Taylor Police Department

  • Agency: Taylor Police Department
  • Address: 23515 Goddard Road, Taylor, 48180 MI
  • Chief: Dale Tamsen (Chief of Police)
Phone: 734-374-1444
Fax: 734-374-1340

Taylor Police Department is located at 23515 Goddard Road, Taylor, 48180 MI. The Chief of Police of the department is Dale Tamsen. The Taylor Police Department phone number is 734-374-1444.

Taylor Police Department News

Good afternoon everyone! Plenty on the Talking Taylor School blog this week, including this reminder to lead off the week from Wayne County Community College's Downriver District. Other posts include shout outs to DECA members and fund-raisers at THS, fun at Johnson Early Childhood Center, the newest version of Alumni News, cheer tryouts, hoop tryouts, Halloween fun, the THS schedule this week, a pinkest at Hoover, talking health at West, and much, much more. Click on and let's put the all-time visitors' mark over 500,000!

The City of Taylor provides indepth information on flooding via the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), This page features not only a static map of the community's flood zones, but an interactive map that offers much more detail. Also included are direct links to flood insurance programs and forms on the subject. This is one-stop shopping for anyone interested in flooding problems. http://www.cityoftaylor.com/1327/FEMA-Flood-Information

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Good to Great Neighborhood Program update. Remember, next "Cop on the Corner" is September 12 in Area #4. In fact, we'll have two of them (see below).

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