River Rouge Police Department

  • Agency: River Rouge Police Department
  • Address: 10600 W Jefferson Ave, River Rouge, 48218 MI
  • Chief: Jeffrey Harris (Chief of Police)
Phone: 313-842-8700
Fax: 313-842-1050

River Rouge Police Department is located at 10600 W Jefferson Ave, River Rouge, 48218 MI. The Chief of Police of the department is Jeffrey Harris. The River Rouge Police Department phone number is 313-842-8700.

River Rouge Police Department News

Attention Citizens of River Rouge & The Downriver Community! There will be a police escort from Detroit Metropolitan Airport to Clora Funeral Home for our Dearly Departed Chief of Police Deborah Hayes-Price. The escort will pass by the City of River Rouge Police Department at approximately 7:45 pm today. Anyone wishing to pay their respects can stage along W. Jefferson Ave between Southfield Rd and Coolidge Hwy. Thank You!

"The City of River Rouge mourns the tragic and unexpected passing of Police Chief Deborah Hayes-Price. Chief Price dedicated her career to the residents of our community and to Public Service, she cared deeply about our city, our residents and the Police Department. This is a tragic loss for all of us, but most particularly for her family and our thoughts and prayers go out to them. The Chief will be missed, but she will always be remembered. She made the City of River Rouge a better place,"

Attention! The next Angel Training is scheduled for 4/18 from 6pm to 8pm at the Taylor Police station, located at 23515 Goddard Rd, Taylor, MI 48180. If you're unable to attend on 4/18 another training will be scheduled sometime in May. The link to sign up is. http://www.familiesagainstnarcotics.org/hopenothandcuffs-angel

River Police Department is excited to be participating in the Hope Not Handcuffs Program launching soon Downriver. Hope Not Handcuffs is a collaborative effort between Families Against Narcotics (FAN), law enforcement, Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority and other organizations to help those addicted to opiates and other substances. If a person comes to the police department seeking help, our team will work to get them into treatment as soon as possible. To make this program a success, we need “Angel” volunteers. Angels help participants with paperwork and provide compassionate support until a treatment option is found. Hope Not Handcuffs launched in Macomb County on February 1, 2017 and has helped connect over 900 participants to treatment. Sign up to become an Angel at www.hopenothandcuffs.com. Questions: (833) 202-4673.

Please contact the River Rouge Police Dept at 313.842.8700 Ext 5 with any information.

The River Rouge Police Department would like to THANK the public’s help in identifying the two teens connected to the incident at the Walter White Guidance Center.

1 800 Speak Up

‎Anthony U. DeCuir‎ to River Rouge Police Department

Call the River Rouge Police Department at 313.842.8700 Ext 5 if you have any information. As always your calls will remain anonymous.

Attention!!! You may drop off any unused or expired medication for safe disposal at the River Rouge Police Department. The program starts today April 24, 2017 and ends on Saturday April 29, 2017 at 12 noon.


Tune in to WXYZ-TV Channel 7 tonight at 11pm.

Attention Residents!!!!! River Rouge has a chance to be awarded up to $100,000 for a community project — but the city needs your help. Starting at noon on Monday, March 13, you can vote to make the River Rouge project a finalist in a national competition. To vote, click on this site: http://act.usatoday.com. Under the rules, each person can vote once a day until the contest ends on Friday, April 7. The name of our video is: "River Rouge Recreation Center/Boxing Club." The city's project is actually two related projects: creating and installing historical markers throughout the community, recognizing River Rouge's past; and renovating the city's old post office and converting it into a community center for the city's youth — part of the city's future. Once the voting ends, finalists will be reviewed by a panel of judges and three winners in three categories will receive grants: $100,000 for first place, and $50,000 grants for two runners up. So get ready to start voting!

Attention!!!! The River Rouge Police are seeking any tips from the public and local body shops. The 2008-2012 silver Chevy Malibu would have sustained heavy front end damage as well as extensive damage to the windshield. Anyone with information is asked to contact the River Rouge Police Department Criminal Investigation Section and as always your tips will remain anonymous. Thanks you!

THE BLOTTER FOR WEEK ENDING - NOVEMBER 26TH, 2016 November 29th, 2016 At 0050hrs, officers were dispatched to a home in the 100 Block of Catherine Street on a Domestic Disturbance. Officers arrived and spoke to a 41 year old male and his 15 year old daughter who states a 45 year old female assault them was hiding in the basement. The male (boyfriend) states she bit him on the leg, scratched the left side of his neck, and continued to assault him. Multiple lacerations were observed on the side of his neck and a bite mark on his left leg. The daughter also had multiple lacerations on the left side of her neck too. The mother became angry when she found out her daughter was pregnant and began drinking and had a seizure. She was placed under arrest for Domestic Violence. The officer placed her in the patrol vehicle and heard the sound of plastic wrapper and observed the sleeve from a cigarette pack containing one pill. When the officer questioned her about the pill (Xanax) she replied it was nothing. Officers added the charge of Possession of Narcotics and Obstructing to the arrest. Novembe25th, 2016 At 1530hrs, officers were dispatched to Cora & Jefferson for a male that had just been assaulted. Officers arrived and observed a 40 year old male on the sidewalk with a large laceration under his left eye. He stated that his nephew who use to live with him punched and beat him before fleeing. Officers chased the suspect into the City of Ecorse in the area of Ruth & Glenwood and placed him under arrest. The victim stated he was walking on Cora near Jefferson when his nephew approached and began yelling at him. The victim stated he was then punched in the face and he fell to the ground at which time his nephew kicked and kneed him. The victim believes he lost consciousness during the altercation and became dizzy. He was transported to Wyandotte Henry Ford Hospital for further medical treatment. The nephew was transported to the police station where he was booked, allowed to make a call and housed. November 25th, 2016 At 2210hrs, officers were dispatched to the River Rouge Coney Island on an Assault & Battery and a Damage to Property complaint.Upon arrival officers made contact with two 29 year old females. One of the females stated she walked outside the Coney to smoke a cigarette with her friend and bumped into a 17 & 19 years old males as they were walking into the Coney, The male stated for her to watch where she was going. The two began to exchange words when the other male told her to watch how she was talking to his friend. The male then walked outside where the two females were and punched one of them in the face. The female stated she fought back at which time the 19 year old male and an unidentified female also began to assault her by punching and kicking her as she was down on the ground. The suspects fled the area after one of the males broke out the front window to the Coney Island.

THE BLOTTER FOR WEEK ENDING October 18th, 2016 October 6th, 2016 At 0116hrs, officers were dispatched to the 1st Block of Orchard on a report of a second party caller on a Domestic Violence in progress. The female caller states that her 27 year old daughter’s 33 year old boyfriend was assaulting her at the location. When officers arrived the daughter stated that her boyfriend push the door open while she was inside and confronted her about a Personal Protection Order that was served to him. The daughter immediately called her mother and told her to call 911.. The boyfriend took the phone away from her and said “Really, You going to call the police”? The boyfriend does not reside at that address but was GOA. The daughter showed officer the PPO but when the officer checked, it had not been served yet. One of the officers had previously been to the home and had taken a report several months ago when the boyfriend broke into her home and wrote profanities all over her walls and placed a 9mm round on her kitchen stove and circled it with a marker. October 5th, 2016 At 1310hr, officers were dispatched to the 100 Block of East James Street to investigate a Domestic Assault. Officer approached the 19 year old female sitting in a vehicle in the 100 Block of East James Street. She was crying with bruising on the left side of her face. She stated the assault occurred three days ago in the City of Ecorse. She states on Oct, 5th, 2016 at 1200hrs she got into a verbal argument with a 21 year old male after learning that he was having sex with another female while she was at work. When she began questioning him about the affair he punched her in the face in the City of Ecorse. The two drove to the location on East James while they continued to argue. She state he threatened to kill her and ran up to her and began choking her in front of the home and told her he would choke the life out of her in front of her daughter. She states she was able to fight him off and get away while he ran into the home and got his truck keys and left the area. The female refused medical attention from officers. While officers were speaking to the female the male called her on the phone and bragged about being in pursuit with officers and managed to get away. She states she had been dating the male for five months and had just begun living with him in the last week when problems began. October 15th, 2016 At 0627hrs, officers were dispatched to Polk & Bromley Street for a Domestic. A 32 year old female told officers she have children in common with her 35 year old boyfriend and both appeared to be intoxicated. Both admitted it was verbal and the female wanted to go to the hospital to check herself in for a psychological evaluation. Officer checked LEIN that showed the male had an outstanding FOC warrant and he was advised to go home. The female was transported to the 200 Block of Kleinow, where all of her property was on the ground from the altercation. Officers were attempting to help her when the male came back to the scene and began to yell and get loud. He was advised several times to leave or he would be arrested. So the male continued his rant and he was placed under arrest for the warrant. The male resisted and refused to cooperate and was taken to the ground. He was ordered to placed his hand behind his back, but he refused. He was placed under arrest and refused to get into the patrol vehicle. The officer told him that if he didn’t cooperate he was be Tasered and he continued to refused. Officers Tasered the male at which time he complied with officers' orders and finally got into the vehicle. Once at the station the male again became hostile and officers were unable to process him. He was issued for Resisting and housed.

ATTENTION !!!!! RIVER ROUGE POLICE DEPARTMENT Volunteers needed to patrol on Saturday, Oct.29th, Sunday, Oct. 30th-“Devil’s Night” and Monday, Oct. 31st, 2016 “Halloween”. 6:00p.m. until. Come to the River Rouge Police Department, sign up and join. River Rouge Resident Valid Michigan License 21 years of Age Vehicle Registration Each will be provided an Orange Light for the vehicle. Report all suspicious activity to police via cellular phone to River Rouge Police (313) 842-8700 Protect and keep the City of River Rouge safe.

THE BLOTTER FOR WEEK ENDING - SEPTEMBER 11TH, 2016 SEPTEMBER 11, 2016 At 1600hrs an officer was stationary on southbound Beechwood Street near Visger when he observed a white 1995 Ford F-150 traveling east bound on Visger disregard a Red Light. The officer conducted a Traffic Stop and approached the vehicle and asked for the 37 year old female’s license, registration and Proof of Insurance. The female driver did not have a valid license and gave the officer a Michigan Identification Card. A check through LEIN revealed her license to be suspended with 4 prior 904 convictions and several outstanding warrants .The female driver was placed under arrest and transported to the police station, where she was booked, allowed to make a phone call and housed. The vehicle was impounded and issued a paper plate. SEPTEMBER 10TH, 2016 At 1328hrs, an officer was parked on West Jefferson near Haltiner when he observed a black 2007 BMW pass by him traveling south bound near Pine & West Jefferson at a high rate of speed. The officer's radar displayed the vehicle to be traveling 46 mph in a 35 mph zone and he conducted a Traffic Stop. The officer checked the driver’s record that showed his license to be suspended (Repeat Offender) and several outstanding warrants, with one of them being out of River Rouge. The 21 year old male driver was placed under arrest and transported to the police station, where he was booked, allowed to make a phone call and housed. His vehicle was impounded and issued a paper plate. SEPTEMBER 9TH, 2016 At 1743hrs, officers were dispatched to W. James and Charles on a report of a Pedestrian Accident. Officers arrived and observed a 16 year old lying on the ground in front of a home on Charles Street. A black Chrysler 300 was parked in the middle of the street. Rapid Response was notified to arrive on scene. The officers made contact with the 16 year old male driver who stated he was traveling south bound on Charles when the victim, his friend jumped on the hood of his vehicle and caused him to slam on the brakes and the youth slide off the side of the vehicle to the ground. The juvenile driver told the officer that the two of them are best friends and the victim was just playing around. The vehicle was impounded and a UD-10 crash report was completed. The victim's left elbow had minor blood on it and abrasion on his whole right side. He was transported to Beaumont Oakwood Hospital in Dearborn. SEPTEMBER 7TH, 2016 At 2008hr, an officer was stationary at Visger & Beechwood when he observed a 202 Chevrolet Silverado disregard the Red Light. The office conducted a Traffic Stop at Bassett and Visger and asked the male driver for his license Registration & Proof of Insurance. The 51 year old male stated he didn’t have his license on him. A check with LEIN showed him to be suspended, with 3 prior 904 Convictions and an outstanding warrant. The 56 year old female passenger was also checked though LEIN which revealed her to have a warrant out of River Rouge. Both were placed under arrest, transported to the police station where they were booked, allowed to make a call, and then housed. The vehicle was impounded and a paper plate was issued.

THE BLOTTER FOR WEEK ENDING –AUGUST 6TH, 2016 AUGUST 2ND, 2016 At 1540hrs, an officer was dispatched to Family Dollar, 1368 Coolidge Street on a report of a female being caught Shoplifting. She was advised to leave but refused. When the officer arrived management told him the 27 year old female left the scene in black pickup truck, with a male driver. The officer walked outside of the store and observed a black Dodge with the female suspect inside. She tried to hide as the vehicle left the parking lot and went into the Marathon Gas Station adjacent to the store. The officer effected a traffic stop and made contact with the male driver and noticed the female still attempting to hide from him, ducking down in the passenger seat. The officer observed fixed black knife in a sheath, tucked between the driver and passenger seats. Both were advised to place their hands on the dashboard. The officer then asked if the male had any more weapons and the male replied “just knives”. The officer discovered two more fixed blade knives in sheaths, hidden next to the driver’s seat. All three knives were confiscated and tagged as evidence. The male was placed under arrest for CCW and several outstanding warrants from other agencies. Family Dollar did not want to peruse charges because the stolen items were returned, so the female was not charged, but had a warrant out of Wyandotte PD and was waiting for pick up. August 1st, 2016 At 0130hrs, An officer was traveling south bound on West Jefferson near Oak Street when he observed a red 2006 Ford Focus traveling with an Improper Plate. The officer made contact with the 25 year old driver and requested the necessary paperwork. There was also a 20 year old male passenger and a problem when the officer noticed the Registration was a copy and the Proof of Insurance was a faxed copy of a Binder agreement. A check with LEIN showed his record to be clear and everything appeared normal until the officer inventoried the vehicle and discovered a 9mm Tec handgun and a loaded magazine, with 7 live rounds near the weapon hidden between the center counsels. Both males were placed under arrest and transported to the police station in separate patrol vehicles. Both males were issued for Weapons Violation and the driver was also cited for Fraudulent insurance. August 3rd, 2016 At 17055hrs, an officer was dispatched to a home in the Block of Linden Street, on a report of someone trespassing at a resident. A 34 year old male stated he purchased the home and had been working on it. The male states he drove to it and found the front door open and states he made sure it was secure before he left it and no one had permission to enter it. As the officer was walking through the home he observed a window open on the south side of the house, and the front door damaged. The officer announce his presence and ordered anyone inside to come out, suddenly this 41 year old male walks out of the front bedroom of the first floor. The officer asked the male why was he in the home and the male replied that he was working nearby and needed a place to sleep. The male was placed under arrest and placed in the patrol vehicle. When the officer entered the vehicle he could smell a strong odor of suspected “marijuana”. He was transported to the police station and upon securing his personal property the officer observed a small bag of suspected “marijuana” in the male’s right front pants pocket. The marijuana was tagged as evidence and the male was booked, allowed to make a call and housed. He was issued violations for Violation of Public Health Code & Trespassing.

THE BLOTTER FOR WEEK ENDING-JULY 23RD, 2016 July 19th, 2016 At 2340hrs officers were dispatched to the 1st Block of E Cicotte Street on a report of a man trying to gain entry into a home. Officers were at this home the day before regarding the same issue. It had already been established that the male no longer lived there and had been sleeping in his vehicle. The male was issued a Trespassing violation and told to leave the resident. When officers arrived the male had fled on foot down the alley with another male and female chasing after him. The male finally stopped and walked toward one of the officers after he was seen going behind one of the homes. A folding knife was discovered in his pants pocket while he was being detained. The office went to the home of a 40 year old female who states she heard a banging sound coming from her front door. The male (her ex) kicked the door open and allowed the storm door to close in front of him, while he stood on the porch. She states he raise his hand and told her if any come outside they were going to get it. He was holding a foot long silver wrench in his hand, along with the knife. She states she tried grabbing a broom and told him if he tried to come in she would use it to defend herself and the children. One of the children told the officer that his father was tapping the glass on the door with the knife in a threatening manner. And when he left the scene and ran into one of the neighbor’s backyard he threw the wrench behind the house. Officers recovered the wrench. The male was placed under arrest for Domestic Violence and transported to the police station where he was booked, allowed to make a call, and then housed. During the booking and officers checked his pockets and removed $4, 781.00 in US Currency from his pants pocket. The money was seized and forfeited and his vehicle was impounded. July 24th, 2016 At 2130hurs, officers were dispatch to the 100 Block of E. James Street on a report of a group fighting. Officer made contact with a 30 year old female who was yelling and using profanity. She was detained and placed in a patrol vehicle. The officer made contact with a 26 year old female who states the other female is her friend and she has been living with her for the last two weeks. The 26 year old states the other female would come home with games systems but refused to pay her for living there. The 26 year old states upon confronting her about it the female became upset and irate. The 26 year old female states several family members were over at the time and when she went to move some of her items out of the way the other female came back into the home and pushed her pregnant cousin to the floor and aggressively came towards her along with another female. The two female grabbed the victim and threw her to the floor and began kicking and punching her while her legs were being held down. Family members pulled the other female off of the victim. Officers placed the other female under arrest and transported her to the police station where she was booked, allowed to make a call and housed. July 24th, 2016 At 1230hrs, officers went to a home in the 300 Block of Genessee Street for a Domestic Violence complaint. A 44 year old female stood in her doorway yelling and crying as officers arrived. The female states that her 56 year old female friend struck her for being in her bedroom. The friend told the officer the female should not have been in her room. So the female stated she wanted the friend out of her home. She was advised the friend had to be evicted and to stand up that she was being arrested for DOMESTIC Violence… She was placed in the patrol vehicle and transported to the police station where she was booked allowed to make a call and then housed.