Bath Township Police Department

  • Agency: Bath Township Police Department
  • Address: 14480 Webster Road, Bath, 48808 MI
  • Chief:
Phone: (517) 641-6271
Fax: (517) 641-8189

Bath Township Police Department is located at 14480 Webster Road, Bath, 48808 MI. The Bath Township Police Department phone number is (517) 641-6271.

Bath Township Police Department News

We're all about that caffeine and donut life... #nottodaycreepyclown #copfuel #donutsmakeusstronger #whatisaricecakeanyway #soundsawful

On this day in 1984 Officer Johnson was shot and killed. He was ambushed by two subjects while investigating the theft of a senior citizens vehicle. Kudos to the officers of East Lansing Police Department who continue the tradition of never forgetting our fallen brothers and sisters.

*1 in 4 accidents are caused by texting and driving People: "It won't happen to me" *1 in 302,575,350 chance of winning the Mega Millions People: "It could totally happen to me" #notsmartgambling #ifyoudidwinthebillionsfeelfreetohitusup #ifyoucrashfromtextingyoucanhitusupalso

If you don't have numbers on your mailbox and house, you need to address that. #HelpUsHelpYou #MedicsAndFirefightersThankYouAlso #WasGoingToMakeADirtyJokeUsingNumbersHereButOfficerLyonSaidNo

If your Halloween costume has a mask, remember to take it off before entering the bank, gas station etc.. .... Just the mask, not the whole costume. Please. #birthdaysuitisnotacostume #noonewantstoseethat #itstoocoldouttobenakedanyway

It seems like most of the time when we walk up to a vehicle the driver is in the middle of sending a Snapchat of them getting pulled over. We've always found it amusing. The other day, a girl asks if she can take a selfie with me because she speeds all the time but never gets pulled over and this is her first time. .... she got a ticket and a selfie. #shedidntevenuseafilter #ilookbetterwiththepuppyface

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*Quit Rubbernecking* About one minute ago, while on the shoulder of I69 assisting a man who had broken down, I was given the lovely gift of hearing screeching tires coming up behind my patrol car. Not once but three separate times within 5 minutes. Mind you, at this time I have my pretty red and blue lights engaged for all to see. During each of the first two screeches I look up just to see cars nearly barreling into each other as they look at said pretty lights. I brush them off, whatever, part of the job that we’ve sadly become accustomed to. The third screech, more terrifying than the last. I look up just to see every tire on a semi screeching and smoking with the trailer brakes locked up, bouncing up and down with vehicles going into the median to avoid him. Want to know why? I’ll tell you why. The driver in front of the semi decided they needed to slow down ever so rapidly just to see what was going on and the semi driver was doing everything he could to avoid a collision, causing everyone behind him to scatter like flies. STOP DOING THIS. Slow down safely, move over safely and if unable to do so, pass at a safe speed for first responders on scene. It’s not very hard, just be attentive and...Just. Be. Better. Quit gawking. #BathMiPD

Hate when a caller has no sense of hoo-mor. #Idontgiveahoot #BathMiPD

Resist the temptation. We have faith in you. #likeamothtoaflame #doitandyoullgetburnt #JUSTPUTTHEPHONEDOWNANDDRIVE

***POLICE ACTIVITY*** Officers were called to a check vehicle last night which turned out to be a man in the back of a limo. He stated he paid $300 to rent it, but did not realize a driver wasn't included in the price. He was very upset that he spent all that money on the limo and had nothing to chauffeur it. #PayingMoreWouldBeAStretch #KevinMcCallisterHadADriverInNewYork #WeOfferChaufferServicesButWeOnlyDriveYouToOnePlace

Facebook friends, we advise you to get out of town now, if you're still alive. ...It's been a good ride. #globalwarming #puremichigan #thisisnotreal #yessomeonewillactuallythinkthisisreal #thentheywillsendusnastymessages

Check it out and improve your safety!

***POLICE ACTIVITY*** Earlier this morning Bath police responded to a residence after some coffee called 911 to report being mugged.

Normal people eat an entire pizza during work too, Karen... #Humanizingthebadgebod #Loosenthevest #Saladtomorrow

It's not THAT cold out today but it's coming. Looking good is half the battle but so is, you know, not dying. So dress appropriately. #beautyispain #butpainisalsopain #longjohnseason....#notjustthedonutseither

It's national "Bath Township Police Facebook Page Followers" day Because you're all 10/10!

The other night I got back to my cruiser after clearing a call.... The windows were up and the doors were locked. These footprints were on the dash and I'm convinced they were not there before. Meow, I'm not saying it's a ghost cat but... It's a ghost cat. #halloweencameearly #nightshiftshenanigans #whatintheblackmagicisgoingonhere #checkedthecarforacatlike5times #maybeitstheinfamousbathtownshipcougar

*** FACEBOOK SCAM?*** Hey everyone, there's a lot of talk going around right now about people hacking and "spoofing" Facebook accounts. Social media safety is important to us so we looked into the matter. We believe that the East Lansing Police Department page has been hacked so you should unlike or unfollow them immediately. #BeInternetSavy #NotTodayISIS #WhyDoesMyAuntSusanWantMeToSendMoneyToHerInNigeria

That face your Sergeant makes when he just spent the last few days helping you prepare a new strength training/workout plan. ... And then he finds you in the office at 3 a.m. eating Reese's, Fritos and Timbits while writing reports. #copfuel #imgonnastartthatplanTOMORROW #sorrysarge #nevergonnagiveuptimbits

The low could be in the 30's tonight for the first time in a few months. Please consider letting your husbands/boyfriends inside from the dog house tonight, even if they do not admit that they were wrong. However if you have both, please do not bring them in at the same time. #thingscouldgetawkward #atleastleavethemablanket #Avoidadomestic

Officer Aiko sees all and smells all. #Snootsenseistingling

If we see you walking around an apartment complex late at night wearing an old school ski mask, don't be surprised when you get our attention. Even if you happen to have a perfectly legitimate reason to be walking around looking like the hamburgler, we are still going to stop and have a friendly conversation. Makes sense to us but the fella from last night was surprised that we were so interested in his activities.... #thoughthewasburglarin #hewasntburglarin #swipernoswiping

Heads up! There is a gang of shoplifters going around the area systematically stealing clothes in order of size. We believe they are still at large.

In honor of National Coffee Day, we will be drinking we always do....JOIN US! JOIN THE MOVEMENT! Or don't....we will be drinking coffee either way #Coffeeislife #BathMiPD