Potterville Police Department

  • Agency: Potterville Police Department
  • Address: 319 N Nelson St, Potterville, 48876 MI
  • Chief: Van L Johnson (Chief of Police)
Phone: 517-645-7802
Fax: 517-645-7810

Potterville Police Department is located at 319 N Nelson St, Potterville, 48876 MI. The Chief of Police of the department is Van L Johnson. The Potterville Police Department phone number is 517-645-7802.

Potterville Police Department News

WHAT A NICE THANK YOU CARD! And thank YOU, Potterville Head Start, for inviting the Chief to your class as part of Hero Week! The little ones are always a fun audience!

THANK YOU to everyone who attended the Memorial Day parade and commemoration today. A special thank you is due to our guest driver, Hunter Jones, for leading the parade. It was quite a turnout; we went through almost 300 hot dogs at the city cookout after the ceremony!

Please join the City Of Potterville to pay tribute. https://www.facebook.com/cityofpotterville/posts/1710811605664591

We're excited to be able to report that WE'LL BE LANDING A HELICOPTER at Lake Alliance Park as part of our public safety display during the Potterville Sesquicentenniel Celebration on July 28th! From 10am to 1pm come see a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter courtesy of the National Guard's 1-147th AVN from Grand Ledge! After the helicopter lands you'll be invited to inspect it up-close, climb on board, take pictures, and interact with the crew.

WEEKLY ACTIVITY REPORT - 05-07 to 05-13 During this period our department responded to or initiated: 31 traffic stops, 4 of which resulted in an arrest. These include 2 drunk driving arrests. 1 criminal sexual conduct report involving a juvenile victim. This case remains under investigation 2 assists to the fire department 1 personal injury crash, which was at Hartel Rd. and Vermontville Hwy. Two people with transported to the hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening. 1 runaway juvenile 2 reports of suspicious vehicles 2 911 hang-ups 1 noise complaint 1 dog bite complaint

WOAH! DONUTS! 🍩🍩🍩😃 Thank you Eaton County 911 for dropping by with donuts yesterday! Very thoughtful of you during National Police Week 2018. We hear National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week is in April, so sorry we missed it. We couldn't do this job without you. We'll bring you a treat next year, we promise! Wait, what do dispatchers eat?

UPDATE 3:30pm: Both lanes of Vermontville Hwy. are open. UPDATE 2:45pm: Fire was put out and the house was saved. There were no injuries. Crews are still on scene. One lane is open on Vermontville Hwy. Please drive slowly near emergency vehicles and personnel. Structure fire on Vermontville near Thornway. Vermontville Hwy. is closed. Avoid the area.

WANTED! 1 year-old male cockatiel that escaped custody at 423 E. Cherry St. on May 3rd. If you spot this bird please contact us or its owner, Deb Ackley, at (517) 645-7711

WEEKLY ACTIVITY REPORT - 04-23 to 04-29 During this period our department responded to or initiated: 44 traffic stops, which resulted in 6 arrests. These include multiple fugitives, along with a stop on Tuesday, April 24th at about 1:40am in which a 28 year-old Potterville man was arrested for methamphetamine possession, and a stop on Friday, April 27th at about 7:15pm on Vermontville Hwy. near Nelson St. in which a 35 year-old Charlotte woman was arrested for possession of crack cocaine. 1 threats complaint 1 report of a traffic hazard 2 911 hang-up calls 1 animal complaint 1 motorist assist 1 report of a suspicious person

We were quite happy to participate with the Potterville, Michigan Fire Department in a mock drunk driving crash today! Afterwards there was an assembly for the sophomore through senior classes. We tried to impress upon our students the gravity of seemingly harmless decisions that can result in life-altering consequences.

MOTORCYCLES ARE EVERYWHERE! Well it was warm for a minute, but surely spring is coming sometime, isn't it? As soon as it does riders who have had their bikes stored all winter will be hitting the streets. It's easy to miss a motorcycle if you get in a hurry and roll a stop sign, or don't take a good look before you pull into traffic or make a left turn. The motorcyclist usually pays more than you will for your error. However if you commit a moving violation and cause serious injury or death, it could be YOU that's charged with a felony. Stop completely, look twice.

WHAT IS THE SPEED LIMIT in a mobile home park? MCL 257.627 states that the speed limit in any place platted as a mobile home park, or in any public park such as Lake Alliance, shall be 15mph unless otherwise posted. In Independence Commons especially, things are getting crowded as the park grows. Lots of people live in a small area and there is an abundance of foot and bicycle traffic. Please mind your speed and be prepared to stop at all times.

Tornado siren test tomorrow at 1pm! 🌪

WEEKLY ACTIVITY REPORT 03-26 to 04-01 During this period our department responded to or initiated: 41 traffic stops, 3 of which resulted in an arrest or criminal charges. 1 domestic assault. An arrest was made in this incident 2 harassment / stalking complaints 1 assualt 3 reports of suspicious persons or vehicles 2 assists to broken-down motorists 1 request to to check the well-being of a resident 1 abandoned vehicle complaint 1 civil complaint

IMPAIRED DRIVING ENFORCEMENT This week Officers Betts and Barry attended Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE) training hosted by the Michigan State Police at their Marshall, MI post. This training teaches advanced sobriety tests that build on the Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST) taught to all officers in the police academy. While SFSTs allow the detection of drivers impaired by alcohol, ARIDE testing focuses on the detection of drivers impaired by various types of drugs. In the attached photos Ofc. Barry demonstrates for Chief Bartlett the advanced sobriety tests he just learned, using a very sober Fire Chief as a test subject. The reference cards pictured show some of the technical complexity involved in observing a subject's physical condition and behavior to produce viable evidence that they are impaired by drugs to use in court. Research done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows an increase in the rate of drug-impaired driving across the board, but especially with drivers impaired by marijuana. ARIDE-trained officers will be more effective at detecting these potentially dangerous drivers. For more information on drug-impaired driving see some of the NHTSAs research here: https://www.nhtsa.gov/sites/nhtsa.dot.gov/files/812118-roadside_survey_2014.pdf

WEEKLY ACTIVITY REPORT - 03-19 to 03-25 During this period our department responded to or initiated: 21 traffic stops, 3 of which resulted in an arrest or criminal charges. These include a warrant arrest and a stop in which a 34 year-old Charlotte woman was found to be in possession of methamphetamine and crack cocaine 1 warrant pick-up, in which a 38 year-old Potterville woman was located at her residence and arrested based on a warrant for failing to appear at a court hearing for a drunk driving charge originating from our department 1 personal injury traffic crash, which was the train incident that was previously reported 2 property damage traffic crashes, one of which occurred on Friday, March 25th when the driver of a Toyota van failed to yield at the stop sign on eastbound Vermontville Hwy., striking a northbound pickup truck towing a trailer of horses. There were no injuries. The driver of the van expressed that they thought the intersection was a four-way stop 1 suicidal person, which resulted in a juvenile being transported to Sparrow Hospital 1 domestic dispute 2 harassment / stalking complaints 2 assists to EMS 1 burglar alarm 1 traffic hazard 1 animal complaint 1 report of a suspicious person

WHAT IF A TRAFFIC LIGHT IS OUT? Then the intersection reverts to being uncontrolled. That doesn't mean there are no rules. MCL 257.649 requires drivers approaching an uncontrolled intersection to do the following: 1. Maintain a speed slow enough that they can stop within an assured clear distance 2. Yield the right-of-way to any vehicle that has already entered the intersection 3. Proceed with due care and caution once the intersection is clear

MORE TRAIN STUFF! Today we measured this freight train's speed at 22mph with radar. It took 2 minutes 35.83 seconds to pass. So.... 1. What would happen if it hit you? and 2. How long is this train? Obviously the answer to question #1 is you're likely to be seriously injured or killed because the train weighs about a million pounds. That's why it's important to stay off the tracks, even just to cross. Cross only at a public crossing and obey the signals if they warn of an approaching train. If you care to try question #2 put your answer in the comments.

SELFIE SUNDAY? We've heard of this. Here's Chief Bartlett at home trying to keep up with the furious pace of Facebook activity over the recent train crash. See you in the office tomorrow! #workingforfree

TRAIN INCIDENT UPDATE Last night just after 8:30pm we were dispatched to a report of a vehicle hit by a train on Vermontville Hwy. Our officer arrived to find a badly mangled U-Haul truck driven by a 44 year-old Detroit woman that had been struck by an Amtrak passenger train. She and her passenger suffered injuries that were not life-threatening. A local teenager on a bicycle that was waiting to cross the tracks also suffered injuries that were not life-threatening. Information available to us at this time indicates that the crossing signal was working properly and the driver of the U-Haul drove around the gates into the path of the train. This incident remains under investigation, but drugs are believed to be a factor in this crash.

We are currently investigating a vehicle hit by a train on Vermontville Hwy. We're aware of minor injuries at this time. The crash is the cause of the power outage some in the city are experiencing. Consumer's Power is aware and will be working to restore service. Please keep a safe distance away from this scene in case there are lines down we aren't aware of.