Dickinson County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Dickinson County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 300 East D Street, Iron Mountain, 49801 MI
  • Chief:
Phone: (906) 774-6262
Fax: (906) 774-2604

Dickinson County Sheriff's Office is located at 300 East D Street, Iron Mountain, 49801 MI. The Dickinson County Sheriff's Office phone number is (906) 774-6262.

Dickinson County Sheriff's Office News

Smart 911 is now availble for Smartphones. Access the Smart 911 link and download free versions from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

The Sheriff's Office would like to warn the public that we have had an influx of fraud calls to the area lately claiming that they are affiliated with the Sheriff's Office and/or they will send the police if a call is not returned or people don't do as requested. They have even been able to generate '906' area code numbers in some cases. We would like to remind everyone that we would not conduct our business in this manner and if you ever question whether it could be the police, please call or come up and we will verify the information.

The Dickinson County Sheriff's Office would like to thank the community and local Police/Ambulance/Fire for their support in passing the millage for the 911 Dispatch Center. It is nice to see that our services are appreciated.

The Dickinson County Sheriff's Office would like to remind residents to get out and vote on August 7th, 2018. The Sheriff's Office 911 Millage Renewal is on the Ballot and we'd like to request your support with a yes vote. The Dickinson County Enhanced 911 Millage is a renewal only and does not increase your taxes. This renewal is necessary to continue 911 Services currently provided. In 2017 your 911 Dispatch Center answered 45,954 calls that included 7,059 911 Emergency Calls. 14,686 calls were for Law Enforcement, 3,579 for Amublance/EMS and 739 Fire Calls. The Dickinson County Sheriff's Office 911 Center now offers Smart 911 and Panic Button. The Dickinson County Court House is currently using Panic Button in an effort to provide a safer work enviroment and a more informed, timely response by emergency responders. Panic Button is now available to our local Schools at no cost to county tax payers. This service is also available to our local businesses. We would ask our citzens to access Smart 911 and Panic Button through our facebook link to better educate yourselves to these services now available. The Dickinson County Sheriff's Office 911 Dispatch Center has been answering your Emergency and Non Emergency calls since July 1992. It has been our honor and privilege to serve you and we appreciate and respect your support.

The Dickinson County Sheriff's Office, along with the multi-jurisdictional task force assigned, would like to remind the public that we are continue to receive tips and are actively investigating the the disappearance of Nancy Renkas. We would encourage anyone else who may have information to come forward and provide that information either confidentially through one of the TIPS lines or by contacting one of the agency's involved directly. It has been 2 years since Nancy Renkas was last seen getting into a White SUV at the Super One Parking lot in Iron Mountain.

The Dickinson County Sheriff's Office was proud to award 3 Michigan Sheriff's Association Citizen Lifesaving Awards to Brett Turini, Jordan Reich and the late Bryan Stanchina at last nights County Board Meeting.

This dog was found on the Pine Mountain Road early this morning. It is currently at the animal shelter in Quinnesec. Possible black lab mix with a white patch on the chest. Please share and locate the owner.

The Dickinson County Sheriff's Office received numerous complaints about the traffic control at the South Junction in the last 24 hours. We made contact with the Dickinson County Road Commission and MDOT in an attempt to resolve the situation which ultimately meant closing the section of road between Breitung/Lincoln to US-2 on US-141. Although this may be an added inconvenience we all have safety as a priority for our roadways. Please be aware while travelling around the South Junction area that traffic signals and routes may change as the construction progresses. We would like to thank the Public, Dickinson County Road Commission and MDOT officials for their help and cooperation.

The Dickinson County Sheriff's Office 911 Dispatch Center is pleased to announce we now offer Rave Smart 911. The Smart 911 system allows citizens of Dickinson County to set up a 911 Caller Profile. This profile page will appear to the 911 Dispatch Center only and allows access to more detailed information provided by the caller. A 911 Caller Profile may include family members information, photo's, medical conditions, disabilities and even pet information. The Rave Smart 911 Caller Profile is a tool offered by the Dickinson County 911 Dispatch Center to provide an educated response by Emergency Responders. Please use the attached link to Rave Smart 911 to access Rave and set up your free account. https://smart911.com/

It has come to our attention that it seems somewhat common for people in our community to sell pistols at rummage sales. There are also several citizens who seem to be misinformed about the proper paperwork requirement and procedure for transactions involving pistols as private parties, such as giving pistols as gifts, inheritance of pistols, and private sales of pistols. For this reason, we would like to provide the information needed so that citizens who wish to conduct private party transactions of firearms can do so legally and properly: www.legislature.mi.gov Once in the website, enter 28.422 into the Michigan Compiled Laws search under the MCL Section Number. Of course any questions about firearms sales and/or tranfers can always be directed to the Dickinson County Sheriff's Office at (906) 774-6262

On 3-14-18, at approximately 2:00pm, the Dickinson County Sheriff's Office discovered an Active Methamphetamine Lab at N3976 Highway US-2. The Sheriff's Office Detective Lieutenant assisted the Michigan Department of Corrections on a Parole visit at the address where the Active Lab was located. Investigation at the address located the Lab in a closet of the residence. The Dickinson County Prosecutor's Office issued a search warrant for the residence that is a single apartment located within an apartment complex. The active Lab was confirmed upon execution of the search warrant. The Upper Penninsula Substance Enforcement Team was contacted for disposal of the Active Lab. The Dickinson County KIND Drug Team assisted with the investigation. A male suspect was lodged at the Dickinson County Correctional Facility on a parole detainer and a report will be submitted to the Dickinson County Prosecutor's Office for additional charges. The Sheriff's Office was assisted on scene by the Michigan Department of Corrections, UPSET Drug Team, KIND Drug Team, Kingsford Public Safety Department, Breitung Township Fire and the Dickinson County Health Department. The Sheriff's Office is continuing investigation into this incident and possible additional suspects. We ask that anyone who may have information or knowledge of the incident to contact Detective Lieutenant Derek Dixon at (906) 774-8008.

The Sheriff would like to remind the public that our office is participating in Project ChildSafe. The gun locks have been ordered and we will post a message when they come in. Thanks

Please use caution at the M-95/US-2 intersection. The stop lights have been damaged. There is a temporary stop sign for M-95 traffic. US-2 traffic has no stop sIgn.

Dickinson County Sheriff's Office Press Release: 11/21/17 On November 18th, 2017 at approximately 10:40 p.m., the Dickinson County Sheriff's Office responded to an Emergency call of a stabbing in Loretto, Michigan. Deputies arrived on scene and made contact with a 44 year old male who had suffered a stab wound to his chest. Deputies were made aware of the alleged stabbing suspect's location, set a perimeter and the Dickinson County Critical Incident Response Team was activated. After attempts to negotiate with the suspect were exhausted, the C.I.R.T. tactical team made entry by order of a search warrant drafted by the Dickinson County Prosecutors Office. A 45 year old male suspect was taken into custody. He was lodged at the Dickinson County Correctional Center following his arrest. The suspect was charged by the Dickinson County Prosecutor's Office for Assault with Intent to do Great Bodily Harm Less than Murder and Habitual Offender- Fourth Notice. The suspect was arraigned on November 20th, 2017 on the above charges. A bond was set at $100,000 Cash or Surety. The 44 year old victim was evaluated by a responding ambulance and sought his own medical attention. The C.I.R.T. Tactical Team consist of Law Enforcement Officers from the Dickinson County Sheriff's Office, Kingsford Public Safety Department, Iron Mountain Police Department and Norway City Police Department. Deputies were assisted on scene by the Michigan State Police, Norway Police Department, North Alert and Integrated Response Ambulances.

The Dickinson County Sheriff's Office is currently seeking bids for Auto Body/Collision work on a 2016 Dodge Charger. Any interested businesses should contact Lt. Aaron Rochon at the Dickinson County Sheriff's Office (774-6262) to view the vehicle and submit an estimate. The vehicle can be viewed at the Dickinson County Sheriff's Office and all bids must be received by 11/22/17 at 10 a.m. Estimates should not only include the cost of the work but also the time frame to be completed as both are an equally important aspect of the bid being considered.

The Dickinson County Sheriff's Office would like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween but would also like to remind everyone to keep a few safety tips in mind while having fun. 1. Plan a route in advance. 2. Dress for the weather. 3. Stay well lit using reflective tape, flashlights or glow sticks 4. Check all candy before eating. 5. Careful crossing streets and try and stay in groups. Feel free to also stop by the K-Mart Plaza for Trunk or Treating as we will also have a Deputy there handing out candy.

Dickinson County Sheriff's Office Press Release: 10/17/17 Tri- City Cinema 8- Thomas Theatre Group Complaint On 10/13/17, at approximately 6:09 p.m., the Dickinson County Sheriff's Office Dispatch Center received information from a concerned citizen that a theatre shooting may take place at a 6:30 p.m. showing of Happy Death Day at the Tri-City Cinema 8 in Quinnesec, Michigan. The caller provided information that a juvenile male was overheard at a local middle school talking about shooting up the theatre at the Friday 13th showing of Happy Death Day. Due to a small window for investigation it was decided by Deputies that a lock down should be conducted at the Tri-City Cinema 8 to ensure safety of the patrons and work staff. A search of the cinema and occupants turned up no evidence to support a possible planned shooting. A juvenile male was questioned on scene regarding the incident and has been cleared of any involvement. Once the threat was determined to be false and that the Theatre was secure and safe, Deputies and assisting jurisdictions cleared the scene. Follow-up investigation conducted by the Dickinson County Sheriff's Office determined that a local middle school assigned a writing project for their students which involved a "Horror Story." Classroom discussion involving the assignment took place on Friday the 13th, 2017. A middle school student overheard what they believed was a discussion involving a planned shooting at the Friday the 13th showing of the movie Happy Death Day. It has been determined that the student believed this to be a credible threat and shared the information with their parent. The parent then reported the information to the 911 Dispatch Center. Interviews of several juvenile middle school students were conducted by Deputies in regards to the alleged statements made during the project discussion. It has been concluded that the discussion overheard was reference the writing assignment and not an actual planned shooting. All students involved in the investigation have been cleared of any wrong doing. The incident is nothing more than an unfortunate event and no credible threat was found. There also is no fault found on the part of the individuals who brought the information of the threat to Law Enforcement. The information provided was believed to be accurate and therefore is not a false report. The Dickinson County Sheriff's Office would like to thank the assisting agencies as well as the Thomas Theatre Group for making a difficult situation more manageable. We would also like to thank the students and parents involved in the investigation for your cooperation and understanding.

The Sheriff's Office would like to thank all those who attended the open house last Friday, we certainly appreciate it. We would also like to thank all those who contributed to the Sheriff's Office Relay for Life Team. We were able to raise $620, $310 of which went to the American Cancer Society and $310 to the Dickinson County Cancer Unit Loan Closet.

The Dickinson County Sheriff's Office is accepting applications for Corrections Officer. Below are the Minimum Hiring Standards set by the state. Minimum Hiring Standards for Local Corrections Officers Revised and Adopted January 9th, 2014 To become a Local Corrections Officer, each new candidate is required to meet all of the minimum standards established and adopted by the Michigan Sheriffs’ Coordinating and Training Council (MSCTC) under the authority of Section 8 of Public Act 125 of 2003. The Sheriff’s Office has the responsibility to screen candidates to ensure compliance with all minimum standards. Please Note: County Sheriff’s Offices have the discretion to establish standards that exceed the MSCTC minimum standards as long as the agency can justify the higher standard in relation to the position. Following are the minimum standards required: Age Not less than 18 years old. No maximum age. Citizenship United States Citizenship. Education High school diploma or equivalency. Driver's License Possess a valid operator’s license. Oral Interview Conduct an oral interview to determine the applicant’s acceptability for a corrections officer position. Criminal Convictions No prior felony convictions. Good Moral Character Possess good moral character as determined by a favorable comprehensive background investigation covering school and employment records, home environment, and personal traits and integrity. Consideration will be given to all criminal and civil law violations as indicating a lack of good character. Fingerprinting Fingerprint the applicant with a search of state and federal fingerprint files to disclose criminal record. Drug Testing Cause the applicant to be tested for the use of illegal controlled substances. The testing will be completed after a conditional offer of employment (ADA Requirement). Mental Fitness Each local corrections officer candidate is required to demonstrate his or her mental fitness by successfully completing both of the following requirements: Prior to employment, the MSCTC written examination, which tests the candidate's mental fitness in the areas of reading comprehension, writing skills, and situational reasoning. This exam is proctored by EMPCO. Please select this link to visit the EMPCO page dedicated to taking this exam. After a conditional offer of employment, an evaluation by a licensed health care professional which demonstrates that the candidate is free from mental or emotional instabilities which may impair the performance of the essential job functions of a local corrections officer. The written test results are valid for three (3) years from successful completion of the test. Local Corrections Officer Physical Ability Test (LCOPAT) Beginning March 1, 2014, each local corrections officer candidate is required to demonstrate their physical ability by successfully completing the Michigan Sheriffs’ Coordinating and Training Council (MSCTC) Local Corrections Officer Physical Ability Test (LCOPAT) before being hired as a local corrections officer. No other physical fitness/physical ability test will meet the requirements. The LCOPAT is designed to simulate the physical aspects of the local corrections officer profession and is made up of different components that address a specific physical ability or job task. It is the candidate's responsibility to provide proof of successful completion of the LCOPAT to a potential employer. The test results of the LCOPAT are valid for one (1) year from successful completion of the test. LCOPAT Health Screening Form Test applicants are required to provide a completed Physician's Health Screening Form prior to taking the exam. You may obtain a copy of this form by clicking the link below. The form is in Adobe PDF format. You must have the free Adobe PDF Viewer installed on your computer to view the document. LCOPAT Physician's Health Screening Form LCOPAT Candidate Guide The MSCTC has prepared a written guide for candidates preparing to take the LCOPAT. The guide is also in the Adobe PDF format. LCOPAT Candidate Guide LCOPAT Test Fee LCOPAT test sites approved by the MSCTC have the authority to establish a fee for administering the LCOPAT at their facility. However, the fee shall not exceed a cost of $50.00 per student/per test. Please contact the LCOPAT test sites directly to determine their fee structure. LCOPAT Test Schedule Below is an Adobe PDF document listing all of the current testing locations, dates, and contact information. LCOPAT Information Schedule

Sheriff Scott Rutter and Staff would like to invite the public to our open house on June 16th from Noon until 3 p.m.

The Dickinson County Sheriff's Office wants to thank the Officers and Staff at the First National Bank & Trust Co. of Iron Mountain and Beacon Ambulance for recognizing our office during police week. The delicious food was also a bonus. Thanks again.

The Sheriff's Work Van assists with various projects throughout the county. Today they were able to clean up one of the illegal dump sites located in the gravel pit off the Carney Lake Road. Below are the before and after photo's of what Deputy Bill Pummil and his work crew were able to accomplish. If you have information about individuals responsible for illegal dumping please contact your local law enforcement.

Sheriff Scott Rutter and the Dickinson County Sheriff's Office wanted to not only recognize the hard working, dedicated employees of the Sheriff's Office during National Police Week but also the rest of the Officers from Kingsford, Iron Mountain, Norway, VA and Michigan State Police that help make our county safe for its citizens.

ATTENTION NORWAY/VULCAN/WAUCEDAH TOWNSHIP RESIDENTS AT&T will be performing required fiber maintenance in the Norway central office beginning 12:01am local time on Thursday, April 6th (Wednesday night into Thursday morning). End time has been given as 6:00 am, but work is anticipated to be completed before then. During this event, callers in the Norway exchange (906/563 or 906/970 AT&T landline numbers) may only be able to call other numbers in the Norway exchange. 9-1-1 calls will be temporarily rerouted to a 10-digit telephone number at the police hall, 906-563-5801. Click here to sign in or download the MobilePatrol app: http://bit.ly/1VrMP

MI - Dickinson County Sheriff's Office is now connected with MobilePatrol! MobilePatrol helps sheriffs' offices rapidly communicate vital public safety information such as emergency alerts, jail bookings, VINE notifications, arrest warrants, and lists of most-wanted persons and sex offenders. Users of the app can also send crime tips and offender sightings directly to the sheriff's office.