Oakland University Police

  • Agency: Oakland University Police
  • Address: 201 Meadow Brook Road, Rochester, 48309-4451 MI
  • Chief:
Phone: 248-370-3331
Fax: 248-370-3341

Oakland University Police is located at 201 Meadow Brook Road, Rochester, 48309-4451 MI. The Oakland University Police phone number is 248-370-3331.

Oakland University Police News

Please join us in welcoming our newest Officer who was sworn in by President Pescovitz this week. Officer Collier joins us after 21 years of experience with the Detroit Police Department.

‪Candy donations are rolling in for the Oakland University Athletics Trick or Treating event for the Children’s Leukemia Foundation. Please keep the candy and decorations coming! 🍭 🍬 Donations can be turned into the PD 24/7. Thanks to everyone who has already contributed. ‬

‪OUPD administration is lucky to have the opportunity to hear Lisa Hamp, a Virginia Tech survivor give us her perspective on safety preparedness. Thank you Lisa for your insight!‬

O.U. Alert: This is a TEST of O.U.'s emergency notification system. In an actual emergency, you would be provided additional details as they become available.

‪With Halloween right around the corner this is not as strange to find in one of our parking lots right?? 🤔‬

Called OUt: Don’t give a criminal a golden opportunity to take what is not theirs. Do not leave valuables unattended, even for a short period of time. These items were spotted in places around campus over the last few days with no owners in sight.

Oakland University Athletics is welcoming the Childrens Leukemia Foundation for a Halloween event on October 26th. Please consider donating candy and decorations for this event. You may drop the items off to the police department and we will be sure to get them to Athletics.

Did you know that OU Veteran Support Services offers support to over 350 veterans, service members and their dependents on campus? We were honored to help them with a fundraiser food drive the other day. Shout out to all of our veterans! https://oakland.edu/veterans/

Registration is still open for OUPD's RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) Class which begins tonight at 7PM in the glassed in area of VBH cafeteria. Bring your friends, classmates, coworkers, roommates and learn some really empowering techniques. Register here: https://oupolice.com/events/

O.U. Alert: The OUPD received an anonymous report of a sexual assault on campus. Details at oupolice.com.

‪Brooksie Way roll call briefing. The race is getting ready to begin. ‬

Just a reminder the 11th annual Brooksie Way run 🏃 🏃🏼‍♀️ starts tomorrow morning from Adams and Walton. Please plan ahead for your travels between 8am and Noon. Thank you

‪The following lots have open and available parking spaces as of 11 AM P1, P11, P26, P29, P31, P32, P35, P37, P38, P39‬

‪As of 11:00 A.M. the following lots have open parking spaces. P11, P29, P31, P35, P37‬

The following lots have open parking as of 11AM P3, P16, P29, P31, P32, P36, P37, P39

‪We received our first parking lot note of the season 👍🏻😀We know they are your favorite so here you go!‬

11AM Available parking in the following lots; P1, P11, P16, P29, P31, P35, P37

‪As of 1PM the following lots have available parking in them P11, P29, P31, P35, P37‬

Do you remember what you were doing on September 11, 2001? Most will never forget. Today we remember the families who lost loved ones on this day, 17 years ago and the first responders who were hero's and worked tirelessly to help those they could on that awful day. #GodBlessAmerica #NeverForget #September11th

Have you heard about our R.A.D classes? This is a national program that teaches self-defense tactics for women. All courses are taught by nationally certified RAD Instructors & OUPD is proud to offer this class which is starting tomorrow. Sign up here: https://oupolice.com/events/

***UPDATE: As of 3:00 PM ALL parking lots EXCEPT P2, P5, P16, P17,P34 and P43 have available parking spots. The following lots have open parking spaces in them as of 11:15 AM. P1, P3, P11, P29, P31, P35, P37

RED ZONE: a period between Labor Day and Thanksgiving during which college freshmen are most vulnerable to sexual assault. https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/college-game-plan/amp/what-you-need-know-about-red-zone-when-campus-sexual-n649686

Join us at the Pig Roast 🐷 🐖 🐽 The fun goes on until 10PM near Bear Lake

‪Spotted a great joke in Hillcrest today 👍🏻👮🏻‍♀️‬