Portland Police Department

  • Agency: Portland Police Department
  • Address: 773 E Grand River, Portland, 48875 MI
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)

Portland Police Department is located at 773 E Grand River, Portland, 48875 MI. The Portland Police Department phone number is 517-647-7521.

Portland Police Department News

Just a reminder that there is no parking on city streets from 2a - 6a unil April 1st.

Thank you! It’s our pleasure to serve the residents and the City of Portland.

Heads up!

Please be advised. Have fun, be courteous and be safe!

Traffic on west bound I96 is backed up after a semi collapsed. Emergency crews are working to get the road opened up as soon as possible. In the meantime, expect some temporary traffic congestion in the City.

Officers located the baby this morning when the mother’s vehicle was seen in the City of Portland. The baby is safe and in the custody of his father.

Police vs Fire = where rivalry is a tradition - with Portland Area Fire

Red Mill Community Day is upon us! Water St is only closed to thru traffic, so this means you can still visit the Peppermint Twist and ConfluxCity Brewing Company during their normal hours.

Chief Thomas doesn’t like to back down from a fun challenge! Come air your grievances, dunk the chief, and benefit the Portland Community Fund Association at the same time.

***UPDATE*** Girl has been found safe. AMBER Alert issued for missing 1-year-old https://www.woodtv.com/news/kent-county/amber-alert-issued-for-missing-1-year-old/1347374537 (Via WOODTV)

PPD takes great pride in our efforts to reduce crime and keep our City a place where we can all feel proud to live and work. Contrary to what might have been discussed on community Facebook sites, there has not been a sudden increase of crime in Portland. You can always help us help you by reducing crimes of opportunity - take your car keys inside with you and lock your car doors.

Sweet Carolines BBQ and Catering keeping us hydrated and well fed!

Supporting our friends of the American Legion Riders - Post 48 at the Keusch Super Service / Portland Cruiser’s car show.

The discharge of fireworks is allowed ONLY the day before, the day of, and the day after a national holiday. The adoption of this ordinance was by no means a way to stop your fun. It is meant as a compromise to limit any disruption felt by those residents with PTSD, young children, pets, or early morning responsibilities.

This dog was found by one of our residents who is pampering it until it's claimed. Call 517-647-7521 to be re-united!

Chief Star Thomas, Ambulance Director Phil Gensterblum and City Manger Tutt Gorman met with St. Pat’s representatives prior to the weekend’s festivities. Have a great time and be safe! #summerfest2018

*** She has been turned over to the Ionia County Animal Shelter. 616-527-9040*** Who’s looking for her? Very friendly and likes to shake hands EVERY time she sits down. Please let us know if she’s yours.

Kent St on ramp to West I 96 closed today and tomorrow.