Washington County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Washington County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 83 Court St., Machias, 4654 ME
  • Chief:
Phone: 207-255-4422

Washington County Sheriff's Office is located at 83 Court St., Machias, 4654 ME. The Washington County Sheriff's Office phone number is 207-255-4422.

Washington County Sheriff's Office News

The Washington County Sheriff's Office wants to express appreciation for the overwhelming response and kindness shown over the last several days. Stryker was not only a valued member of our agency, but he was also an incredible partner to his handler, Rich Rolfe and loving member to his family. Rich and Paula want to express their heartfelt appreciation for the support as they mourn the loss of their beloved Stryker. Stryker's handler, Rich provided the following post to his personal page. "To say I am heartbroken and devastated would be an understatement. Stryker has been my partner for the past 7 years. Other than my wife I have spent more time with him than any living being. Though the last few years he has been semi-retired and often sleeping under my desk, playing ball or trying to eat the Sheriff's plant. He loved to terrorize the Sheriff and Chief Deputy and only bit them a few times. His high energy and fearless attitude made him a very good drug dog. With his "reputation" of being a little nippy he was truly a loving dog who would plop on his back for some belly rubs. Stryker was a working dog through and through and was by far the best dog I have worked with. RIP my loyal friend 💔"

Sadly, earlier this morning K9 Stryker passed away. He will be remembered for his fearless attitude, high energy and drive. Thank you for your dedicated service and RIP Stryker!

Congratulations Deputy Toni Bridges on graduating today from the Maine Criminal Justice Academy!

We want to recognize the unsung heroes of public safety during National Correctional Officer Week. When an offender is arrested and locked up in Washington County they are under the watchful eye of our Corrections Officers. In 2018 their jobs are increasingly complex and difficult. The Officers at the Washington County Sheriff's Office, like all other public safety officials sacrifice a great deal. They work long hours, weekends, holidays and miss family functions. We want to thank them for choosing to serve in this tough and demanding career. We also want to extend a heartfelt thanks to the families of our Correctional Staff. They also feel the sacrifice and stress of those working in the jail. The families did not choose this career path, but their support is invaluable to the success of our County Jail.

Couldn't have said it better. Please read!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our table today during the job fair held at the Calais High School. K9 Kia brought along a few of our other employees to keep her company. She is pictured here with her handler Deputy Jim Malloy, Lt. Tim Tabbutt, Correctional Lts. Keith Albee and Mary Zidalis.

Today was the Chief's Inspection at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy. Washington County was well represented with four cadets attending the Basic Law Enforcement Training Program. Pictured are Wayne Robbins - Machias Police Department, Ethan Stevens - Pleasant Point Police Department, Caela Fenderson - Eastport Police Department and our own Toni Bridges - Washington County Sheriff's Department.

SCAM TRENDING THE AREA We are receiving an influx of complaints from residents in Washington County dealing with various scam attempts. These deceitful individuals are not always using the standard scam tactics that many of us have experienced. They are becoming more and more creative and convincing with their schemes. In order to stay vigilant, the Washington County Sheriff's Office will be posting warnings from time to time highlighting actual complaints that we have received and the tactics used by these criminals. Some may sound very familiar while others may have a little different twist. Recently, a complainant reported receiving a call from an individual claiming to work for Microsoft. The scam caller advised the complainant that Microsoft was contacting them as they wanted to refund money that was owed. The scammer emailed the complainant a link and told them to click on it so they could set up to receive their funds electronically as they did not issue checks. The complainant advised us that they clicked on the link and it opened a team viewer portal. At that point the scammer took control of the complainant's computer. Fortunately, the complainant quickly realized what was happening and immediately shut down and disconnected their computer. Subsequently, the software that was installed through the link was uninstalled by the complainant. The scammers persisted, as they again called the complainant back and attempted to obtain their social security number and bank account information. As always, stay vigilant in protecting your personal information even with persistent thugs like these!

SCAM ALERT!!! We have received complaints of a new scam where scammers are using Facebook private messenger to steal your money. These thieves are disguising themselves as an actual friend from your friends list. They are sending a private message encouraging you to sign up for a $120,000 grant program through the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agency (FPWA). The FPWA is a legitimate organization and not part of this scam. The scammers ask that you complete a grant application and eventually request that you send $3,000. In return, they will send you back $120,000 grant which you will not need to repay. Sounds like a fantastic opportunity or as we might say "a no brainer". THIS IS A SCAM!!! You will not receive any money. As always, be extremely cautious before providing any personal information or sending money to anyone. The best motto is....If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

I would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming response to the Crime Stoppers post seeking assistance to start this program in Washington County. We are going to hold two meetings, February 28th at 6:30 pm at the Baileyville Police Department and March 1st at 6:00 pm at the Cooperative Extension building on Center Street in Machias. At these meetings we will discuss the general purpose of Crime Stoppers and go over the bylaws by in which the program is managed, including the responsibilities of the board and talk about volunteers. I would encourage all that are interested to check out the Crime Stopper web site at www.crimestoppersusa.org Again thank you and we are looking forward to talking with you next week!

Do you want to help in solving crime in Washington County? Have you ever heard of Crime Stoppers? Here's the scoop!!! Sheriff Barry Curtis of the Washington County Sheriff's Office and Chief Bob Fitzsimmons of the Baileyville Police Department are teaming up to start a CRIME STOPPERS tip program in Washington County. Crime Stoppers is a nationally recognized tip line offering cash rewards for sucessful information leading to the arrest and prosecution of criminals. This partnership between communities, media and law enforcement has been extremely successful around the world. We are currently seeking people within Washington County who may be interested in serving on the Board that oversees the Crime Stopper program as well as people interested in volunteering as needed. If you are interested in assisting with this program, please send a private message to us through either of our Facebook pages, the Washington County Sheriff's Office or the Baileyville Police Department. Chief Deputy Crabtree and Chief Fitzsimmons hope to set the first meeting date within the next 3 weeks. Additional meeting(s) will be scheduled later on to discuss the details with interested members of the communities. Let's join forces in a community effort to help solve crime in our County.

A big THANK YOU to the K9 Defender Fund from K9 Kia, her handler Deputy James Malloy and the entire Washington County Sheriff's Office.

Stay safe, protect your pets and check your neighbors.....IT'S COLD OUT THERE!!!