Shepherd Police Department

  • Agency: Shepherd Police Department
  • Address: 251 W Wright Ave, Shepherd, 48883 MI
  • Chief: Michael Main (Chief of Police)
Phone: 989-828-5045
Fax: 989-828-7017

Shepherd Police Department is located at 251 W Wright Ave, Shepherd, 48883 MI. The Chief of Police of the department is Michael Main. The Shepherd Police Department phone number is 989-828-5045.

Shepherd Police Department News

Although it is not nearly enough, nor are there words strong enough to give proper credit...we simply say thank you to the men and women who have served in the military.

In the continued saga of day off adventures... Chief Sawyer had the opportunity to help pop popcorn at Winn Elementary this morning for the students. He also had a chance to speak to K-2 on being safe, the 4th graders on "What's in Your Bucket" and the 5th graders on "Ingredients to be Your Best WINNer." What a great group of young people!

News's snowing...a little. This means the roads could be a little slick in areas. Slowing down in our driving is the greatest deterrent to ending up in the ditch. Have a great day!

October Operation S.Y.R.U.P.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY...There is no controlling someone else's behavior...but how you respond is totally up to you.

Well...election is season is finally over. The commercials will stop. The signs will go away. In the end, some of the individuals you voted for won and some lost...NEWS FLASH, that is life...and life will go on. The hope is that everyone can put their differences aside and work together for the betterment of society. What a weird concept...PUT OUR DIFFERENCES ASIDE AND WORK TOGETHER. Let's make it happen!

Polls are open from 7:00AM until 8:00PM.

Congratulations to our October Operation S.Y.R.U.P. winners... 6th Grade: Josh, Julia and Maddie 7th Grade: Claire, Troy and Alton 8th Grade: McKayla, Nico and Clayton Here are some words that their teachers said about them: respectful, diligent in completing their work, Willing to do the right thing when their friends don't, participates, takes a risk, responsible, great mentor for others, positive attitude, always tries, thoughtful, caring, quick to advocate for peers, compassionate and our absolute favorite.....JUST A NICE KID These 9 will be treated to a pizza lunch on Wednesday with Chief Sawyer

Happy Monday! With an extra hour of sleep we are all so well rested and ready to have a great day...unless your internal alarm clock doesn't recognize DST...or your young children don't either...or your pets. It is time for ASK ANYTHING MONDAY! This is your opportunity to ask any law enforcement related questions and have them answered. Ready...Set...Go!

Our thoughts and prayers to the St. Clair Shores Police Department who lost Police Canine AXE today at a shots fired call. RIP AXE...thank you for your service

Excellent things happening...

Shepherd Elementary is fortunate to participate in the Central Michigan University Lunch Buddies Program. Lunch Buddies (LB) is a school-based mentoring program administered by the CMU Volunteer Center. The program was​ developed to help elementary students form positive attitudes about school, encourage healthy nutrition and physical activity, and provide children with positive role models. CMU students serving as mentors help their Lunch Buddies become more healthy, confidant, and hopeful about the future. LB is having a Hat, Sock and Mitten Drive to make sure every young person is protected from the elements this fall and winter. You can drop off your donation to the Elementary Office between now and November 30th. Let's stuff the donation box and make sure they have more than enough to keep every kiddo warm!!!

Don't forget to FALL BACK tonight. The official time to do this is actually Sunday at 2:00AM...but most of us will do it at about 6PM and be confused the rest of the evening. Day Light Saving Time is a great reminder to change all of the batteries in your smoke alarms.

What should Chief Sawyer do on his day off...oh that's right he agreed to chaperone a middle school field trip with 118 students. Oh boy! Actually is going to be a lot of fun. But he forgot what riding on a school bus feels like!

2 quick thoughts from Halloween 2018... Our kiddos are AWESOME! At the school party, parade, Trunk or Treat and Trick or Treat I heard a TON of "thank yous" being said to parents, teachers and community members. Maybe I'm getting old but when a child says "thank you" it means something. In a day and age where manners and civility often are not the norm, especially among adults...our youngsters are setting the bar! Our community is AWESOME! The streets were packed for the Elementary Halloween Parade. The streets were packed with people handing out candy on Wright Avenue and at their own homes. Seeing people laugh, have fun and enjoy life. Very cool! Chief Sawyer

Chief Sawyer's buddy Sawyer decided to dress like a certain bald-headed police officer for Halloween.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! A few reminders for the day... At 1:30 we will be leading the Elementary School Parade. The route is from the school, up 4th Street to Wright Ave, 2nd Street to Maple Street and back to the school. We are excited to have our State Runner-Up Girls Golf Team as the Grand Marshals. This parade is weather contingent and the decision to cancel will be made by the school. Trunk of Treat will be on Wright Ave between 2nd and 3rd Street from 5:30 - 7:30. This a lot of fun and every child can get a lot of treats and only walk a block. If you would like to bring your vehicle and hand out treats, you must be parked by 5:00. Trick or Treat will also happen from 5:30 - 7:30 throughout the Village. We want to keep these events SUPER safe for everyone. We understand that children on a sugar rush often aren't as careful as use extra caution for them. Parents/Drivers...please remember that Halloween festivities does not exempt anyone from following traffic laws. If you decide otherwise you may get a very special Halloween treat...that isn't candy, but a piece of paper with a lot of writing on it. Hope to see you at an event!

A huge thank you to Mr. Nestle who volunteered 3 of his 7th grade science classes at Shepherd Middle School to participate in an ALICE barricading exercise. The students did AWESOME and had zero prior instruction as we wanted to "let them figure it out." After each exercise we had a great discussion about ALICE. Unfortunately it is a reality that we have to prepare our students for this, but hope and pray they never, ever have to use it.

Handwritten notes to Shepherd students doing elite things...going in the mail today!

It's time for our last ASK ANYTHING MONDAY of October 2018! This is your opportunity to ask any law enforcement related question and have them answered. Let's go!

We are honored to be the featured police vehicle on the Michigan Police Cruiser's Facebook page.

Winn Fall Fest was a huge success! Chief Sawyer was part of the hotdog cooking crew...and only burnt himself once! Thank you to the parents and community members that made this event happen.

Shepherd High School/Middle School and Elementary all participated in school safety drills today. The students and staff did AWESOME! As we always say...we hope and pray we never have to use these things, but we will practice like we will.

We just had great ALICE training/discussion with the entire teaching staff at Shepherd High School. We hope and pray that we never have to use it...but must practice like we will.

Super HUGE thank you to the person that secretly paid for Chief Sawyer's lunch today. Your generosity was greatly appreciated!