North Berwick Police Department

  • Agency: North Berwick Police Department
  • Address: 21 Main Street, North Berwick, 03906 ME
  • Chief: Stephen C Peasley (Chief of Police)
Phone: 207-676-2751
Fax: 207-676-9860

North Berwick Police Department is located at 21 Main Street, North Berwick, 03906 ME. The Chief of Police of the department is Stephen C Peasley. The North Berwick Police Department phone number is 207-676-2751.

North Berwick Police Department News

Older male with choker collar. Got into a Pork-E-Pine! On the way to the vets with our ACO

WARNING!!! Hundreds of strange creatures invaded our town on Tuesday October 30,2018!!! No need to fear as Sgt. Robert Kearns and Officer Pat Roy had things well under control as they kept the peace by handing out candy and police badge tattoos on North Berwick's annual beggars night. Sgt. Kearns and Officer Roy were treated to children dressed in a wide variety of costumes from very scary to superheroes to princesses just to name a few. (photos courtesy of Jennifer Kearns Photography)

Due to the inclimate weather expected tomorrow, we would like everyone to know that we will be opening the drug take back event an hour early to help everyone beat the heavy rain. Doors will be open at the town hall from 9-2 tomorrow morning.

Today Chief Stephen Peasley and Officer Daniel Pelkey made the trip to MCJA for the 35th BLETP Chief's Inspection. Officer Brian Donahue is in his 10th week of an intense 18-week program. The Chief's Inspection is an opportunity for Department Personnel to meet with their Officers in the class and discuss their progress and also give them updates on anything going on in their Departments since they've been away. We wish Brian continued success and are excited to attend his graduation in December.


On Wednesday the Police Department had the pleasure of having North Berwick Elementary School’s 3 - first grade classes come visit the police department. Chief Peasley gave the students a short safety talk and answered many interesting questions. We finished the visit by showing the students how the police vehicles work and some of the equipment inside. Thank you Mrs. Corain, Mrs. Reid and Mrs. Beckwith for bringing your students to visit.

Today, the North Berwick Police Department was forced to say goodbye to their first canine, Hoki. Hoki served the North Berwick Police Department from 2012 - 2017 and responded to 243 calls for service during his career. Hoki assisted nearly every community in York County and his contributions to the safety of the residents of North Berwick and the surrounding communities is rivaled by none. First Responders from North Berwick, Wells, Sanford, South Portland, Berwick, and the Maine Department of Corrections showed up to salute and say their thanks to this wonderful K9 Warrior. Thank You Hoki

We have a clothing bin at the Police Department to help Miss Cipolla with the great effort.

Loki was found on Madison street. Please call dispatch if you are or know the owner. 324-3644x1 Update: Owner found! Thanks for your help

It's hard to imagine the events of September 11th occurred seventeen years ago. A series of events that will be forever engrained in the hearts and minds of everyone who watched in horror as our Nation was attacked in a way that was unimaginable. Not only would the political and security landscapes of the United States be changed forever, but those who lost friends and loved ones in New York City, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania would be left with a hole in their hearts that could never be fixed. 2,996 people lost their lives on that fateful day - including 412 first responders (Police, Fire, and Paramedics) - all of who went to work that day never realizing it would be their last. Many, who upon hearing of the attacks, ran towards the danger so that others may have a chance to live. The Men and Women of the North Berwick Police Department wish to extend a moment of silence so that we can contemplate the sacrifice others made on September 11, 2001. We must never forget the events of that day and remember that the brightest days always come after the darkest nights.

Child Seat Information: We often get asked questions about what seat is appropriate for their child to be in, or when they can use a booster seat, or when is it ok for a child to sit in the front seat. Here are the latest recommendations from the National Highway Traffic Safety Association. Birth – 12 Months: Your child under age 1 should always ride in a rear facing seat. There are different types of rear-facing car seats: Infant-only seats can only be used rear facing. Convertible and 3-in-1 car seats typically have higher height and weight limits for the rear-facing position, allowing you to keep your child rear-facing for a longer period of time. 1 – 3 Years: Keep your child rear-facing as long as possible. It’s the best way to keep him or her safe. Your child should remain in a rear-facing car seat until he or she reaches the top height or weight limit allowed by your car seat’s manufacturer. Once your child outgrows the rear-facing car seat, your child is ready to travel in a forward-facing car seat with a harness. 4 – 7 Years: Keep your child in a forward-facing car seat with a harness until he or she reaches the top height or weight limit allowed by your car seat’s manufacturer. Once your child outgrows the forward-facing car seat with a harness, it’s time to travel in a booster seat, but still in the back seat. 8 – 12 Years: Keep your child in a booster seat until he or she is big enough to fit in a seat belt properly. For a seat belt to fit properly the lap belt must lie snugly across the upper thighs, not the stomach. The shoulder belt should lie snug across the shoulder and chest and not cross the neck or face. Remember: your child should still ride in the back seat because it’s safer there. Maine has strict laws for seatbelt and safety seat use for all motorists and passengers. This is a breakdown of Maine's laws regarding the requirement for seat belts and child safety seats. -Children who weigh less than 40 lbs. must ride in a child safety seat; -Children who weigh at least 40 lbs., but less than 80 lbs. and less than 8 yrs. old, ride in a federally approved child restraint system; -Children who are more than 8 yrs. old and less than 18 yrs. old and more than 4 feet 9 inches in height should be properly secured in a safety belt; and -A child under 12 yrs. old and who weighs less than 100 lbs. is properly secured in the back seat of the vehicle, if possible. Please be safe in your travels!

This is Duncan; he is a young male black cat with a green collar that has a bell on it. He was last seen on Turkey Street or Lebanon Road. Please reach out to us if you have seen him. Thank you

On Sunday, September 9 the Pumpkin-Man Triathlon race will be coming through town. The following roads will be affected by the race: Little River Road, Lebanon Road, Governor Goodwin Road, and Diamond Hill Road. We expect cyclists on the road by 8 AM and the race should be finished by noon time. Please be courteous and safe when sharing the road with cyclists. Thank you

This is Bella, she has been missing for a little over a week. She went missing on Lebanon Road. If you have seen her or are possibly caring for her please let us know. Thanks

Missing on Turkey street 5 year old Lexi, female black lab, has been missing from her home for about an hour. Please call dispatch if you see her. She is very friendly and may come to treats. 324-3644x1

There are reports of a rooster loose in the area of the access road to Noble High School off of Somersworth Rd. If you know the owner please spread the word.

Today from 8-3 there will be road construction on High Street at the intersection. We are expecting delays at times so please be patient or seek alternate routes around the down town. DOT is set to pave the road and this should be the last of the roadwork in the down town area. Stay cool today!

ATTENTION RETIRED LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS: The North Berwick Police Department is currently seeking retired law enforcement officers that might be interested in a part time patrol officer’s position with the police department. The position would consist of approximately 20 hours per week, + or – depending on the week. All equipment, uniforms and recertification training will be supplied. If this is something that you might be interested in or if you would like more specific details please contact Chief Stephen C. Peasley at 207-676-2751.

The Men and Women of the North Berwick Police Department extend our deepest condolences and sympathies to the friends, family, and co-workers of Officer Michael Chesna of the Weymouth Police Department who was murdered in the line of duty this morning. We ask that you keep them all in your thoughts, especially his fellow Officers as they continue to serve the Weymouth community with honor and distinction through this extremely difficult time.

Out with the old and in with the new. The last "front-line" Impala used by the North Berwick Police Department was retired this month. The Impala served us well for nearly 20 years. 4 years ago we decided to switch to the Ford Interceptor Utility to provide our Officers with AWD for snowy conditions as well as better ground clearance for some of the unpaved roads on their patrols. Our K9 Unit was the last to utilize the Impala as a primary patrol vehicle. When we started our K9 Program we received generous assistance from our Community and fellow Law Enforcement Agencies. The Kennebec County Sheriff's Office graciously donated our first K9 Kennel (surplus for their Department) saving us approximately $2,000. We were able to utilize that equipment for 7 years. Last year we made a conscious decision to keep lower miles on an already purchased SUV to turn that into the patrol vehicle for the K9 Unit. By doing this we were able to save taxpayers from needing to purchase additional vehicles and have been able to continue on with our regular vehicle purchase procedures. We were able to secure a $3500 grant from Sean's K-9s to pay for the new K9 Kennel for this cruiser and were able to reuse the majority of the remaining K9 equipment. Our goal is to always provide the best law enforcement services to the Citizens of North Berwick while maintaining a fiscally responsible ideology. The new K9 Cruiser is built out to serve our Community for years to come. We thank you all for your continued support

Today’s roadwork will be on Elm Street between the two traffic lights until late afternoon. Expect delays when traveling this route. Please drive carefully! Update- morning work will be on high Street between Lebanon Road and Varney Road.

Daytime paving in roadwork has begun. Please seek alternate routes around the downtown area to avoid delays. Drive safe!

The North Berwick Police Dept. would like to wish everyone a very enjoyable and safe 4th of July holiday. If you plan to use fireworks please be responsible and understand that there are restrictions on the use. You must also have a fireworks permit. Permits can be obtained from the Fire Dept or at Town Office during business hours. Below we have attached the town ordinance pertaining to the use of fireworks. Thank you for your cooperation. ORDINANCE RESTRICTING THE USE A ND SALE OF CONSUMER FIREWORKS A person may not use, sell or offer for sale, or possess with the intent to sell consumer fireworks, as defined in 8 M.R.S.A. §221-A, in the Town of North Berwick except in compliance with this ordinance. (1)Use. Consumer fireworks may only be used: (a)By a person 21 years of age or older who has obtained a permit from the fire chief or his designee that specifies the day(s) and location of the proposed use; (b)Between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. except on July 4 and December 31 when they may be used between 9:00 a.m. and 12:30 a.m. the following day; (c)On the property of the pers on using the fireworks or on the property of a person who has consented to the use of consumer fireworks on that property. If the user is a tenant then permission of the landlord is required; (d)At least fifty (50) feet fr om combustible material; and (e)When fire danger conditions, as determin ed by the Maine Forest Service, are Class 1, 2 or 3. (2)Sale. Consumer fireworks may only be sold, offered for sale, or possessed with the intent to sell by a person who: (a)Holds a federal permit to sell fireworks under 18 United States Code § 843; and (b)Holds a State license for sale of consumer fireworks; The sale or storage or both of consumer fireworks must be at a location that complies with the North Berwick Zoning Ordinance. (3)Penalty In addition to applicable penalties provided by 8 M.R.S.A. § 223-A, violation of the provisions of this ordinance is a civil violation for which a fine schedule of 1st offense $50.00, 2nd offense $100.00, 3rd offense $250.00 and 4th offense $500.00 may be imposed. The Police Department may seize consumer fireworks that are in violation of this ordinance subject to such limitations of 8M.R.S.A. § 223-A(9) as may apply. (4)Fireworks displays Pursuant to 8 M.R.S.A. § 227-B, nothing in this ordinance shall be construed to limit or regulate fireworks displays, as defined in 8 M.R.S.A. § 221-A, or the issuance of permits for fireworks displays by the Maine Commissioner of Public Safety or designee. The Town Clerk is ordered to provide to the Office of the State Fire Marshall a copy of this ordinance within sixty (60) days of adoption. This ordinance shall be effective upon adoption by the Town Meeting except that section (2) shall be effective sixty (60) days after notification of the State Fire Marshall.