Fenton Police Department

  • Agency: Fenton Police Department
  • Address: 311 S Leroy St, Fenton, 48430 MI
  • Chief: Rick Aro (Chief of Police)
Phone: 810-629-5311

Fenton Police Department is located at 311 S Leroy St, Fenton, 48430 MI. The Chief of Police of the department is Rick Aro. The Fenton Police Department phone number is 810-629-5311.

Fenton Police Department News

Thank you to Dawn Wisner from Whaley Children's Center and Elizabeth Stamp from the VA Medical Center. With their help we were able to donate some unclaimed bicycles to the Homeless Veteran's Program and the Whaley Children's Center.

We are looking to identify this person, if you know who it is please give us a call at (810)629-5311 or send us a private/message.

Saturday October 27th is National Prescription Take Back day. Our department has a permanent drop box for expired and unwanted prescriptions in our lobby so we accept them at any time!

Our sincerest thank you to VG’s for the snacks and congratulations on re-opening!

Due to a crash north of town, we are anticipating back ups on Northbound US23. Northbound US23 is closed at Thompson Rd. Use caution and avoid that area if you have somewhere to be!

Looking to identify this subject, if you know who it is please send us a private message or give us a call at (810)629-5311.

Reminder number 1 for the year! Reminder that overnight parking restrictions go into effect on November 1st, as usual. If you have any questions please let us know. As stated in City Ordinance No. 688: "Sec. 32-42. – Parking Restrictions Except as otherwise set forth in this section, parking is prohibited on all city streets and in the municipal parking lots during the months of January, February, March, November and December, from the hours of 2:00 am until 5:00 am, except for the following: a. Emergency Services personnel (police and fire) in the vicinity of the Police Station and Fire Station; b. Properly registered vehicles, if special permits have been issued by the City."

This dog has been spotted in the area of State Rd Elementary this morning. He or she is currently roaming around and appears to have made friends with a skunk.

FYI for your evening commute. Homecoming Parade tonight at 5pm!

Getting to know all the kids!

If you’re looking to get rid of any hazardous materials, there is a Genesee County drop off next weekend. Please excuse the previous typo.

UPDATE: In regards to an incident at Walmart last Friday involving a suspicious male. During the investigation, surveillance camera footage captured during the event was reviewed. The footage seen was not entirely consistent with the events described in a Facebook post that has since been deleted. Remember, if you ever feel threatened or notice something unusual that should be reported to the police, immediately call 911.

Loving the first day of school pictures! Officer Cole was excited for his first day of school too! We know he’ll be a great asset to the school district this year, if you see him say hi!

Traffic news for today! Rounds Dr/Shiawassee Ave - Genesee County Road Commission will be programming the light today and the temporary 4 way stop will be no more! North Rd between Adelaide and Leroy will be closed today for the work that was postponed from Friday.

FYI: This Friday (August 24th), North Rd will be closed between Adelaide and N. Leroy at 8 am. It is expected to be closed all day for maintenance unless there is inclement weather.

The roads downtown are about to be closed for Back to the Bricks. If you have a vehicle parked on the road it will need to be moved ASAP or it will be towed.

Our donation box is here! If anyone would like to donate school supplies to Delivering Hope we have a donation bin in our lobby! Please help us support this wonderful organization.

With the heat index reaching 100 degrees the next few days, this is a reminder to leave your pets at home and check on your elderly neighbors! Stay hydrated and Do NOT leave pets or children in vehicles! Stay cool and enjoy the weekend! You know where to find us if you need us!

Schedule of events for the holiday next week! The parade route will be closed to traffic promptly at 9:30 am and any cars parked along the parade route will be towed! EDIT to UPDATE: The route for the road race is incorrect. There will be both a 2.5k and 5k. Both races will run the same lap, 2.5k runners completing it once and 5k runners completing it twice. Race begins on Adelaide at Mill st. North on Adelaide, west on Caroline, south on West St., east on Shiawassee, north on Leroy, west on Caroline. The race begins at 9:45.

Our department is hiring! We are looking to fill a full time Police Officer position. See the link for details. It is preferred that applications be delivered in person.

Attention Drivers: North Rd between Adelaide and Forest will be closed for a majority of the day today.

If you previously registered with CodeRed for emergency notifications you may have received a text or call today telling you about Smart 911. Genesee County (that includes the City of Fenton) is switching to a much friendlier platform for emergency notifications and you can update and customize your own profile. For example, you can opt out of weather related notifications. Head over to Smart911.com to get signed up.

Folks, it IS a holiday weekend and we ARE participating in this years "Click it or Ticket" campaign. Aside from that, if you're heading out of town with or without a trailer, please drive safe! Slow down for construction zones and lastly, remember what Memorial Day is all about!

UPDATE: Mom is on her way. 😉👏🏻 This beautiful boy was found on Silver Parkway this morning. If we can’t find the owner ASAP he will be going on a road trip to animal control. Please call us at (810)629-5311 if he belongs to you.