Gaylord Police Department

  • Agency: Gaylord Police Department
  • Address: 305 E. Main Street, Gaylord, 49735 MI
  • Chief: Joseph C Fitzgerald (Chief of Police)
Phone: 989-732-1777

Gaylord Police Department is located at 305 E. Main Street, Gaylord, 49735 MI. The Chief of Police of the department is Joseph C Fitzgerald. The Gaylord Police Department phone number is 989-732-1777.

Gaylord Police Department News

We apologize at times the video we have collected may not be the best quality. We are hoping someone may recognize the mannerisms or clothing the person is wearing in the video. On average we investigate over 300 theft complaints each year. These include stolen vehicles, shoplifters, items stolen from houses and vehicles, and items stolen from businesses. Some of our businesses are able to provide video of suspects or witnesses that may have information helpful to the investigation. We appreciate the help from our citizens in identifying subjects in the videos! We would like to remind everyone although we live in a great community there are still people out there looking to take advantage of you. Please remember to lock your vehicles and houses to help prevent thefts from occurring. Placing valuables out of sight, and keeping an eye out for your neighbors also helps keep criminals away. Thank you again to all the citizens who monitor this site and help make Gaylord a great community to live in!