Machias Police Department

  • Agency: Machias Police Department
  • Address: 25 McDonald Dr, Machias , 04654 ME
  • Chief: Grady Dwelley (Chief of Police)

Machias Police Department is located at 25 McDonald Dr, Machias , 04654 ME. The Chief of Police of the department is Grady Dwelley. The Machias Police Department phone number is 207-255-8558.

Machias Police Department News

We will be set up at Hannaford's next to the IT store for drug take back at ,9:00 to 1:00 pm on Saturday April ,28th so anyone with old prescriptions, left over meds, etc can get rid of them. Please be ready to keep the medicine bottles and throw them away at home

This is a constant danger for all law enforcement.

Sharing from Washington RCC. Week of 2/9/2018.

Suspended licenses. We ran a report for the following: Machias, East Machias, Cutler, Jonesboro, Machiasport, Wesley, and Whiting Zip codes. This report showed a total of 490 suspended licenses. Removing known deceased and relocated individuals, would reduce this to roughly 350-400 suspended licenses. There have been recent accidents which involved suspended operators. In an effort to bring awareness to the public, we offer the following: If you are in doubt about your license status, you can call the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles at 207-624-9000 during normal business hours. If ticketed/summonsed during a traffic stop, be sure the address is correct in order to receive any notifications from the BMV. Misdirected notifications may result in a suspension if not answered. If ticketed/summonsed during a traffic stop, you must answer the complaint within 20 days. Law enforcement issues the ticket/summons, it goes to the BMV, and they wait to hear from you. If you don't answer the complaint, this may result in a suspension. If you're suspended, don't drive. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your suspension, you may be arrested. This would be a real drag if you have a carload of screaming children and melting groceries. Your vehicle may also be towed. Thank you and safe travels.

Update: The Berry Vines theft has been resolved to the owner's satisfaction. A huge thank you to all that came forward with essential information. As always, information is confidential. Public support helps piece cases together towards a speedy enforcement action. Thank you again everyone!!

Someone wanted to get in the holiday spirit this morning at Berry Vines in Machias. The only problem was that the store was not open and items were not paid for. If you recognize this person or vehicle, please call 255 8308 and ask for Officer Hinerman. If you recognize yourself in this video, the owners have graciously agreed to a simple summons for theft. This is a limited time offer. The theft occurred on 11/02/2017 at 4:55 a.m.

Machias Police are seeking information on an attempted break-in at Rite-aid in Machias. The event occurred during the overnight hours last night. (11-2-17 into 11-3-17) If you have information, please call 255 8308 and ask for Officer Hinerman. You can ask that all information be kept off the radio. Thank you.

In case you have not noticed or missed the signs the speed limit on Court Street is now ,25 mph from downtown untill just past the entrance to the hospital

Late Monday evening, October 2, 2017, the Machias Police Department was made aware of an electronic threat to harm students at Machias High School. That threat was later expanded to other schools in the area. As a result Officer Wayne Robbins initiated an investigation that included cooperation with the Maine State Police Computer Crimes Task Force. Subpoenas were obtained and information developed that lead to a suspect in this case. Late Tuesday, October 4, 2017, Officer Robbins, assisted by Sergeant​ Wade Walker and Washington County Sheriff's Deputy Tim Mace apprehended a juvenile male who will be charged with Terrorizing. Final case preparation is underway and seized evidence will be processed. As Chief of Police I am proud of the inter agency cooperation that enabled the Machias Police Department, Washington County Sheriff's Office and The Maine State Police to successfully close this case without any harm to students or staff of our local schools. Grady Dwelley, Chief of Police

A fowl of the law. The avian jaywalkers refused to comment on why they were crossing the road. Investigation continues.

The Machias Police Department extends it's condolences on the untimely passing of Correctional Sergeant Allen Devericks of the Downeast Correctional Facility. Our thoughts go out to both his family and coworkers.

From our Sgt. Not having a clearly marked address can really hinder a public safety response. Fire, EMS, and police often play "Where's Waldo".

There is further information concerning the paving in town from the Town Manager. Route 1A (Court Street to Jonesboro) is scheduled to be completed at an undetermined date. Main Street was not scheduled to be paved at all. Maine DOT actually did the town a favor by utilizing excess material from another job. Again, the risers have been ordered to eliminate the holes. We hope this information addresses any concerns. Thank you.

Manholes on Main and Court Streets. Risers to fill the holes created after the new paving are on order. In the meantime, please use caution on these streets until they can be fixed. Thank you.

Special Olympics Torch Run by local law enforcement officers will take place today. They will leave Calais at 7:00am and be in Dennysville around noon. They will be in East Machias around 4:00pm and finish at the courthouse in Machias around 4:30pm. Please use caution when passing the runners. The Washington County runners have raised about $3700 for Special Olympics! (Not too late to donate)

Is Bridgette from Card Holder Services driving you up the wall? Have you gotten a call that the IRS is coming to kick in your door? Us too!! In addition to using the Do Not Call Registry, you can fight back by filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Squeaky wheels get the grease!! Please share this information with those at risk of these scams.

We hope everyone is prepared for the storm. Please reach out to those who may need assistance. There are also area business's that will be closed tomorrow, February 13, 2017. Please comment below with closures for widest dissemination. Thank you and stay safe!!

Sharing from Baileyville Police Department.

Reminder for everyone. If your inspection or registration sticker is yellow it is expired. Don't a let a minor detail catch you a beef from the popo. Stay warm.

"Who's That Cop?". Harrington native, Wayne Robbins is our most recent full-time addition. Wayne was self-employed for 20 years. Since 2009 he has served with the Army National Guard and is a Sergeant. He is a CBRN NCO which means he is trained to deal with nasty stuff like dirty bombs, anthrax, etc. etc. He also served as a combat engineer. Since October 2016 he has served as the Addison Shellfish Warden. In his off time, Wayne is reported to be quite a baller on the court with sick handles. His tomahawk and windmill dunks are vicious

Please use caution while driving in the area. We hope, unlike Portland, to not have any issues with errant trees. If we do, be they deciduous or conifer, they will be dealt with equally and fairly. TRICK OR TREAT HAS BEEN MOVED TO THURSDAY !!!!! Pass the word!! Due to heavy rain predicted for Friday night, Trick or Treat on Main Street in Machias Will be held from 3-5 p.m. Thursday at participating businesses. Please be safe out there!

Shared from Machias Savings Bank. There is a regional “SMiShing” scam underway that is targeting mobile phone users. “SMiShing” is text-message fraud that occurs when criminals, posing as financial institutions, attempt to lure mobile phone users into sending personal information through text messages. Fraudsters are sending text messages that state there is a Debit Card Alert. DO NOT respond to these types of messages or follow the instructions provided. We will never ask for your card information via phone, text or email. If you have provided personal information please contact us immediately. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-866-416-9302 with questions.

There will be a blood drive on October 7, 2016 from noon to 5 p.m. at the LDS church on Court Street.

Due to the ongoing investigation, further details will be released at a later time.