Norton Shores Police Department

  • Agency: Norton Shores Police Department
  • Address: 4814 Henry St, Norton Shores, 49441 MI
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)

Norton Shores Police Department is located at 4814 Henry St, Norton Shores, 49441 MI. The Norton Shores Police Department phone number is 231-733-2691.

Norton Shores Police Department News

A safe Halloween is a happy Halloween! For more safety tips, check out:

As we continue our celebration of the Norton Shores 50th Anniversary, we turn to Ofc. Bob Kreuter. Ofc. Kreuter served as a part time officer for NSPD over a 20 year period. He was also a volunteer fireman, in addition to his career as an electrician. Bob truly enjoyed serving his community. One of his funniest memories occurred off duty. After finishing breakfast at Kordecki’s Kitchen, he was pulled over by his fellow NSPD officers after being mistaken for a getaway driver from a robbery that occurred nearby. After quickly realizing their mistake, they went on to look for the real robber. Outside of work, Ofc. Kreuter enjoyed riding motorcycles with other officers, going on family camping trips, and fishing on Lake Michigan with Chief Curtis. Having passed away in 2011, the Norton Shores Police Department mourns his loss and expresses its sincerest gratitude to his loved ones for his service and commitment to the citizens of Norton Shores.

Impaired Driving Awareness Campaign: In Michigan, impaired driving represented 45.7% of all traffic fatalities in 2017 (UMTRI). If you are impaired by any substance you shouldn't drive. "If you feel different, you drive different" (NHTSA)

Impaired Driving Awareness Campaign: MYTH: Coffee and/or cold shower speeds up the process of becoming sober. FACT: Only time can help sober you up. If you plan on enjoying fall activities like tailgating and football games, plan for a sober driver to get you home safely. #drivesober

In addition to ongoing impaired driving awareness, the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning (MIOHSP) is also reaching out to parents about teen driving this week. Please speak with your teen today about the dangers they face on the road! #justdrive

2018 October Impaired Driving Enforcement Campaign: The month of October is an especially deadly time for alcohol and drug related crashes. Between 2011 and 2016, the number of alcohol-involved fatal crashes in Michigan was the third highest in October, with 151 total. Only the months of August (167) and July (159) saw a higher number of fatal crashes (MSP-CJIC).

The impaired driving enforcement campaign runs from Oct. 18 through Nov. 4. Remember: It is never okay to drive while impaired. #driversober

Upcoming Opiate Crisis Summit. A free gathering where you can learn about this costly epidemic and how you can help end it.

As we continue our 50th anniversary celebration for the city of Norton Shores, let us honor Lt. David Burlingame. Lt. Burlingame began his career in the 1974 and rose to the rank of Lieutenant before retiring in 2000. He is most proud of how his fellow officers and staff worked together to make a positive difference in people’s lives. One particular challenge that formed a special memory was how the department worked diligently from 1988 through 1993 to become accredited with the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. Still certified through CALEA to this day, the Norton Shores Police Department is committed to professional standards that keep improvement and excellence the norm. Lt. Burlingame also enjoyed playing practical jokes with his fellow officers. After departing NSPD, he went on to teach at GVSU for 15 years. Now in retirement, he enjoys fishing year round and continues to live in our area. The Norton Shores community appreciates Lt. Burlingame’s service and commitment to excellence!

Registration for our next RAD women’s self defense class is now open! Reserve your seat a.s.a.p. as spots fill up quickly. See the photo for details.

Chief Gale and Muskegon Department of Public Safety Chief Lewis are excited to support their schools in the Mona Shores vs Muskegon football game tomorrow night with a friendly bet. The losing Chief will have to wear the opposing team’s jersey for a full work day. Go Shores!!!

NSPD and NSFD were proud to participate in today's International Walk to School Day in conjunction with Safe Kids West Michigan! Students from Lincoln Park School walked to school with Police Officers and Firefighters to learn about safety and promote exercise. Around 100 students joined the fun. Thanks to everyone involved!

The Norton Shores Police Department would like to thank Unity Reformed Church for hosting and everyone who participated in last weeks “Emergency Concerns for Places of Worship” seminar. Over 40 participants representing 22 churches came together to learn how to keep their congregations safe! Presentations were given by NSPD Officers, Muskegon County Prosecutor DJ Hilson, and Rhonda Colbert of the Muskegon Community Emergency Response Team.

To start this month’s celebration of our city’s 50th Anniversary, we turn to retired Det./Sgt. Jim Campbell He started his law enforcement career in 1974 at Roosevelt Park PD. After moving to Norton Shores PD in 1985, Jim would eventually retire in 2012. Det./Sgt. Campbell wore many hats in the department and they included; Commander of the Dive Team, Accreditation Manager, training and scheduling manager, LEIN Tech, hunters safety instructor, and he eventually ended his career as the head of the Detective Bureau. Det./Sgt. Campbell served in law enforcement to fulfill his desire to help people. In retirement, he enjoys his cabin in the U.P. and wintering in Texas. Jim also enjoys fishing, hunting and spending time with his wife Candy and five grand boys. Thank you Jim for your many years of service to this great community!

The Norton Shores Police Department was proud to participate in this fall’s Lake Harbor Park Clean Up and is grateful for Schneider Risk Management & Blue Horizons Wellness for their sponsorship! Through a coordinated group effort this past weekend, the following was removed: Cigarette Butts = 276 Plastic Pieces = 299 Foam pieces = 70 Other Foam Pkg. = 11 Food Wrappers = 55 Glass Pieces = 31 Plastic Bottle Caps = 56 Straws / Stirrers = 23 Plastic Lids = 6 Total Pieces of Trash = 930 Thanks again to all of those involved for keeping our park clean!

Reminder: Emergency Concerns for Places of Worship Training is tonight! Feel free to attend even if you are not registered.