Ludington Police Department

  • Agency: Ludington Police Department
  • Address: 408 S Harrison, Ludington, 49431 MI
  • Chief: Mark Barnett (Chief of Police)
Phone: 231-869-5858
Fax: 231-843-6848

Ludington Police Department is located at 408 S Harrison, Ludington, 49431 MI. The Chief of Police of the department is Mark Barnett. The Ludington Police Department phone number is 231-869-5858.

Ludington Police Department News

Ms. Rozek has been located.

Missing Person: Ms. ROZEK AS BEEN LOCATED. Thank-you everyone for your help and concern! 15year old Malena Rozek was last seen at approximately 5:30 P.M. on Friday, October 5, 2018 near S Rath Ave and W Foster St. Malena is diagnosed with high functioning autism and may be disoriented to her whereabouts. Malena was last seen wearing a black jacket, black pants, and gray shoes. She is described as a white female approximately 5'6" and 125 lbs. She has long brown hair and glasses. If you see someone matching her description, please call Mason/Oceana Central Dispatch at (231)869-5858.

LUDINGTON NORTH BREAKWATER Due to wind and wave conditions the North Breakwater is closed to public access until further notice. The breakwater will be re-opened when conditions allow.

BEWARE OF THE "MOMO CHALLENGE" Please take a few minutes to checkout the following link to a news report on the "MOMO CHALLENGE": Just a reminder to parents to be aware of what your minor children are doing online and who they are communicating with. The Ludington Police Department is aware of local incidents where young people have been coerced into sexual activity and worse online. Please keep an open dialogue with your children. Talk with them often about their online activity.

SNOW REMOVAL ORDINANCE IN EFFECT THRU APRIL 30th Whoda thunk it? Snow in April? We didn’t see that coming! Etc. etc. etc. Apparently, our forefathers knew that in Michigan anything is possible, weather-wise, when they drafted the ordinance dealing with the prohibition of on-street parking for snow removal. Just a reminder that the City of Ludington Code, Section 58-171 prohibits parking on the street between 3:00 a.m. – 7:00 a.m. during the months of November, December, January, February, March and April. Therefore, the end date is April 30th. As you know the Ludington Police Department issues tickets for violation of this ordinance when the snow plows are out dealing with snow and/or ice. Please remember to find alternative parking while we’re experiencing April snow. So, in answer to those vehicle owners’ questions of “What am I supposed to do, it’s April?” we say “PRAY FOR WARMER WEATHER!!”

IT’S UP TO ALL OF US Crime is an issue that we all are concerned about. Whether we live in a large urban setting, a lightly populated rural setting, or somewhere in between, crime will likely affect us or someone we know. As a community, every resident, visitor, business and law enforcement officer need to be involved in fighting crime. One of the best weapons that we have in combatting crime is knowledge. Knowing to lock our doors to our homes and vehicles at night. Knowing not to leave items of value in plain sight when we park. Knowing to park in well-lit areas. Knowing to be aware of our surroundings. Knowing our neighbors. Knowing who we are around to lessen our chances of being a victim of crime. All of this awareness helps us combat crime. We have all likely heard of various programs designed to combat crime. See Something, Say Something, OK2SAY, Silent Observer, Crime Stoppers and other strategies are effective in addressing crime. Each involve passing your knowledge on to others. We live in a technology rich environment. We have more information available to us now than anyone has ever had. But we need to resist the urge to rely solely on technology. It is important to develop or deepen real person-to-person relationships with our neighbors, co-workers, local businesses and members of law enforcement. While establishing or improving these relationships we make ourselves more aware of our surroundings. This will have a profound impact on community safety! Some resources that are available to the general public are the Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry :, The National Sex Offender Registry:, and the Michigan Department of Corrections website: You may find that these, along with other similar tools, will provide you with information that make you more aware of your surroundings. Get to know your neighbors and surroundings. It can have a huge impact on safety.

SNOWFALL BLUES Snowplowing / Snow Blowing Issues Historically in the winter the City of Ludington receives complaints regarding snow build-up, snow plowing and snow blowing and where residents deposit the moved snow. L.P.D. Officers routinely respond to these calls and will contact the “offending party” to resolve the issue. With the large amount of snowfall this year it seems prudent to offer some suggestions that may help diffuse some neighborhood disagreements: • Plan ahead and speak with your neighbor beforehand if there is a need to deposit moved snow on their property. Ask for their permission first. • Be aware of how your actions may impact your neighbor. • Plow or snow blow responsibility! • Be careful not to hit their vehicle or house. • Be aware of the time and try not to do it too early or late. • Do not deposit the snow in the city street. Parking Issues When parking your vehicle please make sure that you are not parking on a city street between the hours of 3 am and 7 am. Also, please remember to make sure that your vehicle is completely off the roadway or alleyway. Snow Plow drivers are reporting occurrences of vehicles protruding out into the streets and alleys causing a narrowing where they have to swerve around the vehicles preventing a completely cleared street. Damaged Mailboxes The City does not replace mailboxes if it is struck by snow being plowed off of the roadway. If your mailbox is actually struck by the plow truck you can call Corinn at the Department of Public Works @ (231) 845-1479 and they will replace it with a standard black metal mailbox. Mark A. Barnett Chief of Police

2017 DRIVE SAFE, DRIVE SOBER Campaign The 2017 Drive Safe, Drive Sober campaign was a great success again despite the cold weather. This New Year’s Eve celebration was a safe and enjoyable one. This success was due to the combined efforts of Abrahamson’s Towing, Quinn’s Tires & Tows, Oceana Auto, Fier’s Towing & Recovery and the Ludington Mass Transportation Authority. A total of 1,257 individuals were transported to and from their holiday destinations, rather than driving themselves this year, and nine (9) of those individuals had their vehicles towed free of charge. A review of Mason County Law Enforcement Agencies’ activity reveals that there were no arrests for Operating While Intoxicated (O.W.I.), only one (1) other arrest involving alcohol, no assault arrests or other warrant arrests were made. And only six (6) traffic citations were issued. There were no reported traffic crashes involving injuries. A total of three (3) property damage crashes were reported during this year’s celebration. Thanks to the combined efforts and resources of Abrahamson’s Towing, Quinn’s Tires & Tows, Oceana Auto, Ludington Mass Transportation Authority, Mothers Against Drunk Driving of Mason County, SADD, Ludington Beverage Co. Inc., several Ludington-Mason County area businesses, and Mason County Law Enforcement, the 2017 New Year’s Eve was another safe and enjoyable Holiday. This New Year’s Eve was a great success due to a couple factors. First people made the wise decision to have a designated driver or to take advantage of the free transportation. Second all Mason County law enforcement agencies provided enhanced efforts to discourage occurrences of intoxicated driving. Have a Happy New Year and thank-you again for keeping safety in mind by remembering to DRIVE SAFE, DRIVE SOBER!”

LPD getting ready to spread some holiday cheer! Thanks to generous donations from businesses and members of our community.

Would just like to thank the community for their gracious and generous support of the 2017 Shop with a Cop Pie Auction. We raised $5,689 with the sale of the 52 pies that we had donated along with the cash donations that were given yesterday during the auction. This program could not be done without the help and support of all those who donated and purchased pies. Thank you from the officers of the Ludington Police Department, and have a happy Thanksgiving.

Good morning everyone! Just thirty minutes until "SHOP with a COP PIE AUCTION 2017" begins. You may want to take time to see which pie would best compliment your Thanksgiving table. All money raised goes to help kids from around the county have a great Christmas. So remember BID EARLY, BID OFTEN.

ROADSIDE MAINTENANCE It’s the time of year where Ludington Utilities Maintenance and D.P.W. workers are cleaning out catch basins and picking up leaves at the side of the road. This activity requires city workers to be extra vigilant because they not only have to pay attention to what they’re doing but they also have to keep an eye on motorists. As you are driving please remember to use extra caution in areas where road workers are present. Michigan State Law requires motorists to reduce and maintain a safe speed when approaching these workers. In other words, simply passing by workers at the posted speed limit is not sufficient. By reducing and maintaining a safe speed you are providing that extra margin of safety if the unexpected happens. MICHIGAN VEHICLE CODE (EXCERPT) Act 300 of 1949 257.653b Approaching and passing stationary solid waste collection vehicle, utility service vehicle, or road maintenance vehicle; reduction and maintenance of safe speed; definitions. Sec. 653b. (1) Upon approaching and passing a stationary solid waste collection vehicle, a utility service vehicle, or a road maintenance vehicle that is giving a visual signal by means of flashing, rotating, or oscillating amber lights as permitted by section 698, the driver of an approaching vehicle shall reduce to and maintain a safe speed for weather, road conditions, and vehicular or pedestrian traffic and proceed with due care and caution. So, drive safely. There is nowhere any of us has to go that makes it worth endangering a life to get there. Mark A. Barnett Chief of Police

The Movies in the Park scheduled for tonight (August 10, 2027) has been cancelled due to weather. The movies will go on as scheduled next Thursday.

MOVIES IN THE PARK-CANCELLED Weather forecasts are calling for a 100% chance of rain with the possibility of thunderstorms tonight during movie time. M.I.T.P. will resume as scheduled next Thursday evening. The second movie scheduled will play on that night. The Secret Life of Pets will play on Thursday, August 31st, 2017. Thanks for your understanding and see you next week!

SEEKING ASSISTANCE IN IDENTIFYING THE SUSPECTS The Ludington Police Department is continuing to investigate a series of Malicious Destruction of Property incidents occurring in the late night hours of Friday, June 30th into the early morning hours of Saturday, July 1st, 2017. A total of approximately 30 vehicles in and around the City of Ludington were struck with eggs resulting in damage to a number of these vehicles. L.P.D. is requesting assistance in identifying the suspects-three (3) white male subjects in the 18-23 year old age range. According to witnesses the suspects were in a light colored Dodge or Chrysler mini-van, possibly 2005-2009 model year. The investigation has determined that the eggs were purchased earlier Friday evening from a large area grocery store. The suspect mini-van was then driven down various streets with the “slider door” open with the suspects throwing eggs from the vehicle. Two of the areas where the vehicles were attacked was Sherman Street from Tinkham south to Lawndale and Staffon Street from Ludington Avenue south to Dowland St. Other areas in and outside the City of Ludington were also attacked. If you have any information regarding these incidents please call Mason-Oceana 911 at (231) 869-5858 or Detc. Aaron Sailor @ (231) 843-3425.

CARTIER PARK CAMPGROUND THEFTS On July 13th, 2017 the Ludington Police Department received reports of four (4) bicycle thefts and one larceny from vehicle (wallet) at Cartier Park Campground located at 1254 N. Lakeshore Drive in Ludington. The thefts occurred between the hours of 10:00 pm on July 12th and 6:30 am on July 13th, 2017. The only bicycles that were stolen were more expensive bikes so it would appear that the suspect(s) knew what they were looking for. The following is a listing of the bicycles that were stolen: 1. Trek Mountain Bike, Lime Green in color 2. Jamis Mountain Bike, Black & Green in color 3. Jamis Mountain Bike, Silver & Black in color 4. Framed Minnesota Bike, Black w/ Red Rims Anyone having information connected to these thefts is asked to call Mason-Oceana 911 @ (231) 869-5858 or contact Detc. Aaron Sailor directly @ (231) 843-3425 to report that information.

At 3:09 pm today Mason-Oceana 911 received a call of swimmers in distress at Stearns Beach, near the North Breakwater. Beach Patrol members responded to the scene and assisted three minor aged swimmers and another 29 year old Berkley, MI man out of the water. The male swimmer saw the three young girls and went in to assist them. L.P.D. officers responded to the scene, along with the Ludington Fire Dept. and Life E.M.S. Officers were able to determine that three young ladies from Ludington were swimming in the area of the North Breakwater and the No Swim Area when they were swept into the Breakwater due to wind and wave conditions. The 29 year old male sustained a facial laceration. The three young ladies are 12-13 years old and reside in Ludington. All four subjects were transported to Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital by Life E.M.S. for evaluation and treatment. As a result of the wind and wave conditions the North Breakwater was closed at 3:45 pm. The closure will be evaluated throughout the weekend.

In order to facilitate the Fourth of July Parade the following "on-street parking prohibitions" will be in effect as follows: 1. No on-street parking will be allowed on South Staffon St. between Ludington Avenue and East Foster Street from 8am until 4 pm. 2. No on-street parking will be allowed on Ludington Avenue between Harrison Street & Roberts Street from noon until 4 pm. Thank-you for your understanding. Have a great Fourth of July celebration!

Fourth of July Fireworks This year’s Ludington fireworks, put on by the Jaycees, will occur Tuesday night July 4th after dark. Please see the map on the City of Ludington Facebook Page. This map illustrates the post event traffic pattern. The traffic pattern will prioritize “outbound” traffic so that the concentration can be cleared up as soon as possible. This method of clearing out the concentration of traffic has been in use for a number of years. However this year, with the water and sewer construction occurring in Ludington, drivers should be aware that South Washington Avenue between Fourth Street and Sixth Street and Sixth Street itself is closed to through traffic, so fireworks traffic at Copeyon Park will need to use eastbound First Street to leave. The Ludington Police Department encourages those that do not want to get stuck in traffic to remain in their viewing area for 20-30 minutes after the fire works display to allow the traffic to clear before heading home. Also remember that if you are going to use fireworks during this year’s celebration please remember to consider those around you. Do not aim or throw fireworks toward others. And please keep an eye on your children. The men and women of the Ludington Police Department wish you a fun and safe Fourth of July celebration!

Please join us this Saturday June 3rd. from 11am-2pm for water safety day. This will be held at the west end of Ludington Ave. near the Loomis boat launch. There will be a free lunch for children who visit along with prizes. Participants this year include the Ludington Police Department, Mason County Sheriff, Ludington Fire, Hamlin Fire,Pere Marquette Fire, U.S. Coast Guard, Life EMS, Michigan State Police, and a helecopter demo from the U.S. Coast Guard.