Berrien Springs Police Department

  • Agency: Berrien Springs Police Department
  • Address: 4411 E Snow Rd, Berrien Springs, 49103 MI
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: 269-471-2813
Fax: (269) 471-4367

Berrien Springs Police Department is located at 4411 E Snow Rd, Berrien Springs, 49103 MI. The Berrien Springs Police Department phone number is 269-471-2813.

Berrien Springs Police Department News

Tuesday and Wednesday saw our staff handle 20 incidents. Among those incidents were: 2 car vs deer crashes; 2 false alarms; 2 traffic crashes; a suspicious situation; a fraud investigation; and a traffic law realted arrest. Our LOBBY will be CLOSED NEXT MONDAY & TUESDAY (NOv. 12 & 13th). Monday will be the Veteran's Day Holiday and on Tuesday training will take place. For NONEMERGENCY situations, please call our 471-2813 number and wwhen prompted press 8 for dispatch. There will be NO LOBBY SERVICES Nov. 12&13th. Remember, see and be seen....turn on your vehicle lights if you need to use your wipers OR anytime visibility is reduced.

Friday through Monday our staff handled 50 incidents. Those included 4 car vs deer crashes, 3 suspicious situations, 2 false alarms, 2 fraud investigations, a traffic crash, a traffic law vio. arrest, a warrant arrest, a drug law vio arrest, an arrest for a B&E, a theft and an assault. IS your car ready for colder/rainy/snowy weather that is just around the corner? Be prepared, be safe! Have a safe Tuesday!

From Friday the 26th through Thursday Nov. 1st our staff handled 80 incidents which included the following: a drug arrest; 6 false alarms; 3 thefts; 9 vehicle crashes; 4 suspicious situations; a damge to property matter; a warrant arrest; a traffic law violation arrest; 2 car vs. deer traffic crashes; a threats investigation; a retail fraud (shoplifting) investigation and an assist to our FD. Our Community/School Resource Officer assisted AU pre-pharmacy students with a RX turn in event and assisted with the PD's anual Trick or Treat safety effort in the downtown area. Watch out for deer in all areas of our Township as they are on the move. Have a great weekend and enjoy an extra hour of sleep on Saturday night (turn clocks back one hour)

Tuesday and Wednesday our staff handled 16 incidents and among those were the following: a fraud investigation; a car vs deer crash; a suspicious situation, a false alarm and a taffic law violation arrest. Our School Resource Officer (SRO) talked to the freshman young men at BSHS while Dep. Kelly Leasch talked to the young women members of the BSHS 9th grade class about inappropriate and illegal cell phone use. This is an annual talk that has been given the past several years. Please remember to turn on your lights when you turn on your windshield wipers. See and be seen, drive safely! Have a very safe Thursday!

Our lobby is CLOSED today, no lobby services available. Call 471-2813 for rouitine police services and press 8 for dispatch.

Over the past ten days our staff has handled 95 incidents which included the following: 9 suspicious situations; a MIPI arrest; 2 warrant arrests; a drug law violation arrest; a stolen car; 4 false alarms; 7 traffic crashes; 3 thefts; an arrest for domestic violence; a shoplifter; 4 assists to our FD, 4 car vs deeer crashes and a disturbance. Our officers asisted with a lock down drill at Village SDA school as well. Our Community/School Resource Officer aattended the fall training conference for the Crime Prevention Association of Michigan. Have a SAFE Tuesday!

Over the past week (Friday through Thursday) our staff handled 60 incidents which included the following: 5 suspicious situations; a drunk driver arrest; 2 drug law arrests; an arrest for alcohol violation; 4 false alarms; 2 traffic law related arrests; 2 counterfeit money investigations; a theft; 4 trafic crashes; a threats matter and a warrant arrest. We also assisted with lockdown drills at variosu school and our SRO talked to students at Village SDA School about bullying. If you use your wipers, please use yoru headlights...see and be seen!! Good luck to the BSHS Varsity football team tonight at the BSHS Homecoming game! Have a SAFE weekend!

Monday through Thursday our staff handled 47 incidents which included: 2 counterfeit money investigations; 3 assists to our FD; 3 false alarms; 4 suspicious situations; 4 traffic crashes; a car vs deer crash and a Domestic Violence arrest. Our Community/School Resource Officer gave a talk to the Neighborhood Watch group that covers the Lauer Rd and E Lemon Creek neighborhood. Looks like we are in for a rainy weekend, PLEASE use your headlights if you use your wipers...see and be seen! October is Crime Prevention Month! Join our Neighbohood Watch network, help us to better serve you! Just call 471-2813 for Community/School Resource Officer Rick Smiedendorf to find out more.

We welcome those who are in town for the AU Homecoming weekend! AU will have a Homecoming parade at 5pm on Friday! Have a great weekend reconnecting with alumni!!

Monday through Wednesday our staff handled 27 incidents adn among those were: a recovery of a stolen vehicle; a fraud investigation; 2 traffic crashes; a shop-lifting matter; 4 warrant arrests; 2 traffic law related arrests; a drug law arrest and a disturbance. Have a great weekend!

Friday through Sunday our staff responded to 24 incidents that included 3 false alarms, a drunk driver arrerst, an arrest for domestic violence, a suspicoius situation and 5 medical assists. Our School Resource Officer assised with a lock down drill on Friday at one of our schools and partcipated in the RESA Family Fun Festival held at the Fair grounds. Have a great and very safe Monday!

Monday through Thursday our staff handled 41 incidents which included a B&E, 3 suspicious situations, a disorderly person, a threats investigation, a traffic crash, 2 alarms, a fraud investigation, an assault, 2 traffic law related arrests, 2 thefts and a probatoin violation arrest. All of our officers participated in a three hour firerarms training, part of our series of annual firerarms trainings. WE will shoot again in December. We assisted with two lockdown drills this week and talked to the staff at BSMS about lockdown drills and other security matters. Good Luck to the BSHS Varsity Football team tonight as they have a home game!! Go Rocks!! Have a SAFE weekend!

Over the Labor Day weekend (Thursday through Monday) our staff responded to 57 incidents. Among those incidents were a drunk driver arrest, 3 traffic law related arrests, 6 suspicious situations, 2 traffic crashes, 3 false alarms, 2 "B&E's", a drug violation invistigation, an arrest for kidnapping and A&B, theft from a vehicle investigation, a retail fraud (shoplifting) and a disturbance. Last week our School Resouirce Officer gave presentations on safety and security to most of the publice schools (will finish up this month) and talked to the BSPS admin asst. staff aboiut school security issues. He is also assisting BSPS with an application for a State school security grant.

The power will be out for an hour at our office due to generator repairs. Our non emergency number will be affected. For the next hour or so 11:30-12:30 or so) please call 983-7141.

Thursday through Tuesday our staff handled 45 incidents which included the following: a traffic crash; a warrant arrest; a fraud investigation; 3 traffic law related arrests; 6 suspicious situations; an arrest for agg. assault; a car vs deer crash; 2 assists to our FD; a disturbance; a damage to property matter; a false alarm and our SRO talked with staff at Village SDA School about safety and security drills. Have a SAFE Wednesday!

Mondy through Wednesday our staff responded to 32 incidents which included 2 traffic crashes, 3 thefts, a false alarm, a suspicious situation and a traffic law related arrest. Freshmen have arried at AU and more students are arriving through the weekend. Be cautious when drving around the campus area. AU will having welcome back fireworks for students the FYI. Have a safe weekend!

IT is BACK TO SCHOOL for students at Andrews Academy, Ruth Murdock and Village SDA School......please be careful when driving around those areas!

Thursday through Sunday our staff responded to 46 incidents which included the following: 4 suspicious situations; 2 drug law related arrests; 3 traffic crashes; a theft; 3 traffic law arrests; a B&E; a theft from a vehicle; an assualt; 2 false alarms; a damge to property matter and 2 warrant arrests. We also staffed the Wine Country 1/2 marathon that goes throuigh the western portion of our Township and had an officr assigned to the Fair all week. Have a SAFE Monday!!

THE 2018 Berrien County Youth Fair is in full swing! Stop out to the fair and enjoy all it has to offer. Be prepared for SLOWED traffic in the Fair vicinity AND be alert for pedestrians crossign M-139. A reminder that walk-ins still have to pay so be SAFE and park IN the Fair parking lots!

For the first 14 days of August our officers responded to 126 incidents. Among those incidents were: 9 suspicious situations, 6 false alarms, 6 thefts, 3 disturbance calls, 4 traffic law related arrests, 2 A&B incidents, 2 damage to property matters, a fraud, 3 assists to our FD, 3 warrant arrests, 2 drunk driver arrests, 2 traffic crashes, a drug arrest adn two "B&E" investigations. We had a successful National Night Out Event (despite the weather) at Trinity Lutheran School AND then staffed a display at the BCYF's law enforcement day.

From Friday the 20th through Wednesday the 25th our staff handled 63 incidents which included: 4 traffic law related arrests; 2 false alarms; 2 traffic crashes; a drunk driver arrest; 3 civil matters; 2 domestic violence investigations; 2 assists to our FD; a fraud investigation; a theft; 4 suspicious situations and a damage to property matter. We participated in the All Nations SDA Church family fun day and today we are participating in the Foster/Adoption Resoiurce Day at Grove Park along with other Community Sesource Providers. ***Our Office will be CLOSED all of the week of July 30th...NO Lobby servies will be available. You can still call our non-emergency number, just listen to the prompts to be connected to dispatch. Have a great and SAFE weekend!!

Over the past two days our staff has handled 18 incidents which have included the following: 2 suspicious situations, a traffic crash with an injury, a traffic law related arrest; drug law arrest; an assist to our FD; a false alarm and a damage to property matter. Have a very safe Thursday!! Enjoy a safe weekend!!!

FRAUD WATCH...... We have received multiple phone calls today from resdents in our service area saying that they have recieved calls from someone claiming to be from the IRS and that they have a or will get a warrant for residents arrest. They havd also claimed to have the residents property under a watch. THIS IS A SCAM FOR $$$$$ The IRS does not contact people over the telephone. If you receive one of these calls just simply hang up....that is all you have to do!

Friday through Monday our staff handled 39 incidents and among those were 5 civil matters, 4 assists to our FD, assisted the DNR with an arrest, 2 fraud reports, a false alarm, 2 A&B invetigations (warrants to be sought), a traffic crash and a damage to property matter. National Night Out will be TUESDAY AUGUST 7th 5:30-7:30 at TRINITY LUTHERAN SCHOOL....a NEW location....stay tune to the Journal Era for more information! Have a safe Tuesday!!

Over the past two days our staff has handled 13 incidents which included: 2 car vs deer crashes; 2 traffic law related arrests; a false alarm and a suspicious situation. Our officers just completed 4 hrs of firearms training as part of our regular on going inservice trainings. We have four firearms training sessions a year that last from 3-4 hrs each. IF you have traffic concerns in your neighborhood you can call us at 471-2813 to request and officer or leave us a message as to what is going on. It is very helpful to let us know what times are better to be present and a description of the offending vehicle if possible. Have a SAFE Thursday and a very safe and enjoyable weekend!