Elsie Police Department

  • Agency: Elsie Police Department
  • Address: 125 W. Main St., Elsie, 48831 MI
  • Chief: Joseph Spagnuolo (Chief of Police)
Phone: 989-862-4273
Fax: 989-862-5783

Elsie Police Department is located at 125 W. Main St., Elsie, 48831 MI. The Chief of Police of the department is Joseph Spagnuolo. The Elsie Police Department phone number is 989-862-4273.

Elsie Police Department News

Friendly reminder.

Slow moving vehicles (golf carts) must have an licensed driver operating them and they must only carry passengers that the vehicle has seats for. Please follow these simple rules. There is no ordinance allowing for the operation of slow moving vehicles and the Village unofficially allows this for the ease of movement throughout the Village for our residents. The Village does not allow for the unsafe operation of any vehicle and the department will continue to monitor and enforce the law when vehicles, including golf carts, are not operated safely within the Village.

Please don't park in/on private property including our businesses, without permission. Thank you and have a safe and enjoyable Dairy Festival!

People going door-to-door or selling items within the Village must have a permit issued by the Village. We currently have one vendor, The Ice Cream Party Bus, that has obtained permits for their employees to work within the Village. If you have someone come to your door attempting to sell you something feel free to ask them to see their permit, if you answer your door. You may also call the Village office during business hours to check on permits or 911 to report suspicious activity. We will post vendors as they receive their permits to keep all informed.

Ordinance violations are being sent out today! Grass must be kept shorter than 6". Be good neighbors and help keep Elsie looking beautiful.

In honor of police week.

A reminder to all Village residents. You MUST call Granger prior to trash day to make them aware of a large item that you wish to dispose of. Grangers phone number is 517-372-2800. You may pick up a fee schedule for large items at the Village Hall. Please be advised that large items left at the road side after 10 days is considered an Ordinance Violation. Please help keep our Village looking clean.

Please be aware.

RIP Deputy Overall.

Good luck to all the hunters tomorrow! Be safe out there.

Enjoying the fall fest!

The Village of Elsie Police Department is currently taking applications for the position of part-time police officer. Interested parties may contact the Elsie Village Hall for an application. Applicants must me MCOLES certified.

Exceptional job by Officer Goldman. Keep up the great work!

Be aware.

A reminder that the department is in the process of sending out ordinance violation letters. The most common violations are long grass/weed growth, junk vehicles and junk/trash/yard waste. Please do your part to help keep Elsie beautiful. It is also a reminder that, per Ordinance 3, a residence may only have a maximum of 3 domesticated animals (dogs/cats) total. The department will be working with our county Animal Control Officers to enforce this ordinance. If you have any concerns or questions, as always, feel free to contact us!

We have great dispatchers!