Prairieville Township Police Department

  • Agency: Prairieville Township Police Department
  • Address: 10115 S. Norris Road, Delton, 49046 MI
  • Chief: Larry Gentry (Chief of Police)
Phone: (269) 623-2691
Fax: (269) 623-8966

Prairieville Township Police Department is located at 10115 S. Norris Road, Delton, 49046 MI. The Chief of Police of the department is Larry Gentry. The Prairieville Township Police Department phone number is (269) 623-2691.

Prairieville Township Police Department News,4643,7-123-58995_72487-448016--,00.html The Officers of the Prairieville Township Police Department offer our heart felt condolences to the friends, and family of Trooper Timothy J. O'Neill, as well as to the entire Michigan State Police family on their loss.

BARRY COUNTY CENTRAL DISPATCH - 911 CENTER Now has Smart911 available sign up today!

PTPD has 2 Primary Patrol Vehicles, both are AWD SUVs. Additionally the Dept maintains 1 secondary patrol vehicle primarily as a back-up, or occasional use unit. The vehicles are well maintained, and usage is rotated whenever practical helping to extend the life-cycle of the vehicles.

As Staffing Permits we always try to attend Gilmore Car Festivals, Requests from local Civic Groups such as the Boy or Girl Scouts of America, Church Groups, or even the average Citizen is welcome to Stop by the Station for a tour*. ( * Subject to Chief, or Officer Availability)

Now that Spring has sprung, and many of us begin to repair any damage done during the winter months it is important to take a moment to ensure that your address is clearly posted. This helps us, the Fire Dept, and other public safety services locate you quickly during an emergency! Since many have asked the green address signs seen around the area are available for purchase at most hardwares,Walmart, Meijers, Menards, Lowes, Home Depot, as well as many online sources as well. They generally cost under $20.00, are easy assemble, and install. It is preferable to place an address sign at, or as near as possible to the end of your driveway. For instance on your mailbox post. If you have any questions about this issue, or perhaps need some guidance as to the best location for your property please feel free to contact us during office hours at (269) 623-2691. You may also contact an officer of the Prairieville Township Fire Department for assistance as well .

Friday F.Y.I.(For Your Information) for August 21, 2015 Have you ever wondered where to turn when you, or someone else in our community needs assistance. Well the Barry County Community has an excellent resource available to them, and its called 2-1-1! Many residents don't realize it is available to them, and may be accessed by picking up just about any phone and simply dialing 2-1-1 ! Unlike 911 which was designed to be used for Emergency access to POLICE, FIRE, and Emergency Medical Services, 2-1-1 can provide information, and referrals to many of those other needs we may all have from time to time. For example General Health or Mental Health resources, Basic Human needs like Food, Housing/Shelter, Utility's, and Clothing. 2-1-1 is also able help identify many resources available to Senior Citizens, Children, the Disabled, Current or Ex-Military, and those individuals who may have special needs. Programs like Meals on Wheels, Local Support Groups, Transportation, and much, much more. Below is a link to Barry County United Way's 2-1-1 Information page. Please take a moment to look at wealth of information available on the Barry County United Way Website especially the page about 2-1-1, and take time to share the information you learn with family, friends, and neighbors. As always please have a Safe, and Pleasant Weekend!