Wyandotte Police Department

  • Agency: Wyandotte Police Department
  • Address: 2015 Biddle Ave # 1, Wyandotte, 48192 MI
  • Chief: Daniel J Grant (Chief of Police)
Phone: 734-324-4405
Fax: 734-324-4442

Wyandotte Police Department is located at 2015 Biddle Ave # 1, Wyandotte, 48192 MI. The Chief of Police of the department is Daniel J Grant. The Wyandotte Police Department phone number is 734-324-4405.

Wyandotte Police Department News

City of Wyandotte #4748 NOTICE IS HERBY GIVEN THAT THE FOLLOWING PROPERTY WILL BE SOLD AT PUBLIC AUCTION ON: SATURDAY, NOVEMEBER 10, 2018, AT: CITY OF WYANDOTTE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SERVICE 4201 13TH ST. WYANDOTTE, MI. 48192 VIEWING AT 9 A.M. VEHICLE AUCTION STARTS AT 10 A.M. All vehicles will be sold “as is” and all “sales are final”. All bidding on vehicles will begin at $300. No personal or 3rd party checks accepted. Cash or certified checks only. 2004 Mercury Marauder 2011 Ford Fusion 2001 Ford Explorer 2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 2006 Ford Freestar 2004 Ford Taurus 2002 Chevrolet Trailblazer 2003 Pontiac Grand Am 2004 Jaguar (Four Door) 2010 Ford Escape 2000 Ford Taurus 2002 Chrysler Town n Country 2005 Nissan Maxima 2005 Chrysler 300 2002 Ford Focus 2009 Chevrolet Traverse 1997 Lincoln (Four Door) 1992 Plymouth Grand Voyager 1991 Pontiac Grand Prix 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2007 Ford Focus 1997 Chrysler Sebring 2003 Dodge Ram 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix 2005 Toyota Corolla 2006 Buick Lacrosse 2003 Chevrolet Venture 2006 Pontiac G-6 2010 Ford Fusion 1997 and 2001 Chevrolet S-10’s 1999 Ford Expedition 2005 Chevrolet Venture 1997 Ford Ranger 1998 Ford Explorer 2010 Ford Fusion 2005, 2006 and 2009 Ford Crown Victoria’s Prior to the vehicle auction, there will be an auction of miscellaneous property and bicycles. ***Children attending will be given priority when bidding on the bicycles*** Bidding will begin at $2 dollars for the property auction. All property sold will be “cash only” and all sales will be final. Please don't ask me any questions about the vehicles. Unfortunately I don't have much information. Thank You.

There is such an abundance of negativity and bad things that can come from social media. This is NOT one of them! I was contacted by a Wyandotte business owner in response to Wednesday's post involving the stolen bike. The business owner dropped off a very generous donation to cover the expense of a new bike and more importantly bike lock for the victim. The business owner's only request? That we keep his/her identity annonymous. They just wanted to "pay it forward". Awesome Sauce!!!!! Lets give this person some facebook love!

Issue 67 As a general rule it is always safest to not give strangers a ride. A couple of people called us because two guys were harassing customers of the gas station RIGHT across the street from the PD. The two were asking customers for a ride and money. When police checked out the two, one of them had crack cocaine and paraphernalia. Not the kind of person you want to give a ride to. We gave him a ride................ across the street.! A stop of a bicyclist that had four local warrants yielded 4 bags of crack cocaine and narcotic paraphernalia. A 37 year old man was arrested for drunk driving on his moped. He was swerving all over the road prior to being pulled over. He told the officer he was on his way to pick up a girl who lives two cities away. UBER, LYFT, taxi. Lot’s of options out there now. A local woman did not use any of these, instead she decided to drive drunk and on a suspended license. She was arrested for OWI third offense, which is a felony, as well as DWLS second. Ofc.’s observed a man driving the wrong way in a turnaround. This led to a traffic stop of a gentleman who had warrants, a suspended license, open booze and street drugs. He decided to add to the charges by trying to run away and fight with the officer’s while they were arresting him. A stolen vehicle from our city was recovered by Lincoln Park PD. An unknown male took off from the car before LPPD could apprehend him. WPD is holding the vehicle and processing it for potential evidence. The old “park it like it’s hot” trick was used by an unlicensed male driver. He saw the fuzz and knew he was “ridin dirty” so he hurried up and pulled into a driveway and started to speed walk away from the car. Ofc.’s stopped him and issued a ticket for DWLS. A Southgate man was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident after he sideswiped another car on Fort near Walnut, then took off without ever checking on the other party and/or waiting for police. A good Samaritan witnessed the event and directed police right to the guy. A suspected drug dealer was arrested for possession of narcotics. He had a pretty fat bank roll in his pocket at the time. The unemployed man said he had all this money because he collected it from his family members for the mega millions. He must have one huge family or he’s lying. This is an ongoing investigation. Have a great weekend Wyandotte and friends!

Thief in action! Here you see someone stealing a girls bike from RHS while she was at band practice. It was stolen on Saturday around 6:20 pm off of 5th St. it is a blue and white TREk women’s mountain bike. If anyone has info. Please call me at 734 324 4428. Reference case 18-4263.

Quite possibly the coolest example of community policing I've witnessed. WPD has had several calls over the years to Mary Giaimo's home. These are generally very simple calls like helping her with her furnace, arranging for snow shoveling, checking on a strange noise, etc. Unfortunately we did have a case where someone took advantage of her financially too. Long story short we have come to know Mrs. Giaimo quite well and find her to be a very sweet and independent lady. Ofc.'s N. and A. Stathakis had not heard or seen from Mrs. Giaimo in a while so they went to check on her to make sure she was well. She was, and during the visit they learned that she was going to be turning 100 years old. They learned that she did not have any birthday plans and that she loves Italian food. The officers asked her if they could take her out to celebrate her birthday and she was ecstatic. The officer's worked collectively with Sgt. Oborne to organize a 100th Birthday dinner/celebration at Portofino for the young lady, which took place on Monday evening. As you can see from the pictures numerous Wyandotte Police officer's showed up to celebrate this milestone birthday with Mary. Happy 100th birthday Mary Giaimo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone had to have witnessed the hit and run accident from 10-18-2018. It happened at around 0830 hrs. when a motorist rear ended another driver on Fort near Eureka. The striking vehicle that fled the scene was an older model red Chrysler 300. We have several pieces of the vehicle here at the PD. Looking for a little help to expedite this case. Call me at 324 4428 if anyone has any information on the car and/or driver. Thanks. Reference case # 18-4210.

Week in review Issue 66 No shortage of people targeting the elderly via phone with scams. If anyone calls you unsolicited requesting money please call us prior to sending any money, checks, gift cards, etc. Too many of our citizens, mostly the elderly, are getting taken advantage of by these spineless scam artists. Rummaging through the gas station trash cans for returnables is not illegal but c’mon man don’t remove everything from them and leave all the garbage on the ground. To the male with a short white beard, wearing an orange hat, tan jacket, and shorts I say, NOT COOL. After having your license suspended 21 times, IF you still choose to drive, you should adhere to all traffic laws. Unlike this gentleman who committed two traffic violations in front of a fully marked police car A large generator was reported stolen from the 600 block of St. Johns A gentleman reported that someone poured powdered sugar into his cars gas tank. The man suspects his ex-girlfriend is responsible. Ofc.’s stopped a car and talked to the two occupants inside. The first thing they noticed was that the car smelled like it belonged to Cheech and Chong. One of the officers asked the driver if she had any weed, to which she replied “I don’t have any”. I think you all know how this one ended. Reminded me of the old Chris Rock skit “He got weed”. "I just did 6 months for the last time you got me" said the gentleman that was pulled over. Unfortunately the guy still isn’t valid to drive and clearly hasn’t learned his lesson. He is our record holding suspended driver from earlier this year. Currently he is ineligible due to over 340 current suspensions. He also still has 41 warrants for, you guessed it, driving on a suspended license. Enjoy these crisp fall days and nights. Soon enough we will be complaining about the cold and snow.

Two cool upcoming events have been planned to help people find a potential "fur baby". The first is an adoption clinic for a number of the cats from the Wyandotte Shelter. They will be at PetSmart in Woodhaven on Sunday the 21st from 12 (noon) until 4. The second is a Trunk or Treat that will be held the same day at the Wyandotte Shelter. This event starts at 5 pm and goes until about 7 pm. Come on out and see some of the wonderful cats and dogs that we have up for adoption. Some will even be in Halloween costumes.

Happy Birthday to Administrative Secretary L. Allen.

Goin down tomorrow so when you see a TON of police, fire, ambulances, etc. This is what we are doing. ALWAYS TRAINING TO BETTER SERVE YOU!!!!!!!!

Some ridiculous poll said that Michigan's favorite Halloween candy is candy corn. I find that hard to believe. Nobody likes that gross, waxy concoction. Lets take our own WPD POLL! What is the best Halloween candy? I vote Take 5. You can't beat a candy bar that has pretzels, peanut butter, caramel and milk chocolate. One vote per person please!

Issue 65 Several disturbing reports filed this week involving young kids and social media. Parents, PLEASE monitor your children’s social media and all of their other cell phone activities. Lots of creeps out there! I guess if your license is already suspended 25 times you might as well fire up that motorcycle and drive through a red light in front of a cop. Sidebar this guy didn’t have a motorcycle endorsement either, not that it really mattered at that point. Ofc.’s pulled over a vehicle early Sunday evening for a minor infraction. The driver was wanted by police in Tennessee for an aggravated assault. The passenger was a recent parolee who had just done serious time for a sexual offense and attempted murder. They were both arrested by WPD for a couple of minor misdemeanors. Let this be a reminder to everyone that you never know who you are driving next to. Think about these two next time your thinking about giving someone the bird when they cut you off. If the police tell you to stop contacting and threatening someone it is best to listen. One gentleman could not understand this concept and now has to answer to a criminal complaint. Another week brings us to another woman who was arrested for disorderly conduct after causing a commotion inside the waiting room of the hospital. What is it with people acting so outrageous at the hospital? This is supposed to be a place of rest and healing. The old weed in the coffee cup trick was employed on one of our young coppers. He found four bags of ganja inside a coffee cup in the cup holder of a person’s car that had been driving on a suspended license. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Please be WPD’s eyes and ears. If something looks suspicious please call us!

Woot-Woot! WPD promoted two Officers to the rank of Detective this week! Congratulations to both Ofc Ken Groat and Ice Groat. Both are pictured receiving their new badges and certificates, presented by Chief Zalewski and DC Hamilton.

Am I the only one who is getting at least 4 telemarketing phone calls a day now? Worst part is a lot of them are coming up as Wyandotte and other bordering or nearby towns, making them look like they could be legit. UGH!!!!

Issue 64 A South Lyon man was cited for driving on a suspended license. He has multiple suspensions on his license for prior DUI’s but decided to drive to a bar anyway. He even had a licensed passenger with him. Makes no sense. There was a pretty bad motorcycle and van accident Saturday. A Trenton man was taken to the hospital for some broken bones and a serious concussion. I’m not going to get on my soapbox, but I will point out that the man WAS wearing a helmet which probably saved him from having even more severe injuries. Three men got into an argument that escalated into a fight in the parking lot of Brooklyn’s bar. One man was arrested after striking another man with a baseball bat. An officer on the midnight shift attempted to stop a man on his bicycle. Of course he decided to try to outpeddle the patrol car. The officer eventually jumped out of the car and continued to pursue the suspect on foot. Our officer caught up with the man but he continued to resist until he was pepper sprayed. He ran because of cocaine in his pocket. Now he has two charges to deal with. Ofc.’s helped out our brothers in blue in Ecorse for a fight at the high school. We also helped out Southgate PD with a combative drunk at Wyandotte Hospital, after they brought him in for a blood draw. One of our female officers assisted Lincoln Park PD with searching an arrestee that was in their custody. One set of keys, a lighter, cash and a remote control for a TV were located in her bra. There are so many ways I could go with this one but I just won’t comment. I’m sure the followers will have more than enough to say. Hope to see you all at the homecoming game tonight! Go Bears!

Give bicyclists some room! On September 26th, 2018 Michigan’s new three-feet passing law went into effect. That means that drivers overtaking cyclists traveling in the same direction must have at least three feet of distance to the left of the bicycle when passing. ****Seems like a no-brainer to me, I hope most people have been doing this anyway?******* Just an FYI

Issue 63 That rain Wednesday night wreaked havoc on the city. Lots of flooded streets which resulted in a lot of cars getting stuck and/or stalled out from the high water. Our troops were busy all night with the aftermath of that crazy downpour. One of our midnight shift ofc.’s was driving on routine patrol when he saw a man lying in the street in front of a car. Thinking the worst, he sprung into action. He soon determined that the man was passed out drunk. Sounds like he had been there awhile too. Per the report there was a spider web spun from his ear to the bumper of the car. He was also lying in a puddle of his own urine. At about 10:30 pm on Friday night an officer stopped a gentleman for suspicion of drunk driving after seeing numerous traffic offenses/indicators. The Oak Park man acted as if he was intoxicated but did not smell of alcohol. The officer soon determined that the man was a diabetic and was having a medical issue. Ofc.’s were able to transport the man to our station where he was given food and drink. His grateful family picked him up from our lobby. They had reportedly been looking for him for about 5 hours, prior to police calling them. Not everyone that attended BeerFest behaved. A Southgate man was cited for MDP and Assault and Battery when he pushed another man through the window of 711. He probably would have been arrested but he had to go to the hospital for treatment of his own wounds. A Brownstown resident donated a kids bike because he had read about some of our recent bike thefts. The nice man stated that his kids’ have no use for it anymore. Nice way to pay it forward! Police were called to an apartment building at around midnight due to a resident causing a disturbance. Police, and several neighbors witnessed the disturbance. When police asked the guy causing the commotion for his name he replied “My name is go F$*% yourself”. Mr. Yourself was arrested for disorderly conduct. Have a great weekend, see you next Friday!

WPD would like to take the time to thank our reserve officers for all of their hard work and dedication to our community. There was an awards dinner to honor them last Saturday. The following reserve officers were recognized with awards: Reserve Ofc. Oliverio, Storey, Downey, Mayhew and Morick. Big shout out to Reserve Officer Chansulome who gave us 43 years of service as a reserve! He is retiring from the unit. Best of luck Joe!!!!!! You will be missed.

🐷🐖👮🏼‍♀️ WPD won the rib eating relay challenge! It was held at Texas Roadhouse this past Saturday. Big shout out to the roadhouse and Store Manager Maranda Howe. WPD presented our winning check to Lisa Vilella of Mimi’s Mission this morning.

Issue 62 A stolen vehicle out of Lincoln Park was tracked and recovered in the 300 block of Cherry St. We are looking for a driver who was involved in a hit and run accident. A 12 year old boy was hit on his bike at Ford/17th by a female, reportedly on her cell phone, driving a red SUV. If there are any witnesses or the driver gets a conscience please contact us. Fortunately the boy doesn’t have any serious injuries. A pet tortoise was reported stolen from the 3300 block of 22nd. Should anyone have any information about the stolen pet please call 324 4405 (WPD). The victim reports the tortoise was in its’ fenced in yard when it was stolen. Lots of fake 20 dollar bills have been passed Downriver lately. Be diligent and check your bills. A Detroit woman came to a local business to fill out a job application. She walked out with some company checks that she proceeded to cash. Pretty sure she aint getting hired now! She’s also facing some charges too. As officers were on a traffic stop a motorist failed to move over a lane and nearly struck the police car. Ofc.’s subsequently pulled the driver over and arrested him on probable cause for OWI. This was after he bombed field sobriety tests. He then became verbally assaultive calling one of the officer’s all kinds of names including racial slurs. TSK, TSK, TSK. Ice, Ice baby. K9 Officer Ice tracked a fugitive wanted for numerous violent felony warrants into a yard in Lincoln Park. Ice and his handler were assisting LPPD and Detroit’s fugitive task force unit when they located the man. The man got to meet Ice up close and personally when he refused to show Ofc.’s his hands and come out of hiding. Back to the pen you go sir, along with a sore leg. A female picked up three charges while visiting Wyandotte Hospital, including assault and battery, disorderly person and providing a fake name. The woman decided to give officer’s a false name and birthdate while they were investigating the assault. She must have forgotten about the little wrist band the hospital puts on you that has all of your information on it. Another week brings us another person who decided to test his fate by running from us. This 24 year old Detroit man made it about 4 blocks before being caught. I’m not saying we are the fastest PD in the world, but we do have some gazelles. Beerfest Wyandotte is tonight! How many people do you think are going to “ride the bull” tonight? You know, the Merrill Lynch bull on Biddle/Oak.

Reminder to residents that summer tax payments are due by September 26 to avoid penalty. The Customer Assistance Department will extend hours for tax and utility payments as follows: Saturday, September 22 from 9 am to noon Monday September 24 through Wednesday September 26 from 8 am to 6 pm Please be aware that extended hours are for tax and utility payments only. You can also pay your taxes online. Please visit the City of Wyandotte's webpage for details.

WPD will be representing at a rib-relay eating contest at Texas Roadhouse this Saturday in Taylor at high noon. We will be competing against other teams of police officers. Of course this will be done on our own time. If we can bring home the gold we get $1,000 for our favorite charity!! My only stiputation is that I want it to be a local charity. So.......... Should we win, what is everyone's favorite local charity?

Looking for the guy who stole a 10 year old kid's bike yesterday from the skate park @ Memorial. There were several witnesses so somebody knows the guys name, etc. He is described as a w/m about 18-20 who was wearing khaki pants, black hoodie and wearing red and white Vans shoes. Here is a picture of the missing bike. It is a matte silver KINK curb BMX with green hand grips and white tires. The bike was the kids present! Pleae call 324 -4434 with any information. You can remain annonymous. Reference case number 3505-18. Should the thief get this please do the right thing and I will try to spare you charges. Kid just wants his bike back.

🐶 🏍 Happy Monday! Just saw this riding down Fort St. and it made me smile. The dog has goggles on! And so well behaved sitting in that sidecar.