Rose City Police Department

  • Agency: Rose City Police Department
  • Address: 310 N Williams St, Rose City, 48654 MI
  • Chief: Max Garnett (Chief of Police)
Phone: 989-685-3051
Fax: 989-685-3730

Rose City Police Department is located at 310 N Williams St, Rose City, 48654 MI. The Chief of Police of the department is Max Garnett. The Rose City Police Department phone number is 989-685-3051.

Rose City Police Department News I wish people would think before they pick those phones up. Stepping up enforcement this summer on this and tinted glass.

Looking for Angela Harwood. Please contact this department.

If you think you have had items stolen that we might have recovered please from Heath road. Please contact Ogemaw County Sheriff Department.

Had a call today someone was looking for MARVIN LONG that used to have the bow string shop in Rose City. Last knew he moved someplace in Florida.

Starting from June 30th to July 4th a total of 17 texting while driving citations were issued. It is hard to understand why people can not live without texting while driving. Maybe instead of just issuing a texting while driving we should write them for CARELESS DRIVING. No points verus points. 3 points for Careless. Your thoughts.

Well sorry we are late on putting things on this page. Today July 4th Rose City parade will be at 4pm. The streets will shut down at 3:50 pm . This to allow traffic to get to one end of town to the other. Follow detour signs on Houghton Creek to Campbell north on Campbell to Heath, Left on Heath to M-33. Have a save a Happy Fourth.

Trick or Treat hours are 5:30pm till 7:30pm. Also W. Main from will be shut down from M-33 to Clyde Street. Have a great time and be safe. Stop in and get your glow stick at the department.

There is going to be a benefit for one of our reserve police officers DENNIS DOMBROWSKI. IT IS THIS SUNDAY JULY 10TH. The event is going take place at Trappers Sports Bar and Grill. It is going to be a Spaghetti Dinner from 2p-6p. Dennis has stage 4 cancer he has already lost a kidney from it and has other spots also. Please come out and join us and have some good food. Hope to see you Sunday. Again it is JULY 10TH FROM 2P-6P. Either contact this office or the Rose City Area Fire Department. Thanks.

A lot of traffic this weekend in Northern Michigan. Some people can not even see the reduce speed ahead signs. Or they say there was none back there. Have a safe drive home and come back when you can.,104097

Cheryl Green will contact this office when you can. Thanks

The Rose City Police Department would like to say THANK YOU for helping us ID the two people. They did not commit a crime just wanted them ID. Again thanks for all the help and to Social Media. Again no crime happened just concern people protecting themselves and there place of employment. THANK YOU. Look who has a gun!!!!