Big Rapids Department of Public Safety

  • Agency: Big Rapids Department of Public Safety
  • Address: 435 N Michigan Ave, Big Rapids, 49307 MI
  • Chief: Kevin Courtney (Director)
Phone: (231) 527-0005
Fax: (231) 592-5570

Big Rapids Department of Public Safety is located at 435 N Michigan Ave, Big Rapids, 49307 MI. The Director of the department is Kevin Courtney. The Big Rapids Department of Public Safety phone number is (231) 527-0005.

Big Rapids Department of Public Safety News

Due to the holiday, BRDPS lobby will be closed on Monday. Officers and Firefighters will still be on duty making sure everyone has a safe holiday!

Sharing a post from Meceola Central Dispatch: Job Posting Date of Announcement: 5/23/18 Position Opening: Emergency 911 Telecommunicator for Mecosta-Osceola Counties Position: Full Time 40 hours per week Rate of Pay: starting $15.06 per hour, plus benefit package including medical, dental, and vision insurances. Vacation and Sick pay included. Kind of Work: A 911 Telecommunicator is a technical and highly responsible career that maintains public safety communications for police, fire and EMS, while creating, storing, retrieving, and disseminating information vital to their operations. 911 is a 24/7 operation, the requirement to be able to work nights, weekends and holidays is mandatory. Qualifications & Requirements: Must be a high school graduate or GED equivalent. A minimum typing speed of 35 w.p.m. is required. Must have no felony arrests or convictions. Must be able to pass a drug screen and physical exam. Must be a citizen of the U.S. or have proof of legal right to work in the U.S. Physical Capacity Requirements: Ability to communicate and speak clearly, have normal vision and hearing or corrected for the ability to see required computer screens and hear necessary radio traffic, be able to manipulate items required for the job, and have self-mobility. Must have acceptable physical, emotional and mental fitness. Job requires the ability to sit and stand for 12 hour shifts. Must have the ability to monitor multiple computer screens and operate multiple computer programs at once, as well as answer telephones during emergency and non-emergency situations, as well as monitor and transmit on radio systems. *reasonable accommodations will be provided, if necessary, for individuals with disabilities who can perform the essential job functions; further delineation of these minimum requirements is available upon request. Environmental Conditions: Inside, office type setting, with numerous phones, radios, and equipment often causing distractions. Ability to work in a chaotic and busy team atmosphere is necessary. Application Process: Contact Meceola Consolidated Central Dispatch by mail, email, or in person for an application. Resume’s may be included with the returned application but will not be accepted instead of an application. Meceola Consolidated Central Dispatch Center 20701 Northland Dr. Paris, MI 49338 231-796-5765 After closing of the application process, acceptable applicants will be notified of the time and place of the examination and interview. Applications will be accepted until June 22, 2018 See us on Facebook: Meceola Consolidated Central Dispatch Authority

Director Jim Eddinger introduces Officer Kasey Metcalf, our newest addition to BRDPS.

Director Jim Eddinger presenting Officer Eric Winsor with a Meritorious Service Award for his outstanding efforts in combating drunk/drugged driving.

Thank you to Dottie’s daycare for putting these treat bags together for our police officers, and acknowledging National Police Week!

Now that the weather is nice, and more activities are occurring we are seeing more pedestrians: Michigan law isn’t particularly kind to roadway users who are not enveloped in thousands of pounds of steel and glass. Most Michigan pedestrians — believe that drivers must stop or yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk, that is not exactly what state law says. The Michigan Uniform Traffic Code, instead, requires drivers to yield to pedestrians when they are on the same side of the street and when the person walking is lawfully in the crosswalk. Both distinctions are important. A motorist isn’t expected to yield to a pedestrian elsewhere in a crosswalk or street. And a motorist isn’t required to yield to a pedestrian not crossing legally — such as if he is ignoring a walk-don’t walk signal or if he can be deemed to be interfering with traffic. Of course, yielding to pedestrians is always the right thing to do.

Please share!!!! The Gus Macker 3 on 3 tournament is coming to The City of Big Rapids on May 18-20, 2018. The event already has 133 teams registered. Beginning on the evening of Friday, May 18, N Michigan Ave will be closed to traffic from Maple St. to Hemlock St and will not reopen until the completion of the tournament on Sunday, May 20th. Please plan your travel accordingly. Additionally, parking will be available in city lots and we ask you abide by all temporary parking restrictions. 🏀🏀🏀

If this looks familiar, then Happy Mother's Day on Sunday! 😆🌺🌷

Due to Ferris graduation tomorrow, Big Rapids Department of Public Safety will not be testing the tornado siren. Normal tests will resume in June. Congratulations to all the Ferris graduates!

Brown indicates open debris burning is not permitted anywhere within the county. Please go to to check conditions daily! Please no burning! Several fire departments in the area have been busy with grass fires. Conditions are dry!

Let the spring cleaning begin! Get rid of those old prescription drugs. BRDPS will be participating in the National DEA National drug take back. On Saturday, April 28 from 10 a.m -2 p.m. in our lobby at 435 N. Michigan Ave.

UPDATE ON MISSING FEMALE: Crystal Hawn has been located. BRDPS wants to thank everyone for all your tips and how many times our original post has been shared.

Male beagles located area of Jefferson and 2nd Ave inside the city. The dog was taken to the shelter. It had a choke type collar on but no tags.

Little weather humor. Looks like a nice weekend.

NEWS RELEASE Nature of Incident: Missing Person Complaint # 18-1178 Big Rapids Department of Public Safety is currently investigating a Missing Person complaint. Subject is a 27-year-old white female, she is 5’ 2 150 lbs. and has brown hair and brown eyes. Crystal Louise Hawn. Last seen in the Big Rapids area April 7, 2018. If you have seen her or have information to her whereabouts please contact Big Rapids Department of Public Safety 231-527-0005 or Meceola Central Dispatch at 231-796-4811.

From snow shovels to flip flops! Forecast is looking better. Lets hope we are done with the snow and cold. Bring on spring!

We are almost through this storm! Road conditions are less than desirable, watch for school closings and continue to stay off the roads unless you have to go out. If you do go out take your time and drive safe.

As expected the road conditions are deteriorating quickly! If you don’t need to be on the roads stay home!

The news keeps getting better...(enter sarcasm here!) This is the latest update that we received from the National Weather Service. DO NOT TAKE THIS STORM LIGHTLY. Now is the time to prepare to be without power or emergency response access to your home for an extended period of time. PREPARE FOR THE WORST, HOPE FOR THE BEST. MAKE SURE TO WATCH ALL WEATHER FORECASTS FROM THIS POINT FORWARD TO STAY INFORMED.

It is with great sadness that we have to post this forecast for the weekend. Until then enjoy the sunshine today!!! •Power outages possible with significant ice accumulations •Heavy snow amounts & blowing snow, dangerous travel •Some flooding of roads and rivers possible Be prepared for severe conditions.

At some point the weather is going to get nicer.... So we thought we would share the ordinance for burning and open fires within the City. Permits are obtained through the Fire Department 231-527-0024. § 96.13 OPEN FIRES. (A) Scope. The provisions set forth in this section are general regulations for the prevention of fire. The regulations are to be applied to all properties in the City. (B) Permits required. A person shall not kindle or maintain any open fire or authorize any such fire to be kindled or maintained on any premises without having obtained a permit or other authorization from the Department of Public Safety. All permits shall be requested by and issued to the owner of the land upon which the fire is to be kindled. No person shall burn leaves, weeds, grass, rubbish, brush, or debris in any place or in any quantity or in any manner so as to endanger surrounding property. No person shall kindle any fire in or upon any paved street or paved public way. (C) Location restricted. (1) A person shall not kindle or maintain any fire or authorize any fire to be kindled or maintained unless: (a) The location is at least 25 feet away from any structure, and adequate precautions are taken to prevent the fire from spreading to any structure; and (b) The fire is contained in a secure burner with a screen of no larger than ¼” mesh located at least 25 feet from any structure (2) The Department of Public Safety may inspect and disapprove any proposed location or container as unsafe. (D) Bonfire material. Bonfires shall be limited to ceremonial occasions of recognized community organizations. Fuel for open bonfires shall consist of seasoned dry wood and a small quantity of paper to ignite the fire. Bonfires shall not contain rubbish, garbage, trash, rubber, plastic, leather, petroleum based materials, flammable liquids, combustible liquids, or any other materials that produce noxious fumes or odors when burned. The quantity of wood to be burned may be limited or restricted by the Department of Public Safety based upon the fire safety requirements of the situation, including the size and duration of the fire. No bonfire shall be kindled, maintained or allowed to burn between the hours of 11:00 p.m. local time and 7:00 a.m. local time. It will be the responsibility of the person obtaining the permit to comply with this division. (E) Attending fires. All open fires shall be attended constantly by a competent person until such fire is extinguished. Fire extinguishing equipment shall be readily available. (F) Prohibited burning. The Department of Public Safety may prohibit all burning in the City which is deemed offensive, hazardous, or objectionable due to smoke, ash, or odor emissions. The Department of Public Safety may ban all burning in the City due to atmospheric conditions or local circumstances tending to increase the hazards associated with fires. (G) No burn area. There shall be no burning of any type in the area one-half block west of State Street to one-half block east of Warren Avenue from Linden Street, north to the river, as depicted on the map attached to Ord. 341-9-93, passed 10-4-93. (H) Burning of brush and leaves. The burning of leaves is prohibited. Brush, trees, and logs may be burned only with a permit and in a location as specified in division (C) of this section. (I) Barbecues permitted. This section does not prohibit the use of open fires in stationary or portable enclosures designed and used for the purpose of food preparation nor does it require the obtaining of a permit for such fires. (J) Penalty. Any person convicted under the provisions of this section shall be subject to a maximum penalty of 90 days in jail or an equal amount of time of community service, or any combination thereof not exceeding 90, plus $100 fine, plus costs of prosecution, plus mandatory restitution to victims. ('88 Code, Title IX, Ch. 113, § 9.183) (Am. Ord. 341-9-93, passed 10-4-93; Am. Ord. 360-6-94, passed 6-20-94; Am. Ord. 562-01-06, passed 1-3-06) § 96.22 THROWING HOT OR BURNING SUBSTANCES. It shall be unlawful for any person to throw hot or burning substances, or objects such as cigars, cigarettes, papers, matches, and ashes, from any window or door of any building, or from any moving vehicle. ('88 Code, Title IX, Ch. 113, § 9.194) Penalty, see § 96.99 § 96.99 PENALTY. Any person who violates any fire prevention regulation in Title IX, Chapter 96, for which no other penalty is set forth, shall be responsible for a municipal civil infraction and shall be penalized as provided in § 10.97. (See § 96.27(G)). (Ord. 341-9-93, passed 10-4-93; Am. Ord. 427-10-97, passed 10-6-97)

Yesterday a set of keys were turned in, they were located at a residence near Hemlock Park. They are not car keys, if you are missing a set please call 231-527-0005 with a description to claim them.