Allen Park Police Department

  • Agency: Allen Park Police Department
  • Address: 16630 Southfield Rd, Suite 3100, Allen Park, 48101 MI
  • Chief: Dean Tamsen (Chief of Police)

Allen Park Police Department is located at 16630 Southfield Rd, Suite 3100, Allen Park, 48101 MI. The Chief of Police of the department is Dean Tamsen. The Allen Park Police Department phone number is 313-386-7800.

Allen Park Police Department News

OK AP. This happens every year. You can do this. Experience is your friend. Roads may become slick tonight, tomorrow morning etc. We don't freak out. :) #zeroaccidents #summerisfaraway

Allen Park Elks Lodge 2194, honored First Responders of the year this past Saturday. Sgt Wayne Albright and Detective Jim Thorburn were chosen from APPD. They were given the award for their work with the community in 2017. Thank you Elks for the awesome dinner and recognition. #onecommunity


Tales from the front row has arrived. Today's ride takes us to the T-Mobile store. They had 3 males enter the store. Instead of waiting for a salesperson. They instead began to rip the demo phones from the displays. 8 phones in total. They then exited the store without offering payment. Hint-Do not "shop" in this manner. An individual was at a local gym and left his cell phone on a bench when changing clothes. He went back later and found that the phone was no longer on the bench or anywhere else. Ugh We were called to a fight in progress. We arrived and found that alcohol consumption caused a fight about not buying makeup which turned into a knife being pulled. Well, that act will get you a bed at the B&B. We took 6 accident reports. A local restaurant failed to secure a door. The building was checked and the door secured. How do you leave a door open?!?!?!? We were called to a B&E in progress. What we found was a newly minted EX returning property and taking their property back. However, you cant take extra stuff. Overall , kinda quiet. Happy Monday AP

Our first Blinker Fluid class was fun. We had a great time and look forward to doing this again. Thanks Syma Chowdhry WXYZ for stopping by. Thanks AP for coming out.

OK Sugarr Donuts, you have won our hearts. Thank you. #happycops

Looking for something to do today at 100. Come on down to the PD and spend time with us while we do our Blinker fluid class. We are more fun then a Lions game :)

Thank you to all that have served.

AP, let's welcome Anthony Carioti. He begins his law enforcement career on Monday. So you know what this means? :) This Thursday we will go FB live for his Taser exposure. 5 seconds of learning. Looking to let you share this experience. So, this Thursday around 2 PM is the plan.

Remember , tomorrow at 1pm. We will have our Blinker fluid class. We will cover topics that you asked for as well as stuff that we find important. We will let you use the laser to see how we check speeds. Our K9 will also be there to show vehicle searches. We will also run folks through a traffic stop with zero chance of getting a ticket. :)

AP. FYI. APHS will be doing a 21 gun salute today at 1:30 and 2:30 in honor of Veterans day. When you hear gunshots in that area, do not worry.

Snow Emer....... Naaa. But welcome back our old friend 🌨.

To clear up some confusion. Our upcoming driver class this Sunday, is not only for teen drivers. Any and all are welcome. If you have or are a driver in your twenties , we really think you should visit us this Sunday at 1:00 PM. If you want to sign up. send us a message here.

Hey, our roads have no feces on em this morning. That's a plus. :) Drive safe and be kind to one another.

Cub Scout Troop 1052 stopped by this evening. Officer Vitale gave em the full experience :).

Take note. NB 39, Near I94. Only 1 lane open. Why? Well the lanes are covered in raw sewage. Hazmat is on the way. We aren't sure who lost said sewage. Allow extra time and keep those windows closed when rolling on by the area. Ugh

Come on AP.

Sorry APFD. Could not resist :)

The Driver awareness/Blinker Fluid Class signup sheet is at our front desk. Class is Sunday Nov 11 @ 1:00 pm .


Here is a great example of why we are having Blinker Fluid-Driver awareness classes. This kinda stuff, ugh.

No one was in injured in this case. The ramp from EB 94 to NB Southfield will be closed till we can clear this.

OK, we gain an extra hour tonight. This extra hour should not be used for evil, aka stuff that gets you arrested. If you use that extra time to drink. Make sure you don't drive. Our rates triple for B&B stays on the time change. :)

NOV 11TH @ 1:00 We will have our first Blinker fluid/ new driver classes. The class will be in our parking lot. We have 22 spots open for this first class. We will have a sign up sheet at our front desk this Monday afternoon. So yes, you will need to show up to sign up. :) The class wiil consist of a PowerPoint presentation. Then we will move to the parking lot for lights and siren training. :) A traffic stop with zero risk of getting a ticket. We will cover a huge range of topics. Parents etc you are invited to attend with your driver. We just ask you let us know when you sign up, how many folks will be with ya. This class will include mandatory laughter and fun with learning mixed in.