of this great little Community situated on the Coast of Maine containing the 2nd largest port in Maine. The Department asks that everyone stay safe as the activities present themselves over the course of the day. The day will culminate with a street dance on Mt. Ephraim Rd. behind Tozier's Market. The road will closed off to allow this event to take place. The road will be blocked at the entrance off Main Street and in the vicinity of Goodell Street and Mt. Ephraim Rd. where the two roads intersect. This will please occur around 430 p.m. more or less. As I have previously stated, parking will be an issue and the police department will work with motorists but please park appropriately and in places where it is legal to park. What I am saying directly is you may have to park and walk a bit. As a side note, Tozier's Market will remain open for their business so PLEASE assist them with not parking your vehicles in their parking to attend the street dance. In closing, we the police department and the officers hope you all enjoy the day of festivities. Be safe and have fun and enjoy yourselves. Chief Richard LaHaye Jr. Searsport Police Department

I am writing to make the citizens of Searsport aware of the weekend activities as it pertains to the roads within the downtown areas. On Saturday August 4, 2018, the Mt. Ephraim Road extentsion at the intersection of East Main Street and to the intersection of Goodell Street will be blocked off with baricades and cones so the Heritage Day Street Dance can be held. The barriers will be put into place at or about 430 p.m. Saturday afternoon so that setups and things can be in place so the show will be able to start on time. The Police Department asks for your help in allowing us to be able to accomplish this task. The goal is for everyone to enjoy the day and the festivities. For us SAFETY FIRST. Also to note with this event is the parking related issues that go with the events. Please assist the police department with your assistance on this matter. It is unknown how many people will be attending but there are parking places appropriately in the downtown area but you may have to walk a bit. But again I ask for you help on this matter. With that being said as in most cases when the show is over everyone wants to leave at the same time. May I suggest, if you're on the oppsite side of the road from where you want to go, turn or exit right then turn left and get yourself back on the right path of travel. I have studied this situation for 11 years and it really is best way to keep the flow of traffic going. Again as you are sitting and not moving you are beginning to get aggitated. We understand this but somehow if you are moving only a bit at a time it is progress and the anxiety associated with the sitting is diminished. I have watched many drivers in the downtown area and see the frustration they are experiencing. A previously stated, the police do not want to be the bad guy's here. This is a town event which we are participants in as well and support and we want to make sure people have fun and experience the summer of Searsport, Maine. My goal or our goal is to ensure that happens for each and every person who wants to come and play. On behalf of the Police Department, please have fun and be safe. Chief Richard LaHaye Jr.

On behalf of the Searsport Police Department we are going to stop allowing the use of the pit areas of the dump where the firearms range is under construction by the police department. As I have said from the time we started this project, to benefit the police department so we do not have to use budget monies and travel away from town to conduct our required training this projuect makes sense. However we continue to have roadblocks by people who do not RESPECT what we are doing and continue to shoot up equipment that has been donated to the police department by area businesses. I will personally make sure that if this continues people will be prohibited down there. The Police Department does not really want to go that route but let's have some respect for the process we are involved in. Those of you I have spoken with, I have plan in place to give you your assistance in making sure you lso have a place to go and shoot. All I am asking for is to leave what we are trying to do alone and BE PATIENT. Just as an aside there are insurance related issues and if I did not think about those for you the public, shame on me. This is where I am and I respectfully ask for your help on this and please do not put the police department in a bad situation. PLEASE. Chief LaHaye

Good morning to the Citizens of Searsport , Maine. The Searsport Police Department would like to thank people traveling thru our Community East and West to please drive slow within the posted speed limits to better assist others as they also are traveling the roads of a rural, coastal Maine community. During high traffic times motorists become agitated when things are not moving properly. The Police understand your situations and are sympathetic to your cause but we also see the aftermath in a lot of cases where patience would have been the better play. We want and wish for everyone to be safe and enjoy the moment and the day. Please, we ask for your assistance in our cause which is make sure yoou all are safe. Please enjoy your time in our great little Community. Chief Richard LaHaye Jr.

Can anyone identify this person or vehicle? Please call Searsport Police Department @ 548-2304 if you have any information. Thank you, Chief LaHaye

The Searsport Police Department would like to welcome people traveling East and West through our downtown area. Our hope and request is they travel safely but more importantly for us is that the Motorist assist us with the speeds they are driving. It would be most helpful for the speed limits posted to be followed and this allows for better commute times. Traffic is extremely heavy right now through the downtown areas and I personally have noticed the drivers are not following the speed limits posted. Please help the police department with your effort as it will guarantee a cost savings to each driver in the end. Also, this ensures safety for all as we experience this daily. Also, a note to remind drivers relates to the crosswalks and Pedestrian traffic. The crosswalks are well marked and the laws are in place to protect the pedestrians. We hope drivers will acknowledge the people within the crosswalks so that everyone stays safe. To all, in the end we want people both on the road and in the crosswalks to be safe and we are looking for partnerships related to these two events. Also, we want everyone to have a great time while in Maine and if you are coming to Searsport we hope you will enjoy our fine quaint town. It is a great little Community situated in upper Penobscot Bay which is the 2nd largest bay on the Coast of Maine. We have Commercial waterfronts and we also have Sears Island where they are walking trails, etc. Also we have some fine little stores and flea markets. Again, we at the Searsport Police Department wish everyone to be safe and also enjoy your time in Searsport or as you pass through our Town. Respectfully, Richard LaHaye Jr. Chief of Police

Just a few words to all of the citizens of the Town of Searsport as the Congregational Church put on a fabulous supper last night consisting of Fish Chowder, cole slaw, bread, pickles and strawberry shortcake. This event was a fundraiser for the Church and it was well attended and it was really special to see so many citizens of the Community I serve. Also, I wish to compliment Sandra Otis Anderson and Mrs. Snowdeal and all the others who assisted with the event. A special thanks to Sheriff Trafton, Retired State Police Sgt. David Lindahl, David Walsh EMT for Searsport Ambulance Service and my friend Chief Sean Geaghan from the Bucksport Police Department, and members of the Church Community as the citizens were served their meals. Again on a side note thank you to you all for your thoughts very kind words of encouragment. Thank you so much as it really means a lot to myself and my family as I go thru this time. I will tell you I will make it because of all of you. Thank again. Chief Richard LaHaye Jr.

To all the citizens and guests of Searsport coming to the annual fireworks display at Mosman Park tonight at 9 p.m. : Please know that there will be no parking allowed at the park. Also where ever you park on any side street and upon entering East or West Main Street, it will be right hand turns only. It will be up to you the motorist to go until you can turn yourself around to get to where your ending journey may be. We at the Police Department have studied this for 11 years and this way of emptying the side streets and the wharf area works the best. I ask that you assist the department with this endeavor so that your night of festivities can be enjoyed. We work with traffic daily and have had a lot of experience. We at the Searsport Police Department hope you all are safe, have fun individually or with your families. Enjoy the display as we know it is one of the best around, as we have proven this over the years. Thanks again for your help!!!! Chief LaHaye Searsport Police Department

It was great to get back to work this week. I just would like to say it nice to see coworkers and a lot of friends. Tuesday, I went to the Elementary School and the High School/Middle School and to see some of the Staff at the Schools and the Students was alot of pleasure for me. Also on Tuesday during Election Day I saw a lot of firends and others from the Community of Searsport. Thank you to one and all for your thoughts, prayers and words during my time away from the Searsport Police Department. It did not go unnoticed. Also, I want to say thank you to all the Police Officers at Searsport PD for helping me out during my absence. That also did not go unnoticed. Greatly appreciated. Chief LaHaye

I just wanted to let you all know that I am doing well and have been cleared by the Doctor who performed my surgery to come back to work administratively for a few hours a day. I will be in consultation with the Town Manager as early as tomorrow to make him aware of where I am at. I wish to thank you one and all for your thoughts, prayers, cards and kind words during this past nearly 4 weeks. I never thought for a minute that I or my family would ever be in this position of my life. I will tell you though as I have thought about this process, having all of you nearby has made the situation as palatable as can be under the circumstances. I still have work and things to do but I am going forward. I have great supports in my family, my work place, my fellow Chiefs of Police and Police Officers throughout the great State of Maine. Again, I want to thank you all as it is greatly appreciated. Chief LaHaye

I want to thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and support over the past week. I am recovering from the surgery quickly and doing well. I look forward to returning to work and seeing you all soon. Chief LaHaye

I would like to share of my day yesterday as it was just a fabulous day for me as Police Chief for the town of Searsport, Maine and the Searsport Police Department. I had the distinct honor of representing the Maine Chiefs of Police as 1st Vice President and Police Chief of the Searsport Police Department to speak at the Confirmation hearing of a great friend and fellow Officer Colonel John Cote of the Maine State Police for him to become the next Colonel of the great organization, the Maine State Police. I then came back to Searsport and served Spaghetti to Towns people at a benefit supper for Cpl. Eugene Cole of Somerset County Sheriffs Department where over $1100.00 was raised for the Cole family. Again it was an honor to serve the Searsport Police Department as Police Chief as I stood alongside of Sheriff Jeff Trafton and Chief Deputy Jason Trundy of the Waldo County Sheriff's Department to honor and respect Deputy Cole who met a very untimely and tragic death while on the job. Also to note, a special thanks to Sandra Otis Anderson and Linda Morse Payson and other members of the Searsport Congregational Church and the Church for providing the food and venue for the cause to take place. Also a thank you Dick Desmarais for advertising the event on his radio searsport site. In a sad time time but respectively just a great day day in all. Thank you to all

The Searsport Police Department over this past weekend assisted two separate entities with traffic details to ensure safety as their members participated in events travelng through Searsport, Maine. The first event happened on Friday night April 20 @ 1048 p.m. as Officer Smith escorted a group of Disabled American Veterans bicycling to raise money for others with disabilities. The second event was Saturday April 21 as a local celebration of Earth Day began on Sears Island and approximately 20 walkers began their walk to Belfast. This event was overseen by Officer Larrivee. Thank you to both Officers for their time and Professionalism as the Searsport Police Department wanted to make sure SAFETY was at the forefront of these Community events. Chief LaHaye

Some of you may know, some may not, for the past three days the Searsport Fire Department along with other agencies have been fighting a large wildfire in Prospect. The past couple nights I’ve watched the Men and Women of Searsport Fire Department returning to the station covered in soot and ash and completely exhausted from their day. Tonight, after another full day fighting this fire, they returned and after putting away their gear they all headed home for a well-deserved meal and much needed rest. A short time later, I heard the tone go out for Searsport’s Fire Department, regarding a call here in town. Most of these Men and Women didn’t even have time to get home and clean off the ash from the fire earlier in the day. These volunteers strapped on their boots and headed back out in their trucks. It takes a special kind of dedication, little bit of crazy, and a whole lot of heart to do what these people do. My hat is off to all of you, thank you for everything you do. -Officer Mushrall

As some of you have noticed and some may not have, there has been a lot of changes going on behind the transfer station here in town. We have just posted a few photographs of what has been happening and wanted to take a moment to explain what is going on. The town, along with the help of many people and businesses, have been making an effort to put together a firearms range behind the transfer station. There has been a big effort to clean up the area and this department would like to ask, for the time being, if people use this area to please use the "big pit" and not the area that is currently being worked on. Also, please pick up anything you brought in with you! There will be more information posted in the newspaper in the near future to help answer questions people may have. Stay safe.

The Searsport Police Department would like to thank the following people and businesses with their assistance in the constuction of a fireamrs range. STONE'S CONSTRUCTION, KINNEY'S CONSTRUCTION, HAMILTON MARINE, CENTERAL MAINE POWER CO., SEARSPORT HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT, DICK DESMARAIS, AND OFFICER DAN OWENS of the Searsport Police Department.

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Senior day August 10th at the public safety building