Houghton County Sheriff's Office

  • Agency: Houghton County Sheriff's Office
  • Address: 403 E .Houghton Avenue, Houghton, 49931 MI
  • Chief:
Phone: 906-482-0055
Fax: 906-487-5949

Houghton County Sheriff's Office is located at 403 E .Houghton Avenue, Houghton, 49931 MI. The Houghton County Sheriff's Office phone number is 906-482-0055.

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With most school years beginning across the Copper Country tomorrow; we urge motorists to know and understand Michigan's school bus safety laws. The Sheriff's Office and area Law Enforcement will be out enforcing school bus safety laws! Let's all do our part and have a GREAT and SAFE school year!

On 07/23/2018 at approximately 8:00 PM a 10 year old child was bitten several times by a dark colored dog near “Sandy Bottom” on Lower Point Mills Road in Torch Lake Township. The female was described as heavy set with short blonde hair. The female was wearing a red shirt and blue jeans. The female was walking 2 dark colored dogs, possibly pit bulls. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Houghton County Sheriff’s Office.

A large black dog (Labrador) was struck and killed by a vehicle on M-26 near Junction Rd in Torch Lake Township. The black dog was accompanied by a tan dog. The black dog was also not wearing any identification. If anyone has information regarding the owner(s), please call the Houghton County Sheriffs Office at 906-482-0055.

Motorized Trails: The Bill Nichols ORV route is open from Mass City to South Range. South Range is 4 miles south of Houghton. It is not possible to get into the City of Houghton or across the Lift Bridge on an ORV. Anyone travelling to Keweenaw County to ride ORV’s will have to trailer north of Hancock. The Hancock to Calumet ORV route is open at Tomasi Road – approx. 4 miles north of Hancock The Lake Linden ORV Route is closed. It is not possible to reach Dollar Bay, Hubbell, or Lake Linden on an ORV. There are severe/deep washouts in this area. Do not attempt passage. The Freda Grade ORV route is closed. All ORV routes north of Calumet are open. The damage in Keweenaw County was more limited. Non-motorized Trails: The Houghton to Chassell rai-trail is closed. There are many washouts and the Pilgrim River Bridge has been damaged. Do not attempt passage. Moving Forward: The DNR is working on a construction plan to reopen the Bill Nichols trail into Houghton. The City of Hancock is working on an ORV route through Hancock. We are focused on getting these routes open to reinstate connectivity between Ontonagon, Houghton, and Keweenaw Counties The DNR is also working on engineering and repairs on the Lake Linden Route, Freda Route, and the Houghton to Chassell trail. These projects will take significant engineering, funding, and time.

Houghton County Disaster Recovery Update (Houghton, MI) – Following are the latest updates regarding the flood recovery efforts in Houghton County. A collection event for household hazardous waste has been scheduled for Friday, July 6 from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. The event will be held on Macdonald Street behind the Lake Linden Village Park. A complete list of items that will and will not be accepted is included in a separate attachment. The event is only for Houghton County residential flood victims. Residents are encouraged to separate things like paint, automotive fluids, cleaning fluids, etc. from other flood debris and set them aside to bring to the collection event. The Red Cross distribution center at the Calumet Colosseum will be closed by tomorrow (Thursday) and the distribution center at Dee Stadium will be closed at 4:00 on Friday. Plans are being made to move the distribution operations to the former JC Penny’s site at the Copper County Mall. Volunteers are needed to man the center this weekend. Please call (906) 233 6621 if you are able to volunteer your time. The Sheriff’s Department has been responding to a number of complaints regarding individuals removing barricades from closed roads and/or trespassing on private property to go around the barricades. The Department is starting to take enforcement action. As a reminder, all Houghton County recreational trails are closed to all use and tickets will be issued to anyone found using the trails. The Health Department announced that a well drilling company has volunteered their services to treat individual’s wells that were contaminated by the flood. Homeowners who had their wells tested by the Health Department will be contacted regarding this service. The Health Department has announced the reopening of the beaches at Twin Lakes and Eagle Harbor after the latest water tests confirmed that they are safe for swimming. The Health Department had previously announced that the beaches at Fort Wilkins State Park, Bete Gris, Eagle Harbor, Calumet Water Works Park, Lake Medora and Second Sand Beach were safe for swimming. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources would like people to know that Mclain, Fort Wilkins, Baraga and Twin Lakes State Parks are all open for business. The Houghton County Road Commission’s list of damaged road has been reduced from a high of 103 to 65 as of today. Closed roads have been reduced from 35 to 25. A list of the damaged and closed roads is included as a separate attachment. FEMA and EMHSD along with local personnel will continue to review the damage assessments today. Four teams will be looking at damage to individual property and three teams will be looking at public infrastructure. The crews were out in the field until 10:00 last night. The DEQ is working to bring in equipment to begin restoring streams and drainages to their original beds. They are hoping to begin that work as soon as this afternoon. Predicted weekend rains are a concern due to stream beds that no longer flow to culverts and bridges. The City of Houghton announced Agate Street is now open to traffic. They are filling sandbags to place in areas of concern for the weekend rains. MDOT is continuing to work on paving sections of M-26 from Ripley to Laurium and hopes to have all lanes open soon. They are also continuing their work of inspecting drainages along M-26. The National Guard continues to work on Coles Creek and Beacon Hill today. Michigan Technological University announced that they have formed three task forces to deal with the flood damage at their Administration Building, the Michigan Tech Trails and at the Mont Ripley Ski Hill.

Houghton County Disaster Recovery Update (Houghton, MI) – Following are the latest updates regarding the flood recovery efforts in Houghton County. With The Michigan Department of Transportation and Michigan Department of Natural Resources reporting their estimated cost to repair the damages sustained in Houghton County, the total cost for all damage to public infrastructure now sits at approximately 100 Million dollars. This does not include damaged incurred by homeowners and local business. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division (EMHSD) personnel met with representatives from the Road Commission, MDOT and local cities and townships this morning to review the damage assessments that were submitted last week. Over the next two days, those groups will tour a sampling of the damage throughout the County where FEMA will work to validate the cost of the damage as submitted by the local agencies. Individuals whose homes were made uninhabitable by the flood, and are in need to medium to long term temporary housing should contact the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services at (906) 482 0500. The City of Houghton announced that Clark and Vivian Streets are now open and they hope to have Agate Street passable by tomorrow (Wednesday). MDOT reports that they are doing assessment and scoping work in Ripley, inspecting drainages and continuing to work on paving sections of M-26 from Ripley to Laurium. The National Guard will be begin work on Beacon Hill near Freda today. The Red Cross will be closing their distribution center at the Calumet Coliseum and the items there will be brought to Dee Stadium. The Dee is also looking to close by the end of this week and a new site is being sought. The Health Department recommends that fish caught in any Houghton County inland waters or within the stained waters of Lake Superior, not be eaten. They also report that they have distributed 153 well water test kits to date and that they have received results back on the first ten samples that were sent for analysis. Of those ten, five reported as being contaminated with one testing positive for e-coli. The Health Department is working with the effected homeowners. The Michigan Department of Environment Quality is working to establish a household hazardous waste collection site by next week. Residents are encouraged to separate things like paint, automotive fluids, cleaning fluids, etc. from other flood debris and set them aside until the collection site is set up. The DEQ is also working on a plan to address the streams and drainages where their original beds have been filled by the flood debris.

Houghton County Disaster Recovery Update (Houghton, MI) – Following are the latest updates regarding the flood recovery efforts in Houghton County. Teams from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Michigan State Police Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division (EMHSD) will begin arriving in Houghton County today to begin assessments of the local flood damage. Four person teams will disburse throughout the County to look at a sampling of the sites that were reported to them by the local assessment teams. They will calculate estimates of cost for repair of the sites and then compare their estimates to those submitted by the local assessment teams. It is important to note that no Federal Declaration has yet been made regarding the disaster. The Houghton County Emergency Response Team continues to adapt it Unified Command structure and a copy of that structure is attached. The Team has noted that they are starting to move from the response and recovery phase to the reconstruction phase with their work efforts. The DNR will begin work on the Bill Nichols Trail with an emphasis on getting the trail from Twin Lakes to Calumet open. They are concerned about the Lake Linden Trail because of the heavy damage. As previously noted, the recreational trail system throughout Houghton County has suffered severe damage and is closed to all traffic. Between Hancock and Calumet and Hancock and Lake Linden, reports have been received over the weekend of individuals violating those closure orders and even of children playing in those areas. Some of the washouts on these trails are massive with undercut banks and are extremely dangerous. It can’t be emphasized strongly enough that under no circumstance should anyone be on those trails, especially children. Donations are continuing to pour into Houghton County. Coordinators would like to note a change in the priority of items that are needed. Items that are most urgently needed now are dehumidifiers, squeegees, shop vacs and Gatorade. There is no longer a need for bottled water. The Houghton County Road Commission reports that both contract and Road Commission crews continue to work on roads and are doing so in 12 hour shifts. Road Commission crews are working on Massie, Pilgrim and Paradise Road. MDOT Reports that they are working on paving sections of M-26 from Ripley to Laurium and are also working to unplug blocked culverts. The City of Houghton reports that Vivian Street is now passible and that they are working on Agate. The National Guard is finishing up work on Coles Creek Road and is also working on Old Mill Road. Michigan Technological University reports that equipment is being staged at Mont Ripley to begin work on the damage there and that Team Rubicon is assisting with clearing fallen trees. They further report that their Administration Building will be closed for one and a half weeks. The Health Department reports 6 cases of illness that are flood related. Causes reported include individuals drinking from contaminated wells and swimming at local beaches. The Health Department continues to provide free water tests for residents whose wells were inundated with flood water and has distributed 51 test kits to date. They also report that they have opened seven area beaches that were previously closed. Additional information is available at: http://www.wupdhd.org/ Volunteer Coordinator Jon Stone reports that 97% of homes, where the owner has called for assistance, have been mucked out and that the emphasis will move to outside work. With the new workweek starting, the numbers of volunteers are expected to drop but they are still needed. For those who need help or would like to offer their time to help others, they can call the Volunteer Registration Center at (906) 233-6621. Torch Lake Township and the City of Houghton will resume their regular garbage pickup on Monday, June 25.

Below is a link to a volunteer group aiding in flood relief efforts. If anyone knows of additional groups please feel free to put the link in the comments below or message us! We sure do live in a special place... https://m.facebook.com/CopperCountryStrong2018/

On 05/04/2018 at approximately 08:40 P.M. Deputies responded to 20 4th Street in the Village of South Range for a structure fire with one occupant. Adams Township 1st responders removed a 29 year old male from the structure. 1st responders, Houghton City Police Officers and a Deputy rendered aide to the male. The male was transported to UP Health Systems Portage and then to UP Health Systems Marquette to be treated for his injuries. The Houghton County Sheriffs Office was assisted by: South Range Fire, Adams Township Fire and 1st Responders, Stanton Township Fire, Mercy EMS and the Houghton City Police Department.

9-1-1 service has been restored in Houghton County.

Because of wind damage, 9-1-1 is not functioning in Houghton County. Call 482-0055 if you need emergency assistance.

On 04/26/2017 at approximately 15:20 Deputies from the Houghton County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to US-41 near Pump House Road in Portage Township for a 2 car personal injury accident. The accident occurred when a 1 ton pickup truck, driven by a 56 year old male was leaving Superior Rent-All’s parking lot when it was struck by a South bound S.U.V. driven by a 19 year old male. The 56 year old male was extricated from the 1 ton pickup truck by Huron Town Fire and Rescue using the Jaws of Life. Both parties were transported to UP Health Systems Portage via Mercy EMS to be treated for their injuries. Both vehicles were towed from the scene by Superior Service Towing. The 56 year old male was cited for failing to yield. The Houghton County Sheriff’s Office was assisted on scene by Michigan Tech University Police, Michigan State Police – Calumet Post, Huron Town Fire and Rescue, Mercy EMS, and Superior Service Towing.

With spring on the way snow banks have begun melting, exposing green grass, but also used hypodermic needles. Common places needles are found are on the sides of roadways, parking lots, and recreational parks. If you come upon needles, it is important to handle them with extreme caution. Needle(s) should be placed in a sharps container or in a heavy duty plastic container (Gatorade bottle/laundry detergent jug). In most cases there is little the police can do to prosecute these dump sites; by calling 911 we can increase patrols in these areas. Unfortunately this is becoming a more common occurrence in our community. It is importance to teach our children about needle safety.

Please share/read this post with elderly family members and friends, as they are one of the most vulnerable populations for these types of scams. Attached to this post is a typical scam. Though scams do come in an array of different forms. If any telephone call/letter/email asks for any personal information (name, date of birth, account information) or wants you to pay for a prize/service upfront, it is most likely a scam. If the offer seems "too good to be true" it nearly always is. A majority of these scams are difficult to prosecute and even more difficult to be restituted monetarily.

Press Relase: On 11/18/16 at approximately 1:30 PM, the Houghton County Sheriff’s Office took a report of a missing hunter in the Tapiola Area. Rodney Granroth (a 71 year old white male) went out hunting sometime Thursday in the area of Tapiola Road and Kallungi Road in Portage Township. The Sheriff's Office, Superior Search and Rescue, along with several family members searched the area until approximately 7:00 PM. The Sheriff’s Office and Search and Rescue are continuing the search Saturday morning at 9:00 AM with help from Otter Lake Fire Dept., Baraga Search and Rescue, Salvation Army, and several community volunteers. If anybody has any information they are asked to contact the Houghton County Sheriff’s Office at (906) 482-0055.

Press Release: In the early morning hours of 10/12/2016 Houghton County Sheriff Deputies responded to a Domestic Violence complaint in Adams Township. During the course of the investigation, Deputies secured two residences and procured search warrants. During the execution of the search warrants, a substantial amount of Crystal Methamphetamine was located. One male was taken into custody. Deputies were assisted by the Houghton County Prosecutor's Office, Houghton City Police Department, Michigan State Police - Calumet Post, and UPSET Detectives.

On 08/29/2016 Deputies responded to a larceny of a motor cycle that occurred in the Village of Copper City. Between 08/28/2016 07:00 PM and 08/29/2016 08:00 AM an orange in color 1972 Kawasaki Enduro 100 was stolen from a residence. We are looking to the public for assistance in locating the stolen motor cycle. Anyone with information can anonymously contact the Houghton County Sheriffs Office at (906) 482-0055. Point of contact is Deputy Michael Yeo.