Grand Blanc Police Department

  • Agency: Grand Blanc Police Department
  • Address: 203 E. Grand Blanc Road, Grand Blanc, 48439 MI
  • Chief: Steven P Solomon (Chief of Police)

Grand Blanc Police Department is located at 203 E. Grand Blanc Road, Grand Blanc, 48439 MI. The Chief of Police of the department is Steven P Solomon. The Grand Blanc Police Department phone number is (810) 694-1111.

Grand Blanc Police Department News

Have you voted yet today? Vote and share this and you will be entered to win an official GBPD K9 hat! Winner will be chosen on November 5th when the voting ends. Kash says thank you!

Voting has resumed for the Aftermath grant! Help Kash and the GBPD K9 unit get some money to support the program and vote today! You (each email) can vote once every 12 hours and once on Instagram every day. Voting will go through November 7th, so let’s start piling those votes up! Kash says thank you!

Voting for the Aftermath grant has been temporarily halted while they fix their server situation. Voting online will resume October 22nd and now go through November 5th. You can still vote once a day on Instagram, simply go to aftermathk9grant on Instagram and comment with “Grand Blanc City PD, Grand Blanc MI”. Kash is getting a lot of votes and appears to be doing well, so let’s keep it up. Thank you!

The Grand Blanc City Police K-9 unit has been nominated to receive a grant from Aftermath and voting begins today! You may vote ONCE every 12 hours online and ONCE daily on Instagram (follow @AftermathK9Grant). 8 recipients will receive a total of $16,500 in grants. If awarded one of the grants, we will use the funds for maintenance of our Grand Blanc City Police K9 team - veterinary care, training, equipment, and replacement costs for when Kash retires. We will help remind you with regular posts. Voting starts tomorrow at 5:00am PST and ends 11:59pm PST on November 2. Thank you in advance for your votes!

We had a young, future recruit stop by today for a visit. Officer Guigear showed him around, let him do the lights and sirens, and made his day. Thanks Liam for stopping by to visit.

Here is all the info you will need for the homecoming parade route and alternate route through the city. K9 Kash will be leading the parade and handing out dog treats to any canine friends he sees along the route.

These hats are now available for purchase at the GBPD for $25. All proceeds from sales will be used to support our department’s K9 Unit. So help out Kash and stop by to pick up your hat today!

The 11th Annual City of Grand Blanc Police Association Golf Outing is just about here! Thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors that help make this a great event!

Kash is out on the streets and doing good things, make sure you like his page to see what he has been up to! Kash will be at the Grand Blanc Township Police Department tonight for National Night Out. Kash and the Township’s K9 Jimi, will be doing demos at 5:30, 6:30, and 7:30!!

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

Just a reminder…No parking on any city street from 2am to 6am. Officers have been stepping up parking enforcement in Grand Blanc City due to several complaints from residents that we have not been strictly enforcing the ordinance. The city ordinance (full ordinance posted below) can be found on the city website. The ordinance states that cars cannot be parked on any city street between the hours of 2am and 6am. There is a sign posted at every street entrance to the city reminding people of the ordinance. If for some reason you cannot use your driveway, for example construction or paving of the driveway, please notify the police department by calling 810 694 1111 during business hours or calling 911 (simply notify the dispatcher it is not an emergency) after hours. Grand Blanc City Ordinance 450.01 OVERNIGHT PARKING. (a) No owner or operator of any vehicle or trailer shall park such vehicle or trailer on any street in the City between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. for longer than three minutes for loading or unloading passengers, or for longer than thirty minutes for loading, unloading or delivering property. (b) The Police Department and all members thereof assigned to traffic duty are hereby authorized to remove and tow away, or to have removed and towed away by a commercial towing service, any vehicle or trailer parked in any place in the City in violation of this section. (c) Vehicles or trailers so towed away for illegal parking shall be stored in a safe place and shall be restored to the owner or operator of such vehicle or trailer upon payment of the towing fees as charged by such commercial towing service. (d) The Chief of Police or any other person authorized by the Mayor and Council shall cause signs to be posted in appropriate areas at major entrances to the City indicating such limitation on overnight parking. (Ord. 69. Passed 9-8-71.)

***Update*** Thanks to help from citizens, Rocky made it home !!! Thanks for the help. This old guy was found near Rust Park. Please contact us if he belongs to you.

Announcement! For the Recycle Day at Grand Blanc High School this Saturday. If you plan on participating in the recycle day event this Saturday, you will need to come in from Holly onto Jewett Trail. Jewett Trail will be closed at the intersection of Davis. Please see the attached flyers for more information.

The Grand Blanc Police Department is now live on Crimemapping! You can view the types of crime that have been reported and location where they occurred. You just need to visit: Once you reach the website, you will have to choose the state and agency (Grand Blanc Police Department) in order to view the crimes reported. Grand Blanc Township Police Department is live on Crimemapping as well, so you will be able to see crimes occurring anywhere in the Grand Blanc Community.

Follow K9 Kash throughout his career with the GBPD by liking his page!

The Grand Blanc Police Department is in the process of starting a K-9 unit. The initial cost for this type of program is very expensive and we will need to do some fund raising to get this started. The initial cost to begin the program is around $17,000. Our goal is raise around $22,000, which should cover all of the expenses for the first five years for the dog. The Grand Blanc Police Officers Association has already donated $2,500 to the program as a down payment for "Kash" who is a Belgian Malinois currently being trained by Magnum K9 in Quincy, MI. Anyone who would like to donate can write a check payable to the "City of Grand Blanc" and make sure to write "Police K-9 Donation" in the notes section of the check. The checks can be dropped off or mailed to the City Clerk at the City of Grand Blanc, 203 E. Grand Blanc Rd. Grand Blanc, MI 48439. Anyone who donates will recieve a receipt from the clerk as a charitable donation.

Please feel free to post your opinions about the actions taken today to secure the students and the school, but please do not post any personal attacks against someone who may have a differing opinion.

We would like to thank the Grand Blanc Order of the Eastern Star for their generous donation of $500 to the City of Grand Blanc to help with the purchase of new A.E.D.s. Chief Lipe was invited to their meeting last night and was presented with the donation as well as tickets for the officers to have a free meal at the American Legion Post in Grand Blanc. We are very proud to serve such a great community and are thankful for the support we receive from community groups such as the Grand Blanc Order of the Eastern Star!

I-phone found! This morning we had a resident turn in an i-phone that was found on Morningside Drive. If you believe it could be your phone please call us at 810-694-1111. If you can describe the case it is in, good chance it's yours.