Caro Police Department

  • Agency: Caro Police Department
  • Address: 150 Montague Ave, Caro, 48723 MI
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: 989-673-2402

Caro Police Department is located at 150 Montague Ave, Caro, 48723 MI. The Caro Police Department phone number is 989-673-2402.

Caro Police Department News

A reminder to everyone that State street will be closed from Frank to Quinn on Saturday for the Pumpkin Festival car show 7a-5p. Also, Caro PD will be shutting State street down on Sunday for the pumpkin parade at 1230P until approximately 4pm.

Officers are investigating a burglary at the Asthma Allergy and Sinus Center at 634 North State Street. The burglary occurred on Saturday, 08/18/18 between 1pm -3:30pm Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the department through this page.

Good afternoon, We have received several calls today from Caro residents. Residents are receiving calls from the "IRS" or other government authorities demanding money. The callers will typically demand payment in the form of Itunes or other prepaid cards. As a reminder, if you receive a call demanding payment in the form of a prepaid card, it is probably a scam.

The owner of the small brown dog posted below was located tonight. Thank you all for your help!

Good Evening, This friendly little pup was found in the area of State St and Hooper St. Please call the Police Department at 989-673-2402 or Central Dispatch at 989-673-8738 Ext 1 if anyone knows the owner. Thank you! ***UPDATE*** I took the dog out to the Tuscola County Animal Shelter tonight and is no longer being held at our office. Thank you all for sharing this post, but no owner located yet! ***Final Update*** The owner called tonight and said she will be picking her up tonight. Thank you for everyones help!

The suspects from our last post have been identified. Thank you to everyone who contacted us.

Newsletter for June 2018 The Caro Police department continues to be busy responding to the community. School is out and we want to remind everyone to stay safe in their summer travels. We just assisted the Akron-Fairgrove Police with a family notification of a fatal car crash. These are extremely emotional and difficult circumstances for the surviving family members as well as the police officers that are placed in the difficult position of having to notify family. This particular crash was caused by a driver running a stop sign. The victim in this case was not at fault. The frustrating part is just that…Not at fault, but still taken from loved ones and family. The driver that caused the crash will have to live with his actions. I want to appeal to everyone to stay alert when driving. Blind intersections can be especially hazardous, and in this case was a contributing factor to the crash. Even though you may have the right of way, if you can’t see if another car is approaching the intersection, please slow down in case the vehicle that’s supposed to stop, doesn’t. Please don’t assume that the other driver is going to drive safely. In my 40 years of police work and specifically being an accident investigator, I can tell you that most of Tuscola County fatal crashes occur from failing to stop at stop signs. This all reminds me of a campaign that the Michigan Officer of Highway and Safety Planning used to run years ago. The message was about defensive driving. The slogan was “he was right….dead right”. On a bright note, I want to recognize the dispatchers, police officers, MMR response for a save that occurred last week. The Caro Police department responded to a report of a single vehicle traffic crash on Van Giesen west of M-81. A man had suffered cardiac arrest and had crashed. Tuscola County Deputies Sgt. Mike Matlin, with his college intern Ryan Hull, Deputy Coleman, Officer Brian Ducolon from Caro PD all took turns performing CPR on the man who was saved by their actions and is recovering at Bay McClaren hospital. Dispatchers Stacie Gilberg and Brandon Bertram assisted from their end. A collective effort turned from tragedy to success by the first responder’s actions. A special tribute to all involved and thank you. Chief Brian Newcomb

Once again, the subjects in the last post have been identified. Thank you to everyone who shared our post and provided information.

The subjects in the last post have been identified. Thank you to everyone who shared our post and provided information.

This female husky was found in the City of Caro this evening, 5/10/2018. She was wearing a collar but has no tags. She was found on Allen St and Hooper St. If anyone know’s whose pup this might be, please contact either the Caro Police Department at 989-673-2402 or Tuscola County Central Dispatch at 989-673-8738 ext 1. The pup will be at the Tuscola County Animal Shelter. Their number is 989-672-3863. Thank You. **UPDATE** Owner was found and she was returned home. Thank you to all that shared the post and called!

Strong winds with gusts up to 55 mph are expected this afternoon. Sustained wind of 35 mph is occurring. Travel is not recommended until late this evening. There are downed electrical wires everywhere in the county. Additionally there are downed trees in many places and some are blocking roadways. If you must travel, use caution. Police, Fire, Medical, Road Commission, local DPW are responding as quickly as they can as there are multiple calls. Again, please stay home if you can.

As of 10:45 am Saturday, there is freezing rain with sleet falling in the caro area. The sidewalks in the city of caro are becoming ice covered and very slippery. Caro DPW will begin salting roadways shortly and plan on continuing throughout the storm. DO NOT TRAVEL UNLESS IT IS AN EMERGENCY. The national weather service has stated that travel in our area will become very hazardous then almost impossible. That is the wording in their winter storm warning. I have been advised that some communities have lost power. Along with the freezing rain and sleet, wind gusts are expected near 50 mph. Please heed the warnings and stay home and safe. Thank you.

Traffic Construction alert for Caro. Starting April 30, 2018 through June 30, 2018, the bridge over the railroad tracks on Luder Road will be closed for extensive maintenance. Local residents will be able to access their homes on Luder by traveling south from Deckerville road. No northbound traffic will be allowed over the bridge. The designated detour route will be North Colling Road.

Here is a copy of my article I submitted to the City of Caro newsletter. I hope everyone has a safe and happy Spring. April 2018 Newsletter Spring is around the corner and we look forward to warmer weather and outdoor activities. Caro Police want everyone to keep in mind to be aware of walkers, bicyclists and motorcycles. Enjoy the nice weather in safety. Speaking of safety, unfortunately we recently responded to back to back reports of students at Caro middle school and High school making threats to use gun violence within the schools. The incidents involved a 14 year old boy and a 15 year old girl. It is speculation as to whether or not the students planned to carry out the threats. The threat alone is a 20 year felony. In both cases, the threats were heard and reported, which is very important. Those that heard the conversations were concerned enough to report it, which enabled authorities to act swiftly and decisively to prevent any violence. The topic of gun violence in America is a politically and emotionally charged issue. There is wisdom in remembering that all persons have a right to their opinion. Getting angry because another person has a differing opinion from yours is a negative process and does not lead to any solution. Caro Schools was one of many institutions nationwide that planned and participated in the National walk out to support the victims of the Parkland school victims. Caro Police were tasked with providing security for the walkout. We did so without incident. As the Caro Police Chief, I was very impressed with the planning and content of the walkout. The students, teachers and staff were respectful and peaceful. The presentation was not confrontational and accomplished what was intended. To honor those 17 students that lost their lives in Florida by merely attending class to learn. The walkout brings attention and discussion to the problem we all face with gun violence. I was asked to speak to the student body at the Caro High School and Middle schools just prior to the walkout. The discussion centered around the threats reports from the previous week. Without getting into a debate, I presented was facts we had, what was done and what the future holds for the two involved students. I attempted to answer the concerns of the students. I acknowledged the national debate about cause and effect of gun violence. I firmly believe this: That if we all woke up tomorrow and followed the golden rule of “treat others as you would like to be treated”, it would be a different world. It is also a fact that mental health is a contributing factor in every gun violence incident. I asked the students if they could bring themselves to watch out for each other by taking notice of the students who are considered “different” in dress, speech, looks, economics, home environment etc. If you see them sitting alone, day after day at the lunch table, walk up and say “Hi”. Introduce yourself, show the kindness and consideration we all crave. Show them that someone cares about them. If every student sat down with those disenfranchised students, one a day for the entire school year, it could make a difference in both of your outlooks on life. Anger is dissipated when you know someone cares and listens to you. A lesson we could all stand to keep in mind….. Chief Brian Newcomb, Caro PD

Officers Ducolon and Jobes were among the first responders that came out for "Shop with a Hero" at Walmart last night. Officer Strasz organized the event again this year.

Around 8pm on 11/09/2017 a citizen reported a stray dog in the area of Sheridan and Bush. Officer Ducolon was able to locate the dog and brought it back to the station. The dog is not wearing a collar. The dog will be going to the Tuscola County Animal Control Shelter in the morning. If this is your dog, please contact Officer Ducolon at 989-529-6462.

UPDATE: Rocco made bail and is on his way home! Thank you for all the likes and shares. This dog was located in the 200 block of Quinn St in Caro. He is wearing a chain type collar with no tags. If this is your dog, please contact Officer Ducolon at . The dog will be going to the Tuscola County Animal Control shelter in the morning.

**Leo is on his way back home. Thank you to everyone that helped locate the owner** Around 12:30 pm officers located this dog in the Sugar Tree MHC in Caro. He is wearing a red collar with no tags. If this is your dog, please contact Officer Fowler

Caro Police at the Methodist Church "Trunk or Treat" event....Officers Gaiser and Fowler. Hope everyone had a happy halloween!

For Immediate Release Tuscola County Central Dispatch Enhances 9-1-1 Services With Smart911 Public Safety Officials Encourage Residents to Sign Up For the Free Service That Provides Emergency Responders With More Information to Save Time and Save Lives Tuscola County. March 15, 2016 – Public safety officials in Tuscola County announced today that Smart911 is now available to all citizens. Smart911 is a free service that allows citizens to create a Safety Profile for their household that can include any information they may want 9-1-1 call takers and first responders to have in the event of an emergency, then if they need to dial 9-1-1 their Safety Profile will immediately display on the call taker’s screen saving critical seconds and even minutes in response to the emergency. “Smart911 is a great step forward in emergency response.” said Undersheriff Glen Skrent. “When you dial 9-1-1, you are not having your best day, and even the simplest of details can be difficult to communicate in a time of panic. Now we can approach the scene of an emergency more safely, as well as provide faster and more precise response.” Smart911 allows citizens to create a Safety Profile at for their household that includes any information they want 9-1-1 and response teams to have in the event of an emergency. When a citizen makes an emergency call, their Safety Profile is automatically displayed to the 9-1-1 call taker, allowing them to send the right response teams to the right location with the right information. Responders can be aware of many details they would not have known previously, and now fire crews can arrive at a house fire knowing how many people live in the home and the location of bedrooms, EMS can be advised of allergies or specific medical conditions and police can have the photo of a missing child in seconds rather than minutes or hours. “Having the information that is available through a Safety Profile can greatly affect the way we respond to an emergency,” said Akron Fire Chief Marv Hasso, “If we know exactly where we are going and who we are looking for in a house fire or at the scene of a vehicle accident, those details can help us assess and then respond to those citizens more efficiently.” With Smart911, citizens can link both home and work addresses to mobile phones, which can be passed on to responders in the field for more a detailed, rapid response. Additional information including pets in the home, vehicle details in the event of an accident, and even emergency contacts can all be included in a Safety Profile. All information is optional and the citizen has the ability to choose what details they would like to include. “The benefits of this information on a 9-1-1 call from a cell phone are immeasurable”, said 911 Director Sandra Nielsen. “Smart911 is also a national service, so your profile will travel with you, to any other location in Louisiana or in the US that supports Smart911.” Smart911 is currently available in 40 states and more than 1,500 municipalities across the country, and has been credited with positively impacting emergency outcomes including a missing child in which the girls photo and physical description were immediately available to 9-1-1 and responders, as well as a heart attack victim where an address and medical notes allowed responders to be dispatched to his location quickly. Citizens are encouraged to create their Safety Profile with Smart911 today to have their information immediately available to 9-1-1. Smart911 is private and secure, is only used for emergency responses, and only made available to the 9-1-1 system in the event of an emergency call. Contact: Sandra Nielsen, Director Tuscola County Central Dispatch 989-673-8738 x2

Caro cars and craft weekend public safety event.

While the Caro police are grateful for any information that will help in locating suspects on our postings, we do not want nor encourage other comments that are not helpful such as using our page to argue or make negative comments between parties. If those type of comments are made, the posting parties will be banned from this page. Chief Newcomb

Andrew Campbell donated stuffed animals for the Caro Police to use for child victims as part of his community service project. Andrew expressed to Officer Mitin that he hoped it would make other children happy.